Who pays for the attorney in a car accident?

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Attorney in a car accident: Imagine you have been involved in a car accident, and now your next steps are to hire an attorney. The attorney will be able to strengthen your case, by gathering as much evidence as possible, and building a solid legal strategy against the defendant to make sure that you get all the compensation you deserve. However, one of the main concerns that many people may have when retaining an attorney is who pays for the attorney, and what the attorney’s fees are.

Depending on the type of attorney, there are several different ways that an attorney could have their fees set up. This article below discusses who pays for the attorney, and the different types of ways an attorney is paid.

Attorney in a car accident- Contingency Fee

If you are looking for a car accident attorney, you most likely will see the term contingency-fee used in several agreements. Our attorneys work on a contingency fee agreement, which means that you do not have to pay for our attorneys’ fees until we win an insurance settlement or a trial judgment. Only if we win money, we will collect compensation and fees. Contingency fees are stated in an agreement you sign with your attorney prior to hiring them.

Attorney in a car accident: Make sure that your attorney goes into detail as to what a contingency fee means, and what the percentage may be. Each law firm has a different percentage amount. ou want to make sure that you hire an attorney that you are comfortable with. This means that you should not sign any paperwork from your attorney until it has been explained to you.

Our law firm will front all the costs associated with filing your paperwork in court. We will then collect a percentage amount. In California, this percentage usually ranges from 33% to 40% depending on the case and the amount of work that needs to be done. The fee may also vary depending on who the lawsuit is filed against and progress in the lawsuit. For example, if the case settles before it even goes to court, then the contingency fee will probably be lower.

Hourly Rate

Hourly rate fee agreement occurs when a client pays an amount of money upfront, and the attorney will then use this money for their hourly fee. When the attorney runs out of

that money, they will build a client for every hour that they have spent working on the case.

Flat Fee

Flat fees are set arrangements where the attorney will just require a lump sum upfront, and will guarantee your results. However, this is a very complex fee arrangement, and there may be several problems involved. That is why most car accident attorneys do not offer flat fee agreements. Flat fee agreements are usually for family cases such as divorce.

What are some costs associated with a car accident lawsuit?

There are several costs that many may not think of when they file a car accident lawsuit against a liable party. When signing a contract with your attorney, the contract may go into specifics as to who is responsible for the court fees and the lawsuit expenses. Examples of expenses include:

  • Obtaining medical records: medical record providers will most likely charge a fee to obtain records regarding that patient. Especially if the patient saw several different medical providers, a fee must be paid to each provider.
  • Police reports: in order to obtain a police report, a fee must be paid to the police department. Depending on how long the police report is, the fee may be higher.
  • Court filing fees: with every single type of paperwork and motion that is filed with the Court, a court fee must be paid.
  • Depositions: when your attorney is gathering evidence to determine liability and build a strong legal strategy, they will schedule depositions. Depositions are a line of questioning that occurs under oath and outside of Court. During these depositions, a court reporter will most likely have to be present in order to make sure that everything that is being said is documented. Court reporter fees could range around a couple thousand dollars depending on the deposition, and the copies that are later requested.
  • Experts: in order to assert your injuries and monetary damages that you have suffered, you most likely will need an expert that will explain the losses suffered.

Attorney in a car accident: Experts are not cheap, and may require thousands of dollars in order to take time out of their day to generate a report specifically for the plaintiff.

What if I lose my lawsuit?

Contingency fee agreements are meant to provide you with some sort of relief in the case that you lose your lawsuit. In certain circumstances, you do not have to pay your attorney’s anything if you have lost your case. But some law firms may require their clients to pay administrative costs and fees in the case that they have lost the lawsuit. For more information on contingency fee agreements, contact our attorneys today.

Is hiring an attorney worth it?

The more complex the accident is, the more likely you will need an attorney on your side. For example, if there are multiple parties involved in the accident, then you most likely will need an attorney to help you determine liability and to defend you against any false accusations.

It is also important that you have legal representation when dealing with insurance companies. Insurance companies may act in bad faith, and fail to offer the complete damages that the plaintiff has suffered. Insurance companies will always try to make as much money as possible, and avoid paying out any money. That is why having an attorney on your side will be able to strengthen your case. Several studies have shown that having an attorney will multiply the compensation you could receive by three times.

What happens if I want to change my attorney?

You have the right to be represented by an attorney at any point throughout the lawsuit. This means that you could hire an attorney while halfway through the lawsuit. You also have the right to change your attorney at any point throughout the lawsuit. If you are unhappy with your current attorney, you may be able to hire another attorney. You will not need to pay attorney’s fees to both attorneys. Attorney in a car accident: This is divided depending on the amount of work done by each attorney.

If you are currently unhappy with your attorney, and would like to speak to one of our experienced attorneys, contact our attorneys to see how we can help you transition to

an experienced attorney. We always want to make sure that our clients are comfortable with every step of the lawsuit.

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