All you need to know about Andrea farrington.

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Andrea farrington, It is a documentary series that investigates workplace relationships that end in death, such as in the case of “The Killer beside me.”  ‘Never predicted’ explores the cold-blooded murder of Andrea Farrington in 2015 at the mall where she worked. Inquiring minds want to know: We’ll take care of you. Andrea was shot and killed during her shift at the mall information desk on June 12, 2015. Glock 9mm fired three times into her back.

 Andrea farrington Parents:

Andrea will be missed by many people, including her parents, Dave and Cheryl Farrington of Montezuma and their sister Cassandra of Grinnell, as well as her paternal grandmother, Norma Jean Farrington of Montezuma and her maternal grandparents, Leigh and Barb Wilcox of West Des Moines, as well as her close friend, Connor Sirovy.

Alexander Kozak and Andrea Jean Farrington:

Security guard Alexander Kozak has worked at the Coral Ridge Mall since 2014. Alexander Kozak and Andrea Jean Farrington were well-known, and the two frequently exchanged flirtatious explicit text messages, but they never got physically involved. Both Alexander and Andrea were in relationships with other people at the time of the incident. Because he was angry at Andrea for ending things, the prosecution claimed that he had premeditated the murder at the trial.

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Defence’s testimony:

Based on the testimony and evidence against him, Alexander was convicted of first-degree murder. In June, Andrea Farrington was fatally shot by Kozak in the Coral Ridge Mall in Coralville. The jury’s decision will likely be based on the defence’s testimony on Thursday if he is found not guilty of first-degree murder but guilty of a lesser charge.

Cause of death:

It was just a few days before Andrea Farrington’s 21st birthday at the time of the incident. When she got the job at the Iowa Gallery in Coralville, Iowa, she was thrilled where she was described as someone who was always smiling and loved children. Andrea’s cousin, Savanna, told me that she had suffered from depression as a child, which sparked her interest in psychology as a college major. Sadly, her hopes and dreams were never realized.

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Andrea Farrington’s murderer is still a mystery:

Alexander Kozak, a 22-year-old security guard, has worked at the Coral Ridge Mall since 2014. They had known each other for a long time and regularly exchanged flirtatious or sexual text messages, but they had never been physically involved. Alexander was married to someone else, while Andrea was having an affair with a different man. Andrea had been bothered by Alexander’s behaviour in the days leading up to the murder.

Andrea’s mall management complaints:

After telling her cousin he’d stare at her at work, he did just that. Despite Andrea’s complaints to the mall’s management, he continued to harass and leave notes on her vehicle. Despite the best efforts of those around her, she passed away from her injuries in the hospital. Within an hour of the shooting, police had apprehended the assailant on an interstate about 50 miles from the mall.

Alexander arrested:

Attempting to flee the scene in his car, Alexander was arrested by police. On his way back to the mall, he claimed to have stopped at his house for a gun and then shot Andrea. The trial of Alexander, who was accused of first-degree murder, was held in April 2016

Guilty of first-degree murder:

The prosecution argued that Andrea’s death was premeditated because he was enraged by her decision to end their relationship. On the day of the shooting, Jessica German testified that Alexander had texted her to say, “I’m on the verge of snapping,” saying he was going back home to get his Glock pistol. Alexander was found guilty of first-degree murder based on the testimony and evidence he had to face.

What’s up with Alexander Kozak these days?

After his conviction, Alexander was sentenced to life in prison without parole. The defendants had pleaded not guilty and stated that they had limited mental capacity. However, they were unsuccessful in avoiding first-degree murder charges by claiming that he had a mental illness. The Iowa State Penitentiary in Fort Madison, Iowa, is where his prison records show he currently resides.

The Andrea Jean Farrington Murder:

In the days leading up to the murder, Andrea was concerned about Alexander’s behaviour. Because he would be looking at her at work, she’d warned her cousin about it in advance. As a result, Andrea had even filed a complaint with the mall’s management. Alexander had also been warned to stay clear of her, and a Coral Ridge employee claimed that he had been fired earlier that day for violating that order.

Why did he kill Andrea?

He killed Andrea because he was enraged by her ending things, the prosecution argued at the trial; they claimed it was premeditated. When Jessica German, Alexander’s girlfriend, met him on a social networking site, she said she was “on the verge of snapping” and was on his way home to get his Glock; she said she met him that day. Based on the testimony and evidence against him, Alexander was convicted of first-degree murder.

Mother of Kozak:

He became angrier and more irritable as a result. Cyndy McComas, the mother of Kozak, said she was not surprised by the shooting. She said that because her 23-year-old son is so protective, she thought he was defending someone.

Kozak’s Arguments in Support of His Position:

It’s being argued that Kozak’s defence is trying to show that he snapped when he shot Farrington in the head. The reason claims that Kozak was mentally ill and should not be charged with first-degree murder because of this. His rage was allegedly not directed at Farrington, but something is going on at work. On Thursday, a psychiatrist from Kansas City testified for the defence.

Arrangements for Andrea’s memorial contributions:

Following the memorial service, her body will be cremated to her wishes. Visitation will begin at noon at Community Hope Church. Arrangements for Andrea’s memorial contributions will be made at a later date. Friends may sign the guestbook by visiting to express their condolences. It is the responsibility of Holland-Coble Funeral Home of Montezuma to handle arrangements.


Authorities reported on Saturday that development is, also known employee of a children’s museum in an Iowa shopping mall, was shot to death by a guy she knew. Andrea Thurston of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, was shot several times in the torso, according to Coralville police, who discovered a handgun and three 9mm cartridges just at the crime scene. Andrea Farrington was fatally shot just a few days before her 20th birthday. Here is where you can get more specific information.


Is Alexander Kozak, the assassin, Still At Large?

Alexander was convicted and given a life sentence without the possibility of parole. The defence claimed that the defendant was incompetent to stand trial because of a lack of mental capacity.