A Dual Super Octave Boss OC-3.

Best octave pedals: Best octave pedals seem that many guitarists are afraid to acquire a new guitar pedal because of the variety of options available. There are numerous considerations to make when it comes to finding the best pedal for your playing style. Whatever your desired tone change, maybe there is a pedal for it, and you can be sure that someone has already made one of those pedals. Following are the best octave pedals of 2021.

A Dual Super Octave Boss OC-3:

This octave’s bass drive mode is the best feature since it adds distortion to your tone and makes it seem thicker. It may lower your style by two octaves, not just one! It has a great technique that instantly makes any music cooler. You can only transpose your music down using this pedal. Thus it’s perfect if you’re seeking a more bassy sound.

The Micro POG from Electro Harmonix

Our second choice is a beautiful treat, so let’s get started! Once again, Electro-Harmonix has outdone themselves! Unboxing this is the best part and makes us believe that this pedal is different from the rest! This octave pedal looks fantastic, and it sounds fantastic after just a few notes.

The Joyo JF-12 Voodoo:

It’s excellent if you’re trying to get some pretty fantastic highs out of this pedal. “Tin cans falling from the skies and breaking into glass figurines on marble flooring” is how Joyo describes one of their favorite noises. If you’re looking for an all-in-one distortion and octave pedal, this is a great option.

Polyphonic AROMA AOS-3 Octopus:

It’s time for a new deal! If you’re looking for a cheap Aroma pedal that looks beautiful in any color, this one is for you! It’s a low-cost octave with the bare essentials. If all you want is something that does what it says on the tin, this is the way to go.

Octavia by Electro-Harmonix:

Another Electro-Harmonix pedal is coming up! We knew we were going to appreciate this pedal as soon as we saw it. Despite the design’s claims to the contrary, it delivers on its vintage sound promise. Fuzz and an octave shift are provided by this pedal, modeled by pedals from the 1960s. The octave, the volume, and the boost are all controlled.

Tentacle of the EarthQuaker:

We never tire of EarthQuaker’s inventiveness. You can’t beat this pedal’s design, which is an octave higher than the previous one. Polyphonic and hand-built in the US, this EarthQuaker pedal works best when used to play a single note. For the most outstanding results, EarthQuaker recommended that you place this at the top of your signal chain. The sound is of the highest quality, with no lag or distortion.

TC Electronic Sub-N:

Look no further if you’re searching for a good time! You may play around with your tone to your heart’s content with this pedal from TC Electronics. This octave pedal stands out from the rest since it makes the most use of current technologies.

The MXR M288 Deluxe Bass Octave:

One of MXR’s bass octave pedals is Number 10, which should be on your list of must-haves for bassists. In addition to changing the octave, this pedal allows you to alter your tone. Analog and dual-voice, it has a true bypass. There are two controls: the growl knob will enable you to generate throaty tones in the middle range, while the girth control makes the tone deeper and smoother.

Catalinbread’s Octopussy:

Catalinbread’s Octopussy is the last pedal of the day, and it’s so excellent that it’s challenging to get started. Because it is the best thing ever, we can begin with a pun. And not only that, but other people backed up their decision to call the Octopussy the Octopussy and put an eight-armed cat on top! ‘Oh my god!’ is how one person described this.


The ten best octave pedals on the market today are now familiar to you, but how do you decide which one is best for you? From how they function to the features you need to know about to choose the best octave pedal for your musical style, we’ll cover it all in our shopping guide.

Effects for octaves:

Octave pedals can provide a single effect or a variety of them. It is possible to use some pedals, such as the MXR M288 Bass Octave Deluxe, solely to lower the pitch of your guitar. Only the Joyo JF-12 pedal raises your tone by an octave, unlike other pedals. It is possible to travel up or down an octave with most of the pedals that we tested.

Instruments that can use together:

Octaver pedals can be utilized on guitar, bass, and keyboards, respectively. However, not all pedals are designed to function with all three of these instruments. There are many options for octave pedals if you play the guitar, as guitarists more commonly use these pedals. There are a lot fewer alternatives if you’re a bassist or keyboardist.

The process is moving quickly:

Fast-tracking is a must-have feature in any Best octave pedals effects pedal. It refers to how quickly the pedal may process your guitar, bass, or keyboard signals. A perfect world would have no delay between the guitar’s movement and the octave pedal’s output; however, this is not the case in reality. It has a significant impact on the kinds of music you can play.


If you have an effects panel, you’ll likely find your pedal there. It is, however, not impossible to break. An aluminum or steel shell for Octaver pedals is highly recommended, especially if you plan on moving your pedal frequently to and from gigs. Make sure that the knobs are sturdy, as loose knobs can ruin gigs and other performances, so make sure they are.


A newcomer to guitar effects pedals may find this exhilarating, but it can also be intimidating. Of course, you must know precisely what octave pedals are and what you intend to use them for to make an informed purchase from our selection. Best octave pedals, Best octave pedals.

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