Best anygig travel guitar in 2021.

Most of us prefer to travel light with an acoustic guitar, but the convenience of plug-in and play is a deal-breaker for some. Nobody wants to take the chance of damaging their expensive guitar while out of town for the weekend. Due to a saturated and competitive market, a travel electric guitar is a reasonable and cost-effective option.

Best anygig travel guitar in 2021:

As a result, many manufacturers have realized what we want, and today we’re going to look at the best anygig travel guitar in 2021. However, many manufacturers have been marketing 34 scale or junior models for years, so electric travel guitars are still a relatively new trend. However, many guitarists find that playing on a smaller fingerboard makes them feel clumsy and hinders their ability to perform delicate flourishes. Following are the best anygig travel guitar in 2021.

The Stewart Electric Travel Guitar:

An electric guitar model with an entirely detachable bolt-on neck is the first up. Even though it’s smaller, it’s just as well-built as a Stratocaster, but it is more expensive. When you take it apart, the tuning mechanism is still attached to the strings. They neatly hang over the Strat-like body’s cutaway horns. Place the neck behind the body at a diagonal angle so that the instrument’s footprint is no more significant than the body’s.

The Traveler Ultra-Light Travel Guitar:

Finally, a 34 sized full-scale solid-body guitar that’s both compact and lightweight. This travel guitar’s body is shaped like an oar and has two cutouts on either side of the neck joint where the in-body tuning hardware is housed. Because of this, a traditional headstock can use in its place. You can remove the lap rest to make it a little easier to play.

Traveling Guitar SPD HRR V2:

The Speedster V2 is another Traveler model that utilizes the company’s exclusive tune-o-Matic in-body tuning technology. It has a solid body again, but this time a removable upper armrest supports your strumming hand and can be removed to reduce the instrument’s overall footprint further when traveling. It’s made of Eastern American hard maple and features one-piece neck-through construction.

Cherry Sunburst Shredneck Travel Guitar:

Its 34 length makes it a good travel option because it’s the next best thing to a full-size model. With a 34-sized body, the instrument’s natural acoustics are preserved, and the design has been streamlined to reduce overall weight. It’s reasonably priced, and it’s built to last. It has the classic Les Paul shape and is finished in a stunning cherry sunburst color scheme as eye-catching as its hefty price tag.

Anygig’s age is five years old.

One of two Anygigs we’ll be checking out, the AGE model is a unique take on the travel guitar. Its body is remarkably compact, and it’s devoid of a headstock once more. Rather than using a traditional bridge, the strings are tuned using a tune-o-Matic style system with three separate sets of two tuners, one on each side of the tiny maple body. Rosewood fingerboard, 400mm radius, 42mm nut width; u-shaped maple neck; maple body.

Six-string acoustic/electric travel guitar:

Travelers now have a new model to choose from that has virtually identical specs to the original Ultra-Light model but features circuitry improvements and a fresh new look. It’s available in various mouthwatering shades, and it shares many of the same essential characteristics as its forebear. It has a detachable metal leg-rest stand and is shaped like an oar. It weighs just over 2 pounds.

Anygig Guitar Enhanced by SING F LTD:

Instead, let’s take a look at the Anygig guitars travel series’ ultra-compact model. The Traveler Ultra-Light models are smaller, but the Sing is even more compact. Body-tuners are located on the top and bottom of the device’s diminutive frame.


The neck is a three-piece u-shape made of solid maple. Due to its high resonant frequency, this instrument plays well despite its small size.

6 String EG-1 Blackout Electric Traveler’s Guitar:

The blackout electric traveler guitar model pays homage to the classic early telecaster look with hook cutaways for easy access to the fretboard despite its smaller body size. Thanks to a proprietary in-body tuning system, it has the duplicate head-stock elimination as the smaller, lighter models. It’s a full-size 34 scale electric guitar with a larger footprint than some of their more unconventional designs, so it’s heavier.

Hofner HCTSHCGO Cadillac Green Flight:

This model is based on the shorty model from the 1980s and is perfect for players who are constantly on the move. It’s one of our most affordable options, undercutting all of its competitors in price while still sounding like a full-size electric guitar should you desire one.


The body is smaller than most Hofner models, but the neck and headstock are still full sizes.

Bundle of Traveler Guitars Full-Scale Natural Electrics:

Rather than an Americana piezoelectric single pickup, this Traveler has a delectable dual-rail humbucking pickup that packs a bit more of a punch. It is as light as the other Ultra-Light models we have listed. This guitar’s other specs don’t stray too far from its conception; it’s made of solid maple and has a cut-through bare-bones body that houses its tuning hardware.

Design and Quality of anygig travel guitar:

Unless you’re a touring musician who has to lug a guitar around to perform with, the sounds aren’t as important as the size, weight, and build quality. Travel guitars are designed to relax and have a good time, whether at a weekend retreat, on a European backpacking trip, or around an open campfire.

Size of anygig travel guitar:

Some anygig travel guitar manufacturers are ahead of the curve, and they’re coming up with ingenious new ways to shrink the guitar’s size without sacrificing the guitar’s neck or fretboard’s presence. There are a variety of travel guitars on the market, each claiming to be better than the next or undercutting the competition for the top spot on the best-sellers chart.


Because of our fast-paced modern lifestyles and our need to be mobile, there are anygig travel guitar options available to meet your requirements. When looking for a travel guitar, you should consider priorities portability over all else.

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