Accounts receivable jobs cincinnati oh review 2022.

Accounts receivable jobs cincinnati oh, the Finance Manager will explain the financial performance at the end of each reporting period and each planning cycle. As part of its expansion, a well-known Robert Half customer is searching for an interim Finance Manager to join their team. Your responsibility will be to provide the financial data, analysis, and assistance that management needs to make financially sound decisions while working with diverse company groups. It is a contract position for you. Let us discuss accounts receivable jobs Cincinnatiin oh.

Element for an Accounts Payable Representative:

There is a position available at Element for an Accounts Payable Representative. Support for the major cash application is your job’s primary responsibility. Incoming checks / ACH / remote deposits/wires for all labs allocated will be posted to the proper client accounts by this role. Remittance advice from the world’s most popular money-transfer websites will be obtained, and data on the previous day’s banking activities from cash pro sites.

What are the fundamental requirements?

Each laboratory allocated to the Accounts Receivable Representative may have its invoice to process. An additional responsibility of this position is to post invoices on client portals, monitor whether they have been accepted, and take corrective measures to fix any problems.

Responsibilities of accounts receivable person:

Following are responsibilities of accounts receivable jobs Cincinnati oh:

1: For laboratories allocated, cash application, daily expectations, and the previous day’s banking must be completed.

2: Post all transactions from the previous day and download global remit advice if needed.

3: Inform the supervisor of the current status of the payment posting and any problems encountered throughout the daily posting process.

4: If a sales journal isn’t closed out at the end of the day, the supervisor will be notified in an email at the end of the workday.

5: Every day, the lab should post invoices in the morning and at the end of the day.

6: Maintaining regular contact with the Collections team to discuss and resolve problems.

Technical Proficiency:

1: In multi-location accounts receivable, you must have at least three years of experience

2: Accounting-related documents can be read and interpreted with ease.

3: The ability to communicate successfully both internally and externally within the organization

4: A working knowledge of basic mathematics, including the ability to determine invoice amounts, bank statements, and cash balances

5: Analytical skills and a thorough understanding of accounting and financial concepts are required.

Additional Skills:

Problem-solving skills and attention to detail are essential for success in this field. When faced with several deadlines and multiple priorities, the ability to use accounting software to remain cool is necessary. Highly developed analytical skills, as well as a thorough understanding of the accounts receivable and cash application processes, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to work well in a group

Job Duties of accounts receivable jobs Cincinnati oh:

For the Accounts Receivable Billing Coordinator, these competencies are necessary for their activities’ safe, productive, and successful performance. This role’s responsibilities and responsibilities are outlined below. Do not construe this as a comprehensive guide to everything you’ll need to know about this position.

Contract status reports are accurate when change orders and contract information are entered accurately into the accounting/management system.

Responsible for ensuring the accuracy and timely delivery of all invoices related to the relevant jobs.

Prepares billing affidavits and sworn declarations

With clients and field staff, they speak confidently about our billings.

Notifies the Project Manager if there are any disagreements over the amount of money that has been charged

Customers and field staff are treated with utmost respect and professionalism regarding billings.


Computer literacy at the intermediate level, including knowledge of Microsoft Office products like Word and Excel. An understanding of Textura, GCP Pay, and Vista are helpful.

This position necessitates the following abilities and knowledge:

An above-average command of all units of measurement and the operations associated with them

Percentage, percentage, and proportion concepts are well-understood by this person.

Reading, writing, and comprehending basic mail and memos.

The ability to understand and follow a wide range of directions, whether they are provided orally, in writing, visually, or in the form of a timetable

Accounts receivable manager jobs at Element:

Although we are proud of our global effect, operating at Element is like being a part of a small family. We want you to realize how your hard work and integrity will be recognized and appreciated by providing you with a path to success in your career. Countless industries worldwide rely on us to complete their tasks with extreme precision, care, and attention to detail about accounts receivable jobs Cincinnati oh.

Overview of Element:

Testing, inspection, and certification company Element have experienced rapid expansion. At more than 200 locations in 30 countries, we employ more than 6,500 brilliant minds. ‘Make tomorrow safer than today’ is our collective goal as a team. With our expertise, we help our customers secure the safety of their products, products, and services whenever a failure is not an option as accounts receivable jobs Cincinnati Ohio.

Long-term market success:

Our global network of laboratories’ scientists, engineers, and technologists aids consumers at every level of the product development process to assure product quality, long-term success on the market, and easy entry into new markets.

Diversity Statement:

As a company, Element takes great pride in always prioritizing our employees. To become “the world’s most respected testing partner,” we must value and promote a diverse and inclusive workforce. All applicants will be treated equally according to the existing legislation regardless of their race, color, age, religion, or gender.

Statement by the TIC Council:

Testing, Inspection, and Certification Council (TICC) is an international organization representing enterprises that perform their testing, inspections, and certifications.

Accounts receivable jobs at Baker

The key to success is at Baker’s hands, where you’ll accomplish more, be more, and earn more. Be part of an outstanding team that values hard work and appreciates your commitment; that values your professional growth and provides greater opportunities to advance your career. Over a year, you’ll accomplish more in your profession than you ever imagined. If you’d like to join our team, please do so as soon as possible.


The Billing Coordinator compiles data from the Project Manager and sends the invoices by the due date. Also, keeps track of contracts and modification orders in the accounting and management system. The TIC Council Compliance Code must be implemented and adhered to. It is why Element has established an overarching code backed up by our Compliance Program. From the above discussion, you can learn how to apply for accounts receivable jobs Cincinnatiin  oh and the value of funds receivable jobs in Cincinnati oh.


Are accounts receivable manager jobs Cincinnati Ohio opportunities primarily exist?

Job openings for accounts receivable managers can be found in and around the Cincinnati-Dayton-Sharonville metropolitan area.

What should I search for on the internet?

These are some of the job titles people in Cincinnati, OH, have searched for when seeking Accounts receivable jobs cincinnati oh Manager jobs.

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