Is the AM3 compatible with the AM3+ and AM4??

Best am3+ motherboard: The motherboard is a computer’s beating heart. The motherboard contains all of a system’s critical components, and it also determines the system’s overall performance. The CPU socket, power connector, memory slots, and ROM chip reside here. Like am2, am2+, am4, and so on, an am3+ is a type of motherboard CPU socket. Designed for AMD Bulldozer micro-architecture CPUs and is backward compatible with am3 processors. A wide range of am3+ motherboards is available, each with its own unique set of capabilities and correspondingly varying price tags. Following are the best am3+ motherboard of 2021.

Acer Aspire One E1-531:

6 SATA III 6Gbps connections and two eSATA III ports on the GA-990FXA-UD3 store data. Supported by the standard SATA ports. AHCI, JBOD, and Hot Plug are also supported. When it comes to eSATA, only Raid 0 and Raid 1 can use on those ports. There are two USB 3.0 ports on the motherboard and two on the front panel. This one is the best am3+ motherboard.


6 GB/s are provided by the system’s six SATA 6 GB/s connectors.

AMD Athlon II X2 AMD 990FX/AMD SB950 are the respective chipsets in question. The 1.1 revision.



SATA and FirePower connectors are available, along with excellent USB connectivity.

Realtek ALC889 and 2-way SLI/CFX are all supported by the ATX form factor.

SLI and CrossFireX compatibility is available on this device.


  • A slew of interfaces for storing data
  • A fantastic system for removing heat


  • Improvements in software are needed.

The Asus M5A99X EVO R2.0:

With its exceptional VRM solution, the M5A99X EVO can overclock some of the most demanding Bulldozer processors. It’s no secret that a motherboard with all of the characteristics mentioned above is going to cost you a lot of money. Are you looking for an AMD motherboard that provides reliable performance for your FX-8350? The M5A99X EVO has all the features you’re looking for. Like the Pro version of the same line, this is the best am3+ motherboard for FX8350.


Tuning maximum performance.

One-stop-shop for PC remote control and home entertainment.

There are two USB 3.1 Gen1 and for RAID connectivity.


ATX size factor; SATA 6Gbps; Boost; two-way SLI/CFX;

SLI and CrossFireX compatibility is available on this device.

AMD Bulldozer CPUs are supported.


  • It’s a great overclocker
  • Can RAM be overclocked to a speed of 2133 MHz?


  • It’s not the most cost-effective choice.

MSI 760GMA-P34:

With its military-grade components, MSI’s 760GMA-P34 AM3+ motherboard is the most long-lasting on the market.


Put off by the lack of conventional ATX features, but it doesn’t imply you shouldn’t get it.

It has a socket LGA 1155, an AMD 760G+SB710 chipset, and the MSI 760GMA-P34 can house in a smaller PC cabinet.


USB 2.0 and 3.0 are supported, DDR3, and the BIOS has been updated.

Suitable for PC gaming on a budget

All AMD FX CPUs are supported.


  • Gigabit Ethernet port
  • Spectacular sound design


  • More minor PC cases can fit it.
  • The VRM approach does not require a heat sink.

Asus Prime A320M-K:

With its low pricing, the Asus Prime A320M-K is one of the most amazing AM3+ motherboards on our list, even though it doesn’t look like much. More minor PC cases can easily accommodate by its Micro-ATX design. The Prime A320M-K lacks the luxury feel of motherboards like MSA99X EVO in terms of design. With USB 3.1 and NVMe M.2 support, which is unheard of in its price range, it manages to deliver remarkable features.


In addition, 5x Protection III hardware-level safeguards

For optimal cooling, Fan Xpert provides comprehensive fan controls


Supports DDR4 and NVMe on M.2 and HDMI port on M-ATX form factor

Connectivity solutions that go above and beyond the norm.

SafeSlot Core strengthened PCIe slot protects harm from heavyweight GPUs.

Smaller cabinets can fit this appliance.


  • At a very reasonable cost
  • Constructed to last a lifetime


  • A cooling system that works well
  • The least attractive of the group.

M5A99FX PRO R2.0 from Asus:

There are a few differences between the Asus M5A99FX PRO and the M5A99X EVO in terms of features, but they’re minor. Because of their similar layout, it’s difficult to tell one from the other at first glance. There is no limit to what the M5A99FX PRO can handle, as it uses the AMD 9900FX chipset. As a result, it has a sturdy heatsink and a powerful VRM solution, allowing for excellent overclocking capabilities.


Hardware upgrades and BIOS support are included with a two-second boot time.

A SMART DIGI+ Key SLI and CrossFireX compatibility is available on this device.

Exceptional overclocking power.


Form factor ATX; USB 3.0 Boost; Quad SLI/CFX

Thanks to the simple solution, smart Handhelds are now your best home entertainment system.

Simple for users to set bandwidth priorities for various apps.


  • A fantastic value for the price of admission
  • A slew of USB ports
  • Excellent power and cooling delivery


  • The location of the PCIe x16 slots is inconvenient.


Top picks for best am3+ motherboard, along with the positives and negatives of each one. I hope this list of the top am3+ motherboards on the market aids you in your search. Expectations and budgets should be considered when choosing a motherboard for your computer.


Is the best am3+ motherboard compatible with the AM3?

It is possible to utilize an AM3+ processor in an AM3 socket, and the two are backward compatible.

Is the AM3 compatible with the AM3+ and AM4??

Some Asus motherboard makers have designed motherboards with AM3 and AM4 mounting holes.

Is the AM4 compatible with the AM3+?

No, the AM4 processor is not backward compatible with the AM3+ processors. For this reason, it doesn’t matter if you’re using an AM3+ board and AM4 processor.

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