Everything you need to know about blue bloods season 13!

Blue bloods season 13, which airs on CBS, was renewed for a thirteenth season in April, which brought wonderful news to the show’s devoted audience. Given the Reagan family’s ongoing career and personal struggles, it shouldn’t have been a surprise. But even though things have changed quite a bit for the characters throughout the show’s first 12 seasons, fans can still always count on two things: first, each episode will include a scene of the family gathering for dinner on a Sunday evening, and second, each episode will feature an exciting case for a member of the family to solve. In this article, we will discuss blue bloods season 13.

Review of blue bloods season 12:

In the 12th season of “Blue Bloods,” several important adjustments were implemented for the show’s actors and its production staff. Other examples include these: In light of this, what can you look forward to seeing in the thirteenth season?

Where to watch blue bloods season 12?

Customers who would prefer to purchase only the episodes or seasons that they want can now do so on Amazon Prime Video, the iTunes store, and Vudu because all of the first 12 seasons are now accessible to purchase in their entirety across all three of these platforms.

The storyline of blue bloods season 13:

After the events of the previous season’s finale, “Blue Bloods” picks up where the most important unresolved plot point left off. Erin Reagan declares during the conclusion of the 12th season of “Blue Bloods” that she will enter the race for the position of District Attorney. According to an interview showrunner and executive producer Kevin Wade gave to Deadline, the show would present Erin’s life on the job alongside her campaign for district attorney.

Who will be starring in the upcoming blue bloods season 13?

Fans can have peace of mind knowing that every main member of the Reagan family that appeared in Season 12 of “Blue Bloods” will return for Season 13. On that list are the actors Bridget Moynahan, who plays Erin Reagan, Marisa Ramirez, who plays Maria Baez, Donnie Wahlberg, who plays Danny Reagan; there are also other major players on that list, such as Len Cariou, who plays Henry Reagan, Tom Selleck, who plays Frank Reagan, and Steve Schirripa, who plays Anthony Abetemarco

The cast of blue bloods season 13:

It’s interesting to note that the thirteenth season of “Blue Bloods” also brings back a few recognizable figures that have been absent from the show for several years. The role of Frank’s friend Archbishop Kevin Kearns, who hasn’t been seen on the show since Season 8, will be played by guest star Stacy Keach. In addition, Moynahan mentioned in an interview with TV Insider that Peter Hermann will reprise his role as Erin’s ex-husband Jack Boyle, and the candidate for district attorney will have multiple interactions with Boyle while she is running for office.

Political and financial assistance:

He promises to introduce her to somebody with political and financial backing,” Moynahan claimed in the interview. He offers to introduce her to somebody with political and financial assistance.” “That opens the door to conversations that bring them closer, but now that she’s running for office, I think she’s waiting. Your private life is exposed no matter what it is.” Regardless of how things play out, “Blue Bloods” fans who are fed up with how Jack is portrayed should hope that this season addresses their concerns.

Distinct options:

During the thirteenth season, he said Erin had two distinct options. “Doing the job she has, as well as challenging herself and being challenged about her fitness for the job she wants, as well as what she is willing to do in order to acquire it, and what she is not willing to do to get it.” “Doing the job she has, as well as challenging herself and being challenged about her fitness for the job she wants.”

Where can I view Blue Bloods seasons that have aired in the past?

It is never too late for potential new viewers or lapsed fans to catch up on what they’ve missed on “Blue Bloods,” even though the show has an excellent runtime with a staggering total of 12 seasons that have been made available to the public. It just so happens that there are several convenient ways to view older seasons of the popular police procedural and to view some of the most compelling episodes of “Blue Bloods” that are now available.

Where to watch blue bloods season 13?

The best choice is to sign up for a Paramount+ subscription to see episodes from all 12 of the show’s previous seasons. The first 254 episodes of the series are included in the streaming service and are all accessible with a basic subscription. Because the first nine seasons of “Blue Bloods” are available on Hulu, users who subscribe to that streaming service will have access to about 75 per cent of that content.

Are Danny and Baez destined to spend their lives together?

Even though most of their interactions have been professional and spiritual, viewers have been rooting for them to get together ever since the death of Danny’s wife, Linda, in the first episode of the eighth season. Despite their professional and spiritual relationships, viewers want them to get together. But throughout the seasons, while gradually showing greater promise for a romantic relationship, Danny and Baez have consistently stayed just friends.


The season premiere of blue bloods season 13 begins with a Reagan being taken to the hospital. Two of his relatives are desperate to see that the person responsible is brought to justice. When Blue Bloods returns this season in its normal timeslot on Friday evenings, it will be for season 13, and America’s favourite first family of law enforcement will be there to greet viewers. Blue Bloods are both a fan favourite in the United States and one of the most streamed television shows on CBS.


Why did they decide to remove Nikki from the Blue Bloods cast?

One reason is attending Columbia University classes while playing a character who attends a fictional version of the same university. Her successful profession also limits her television appearances.

Is the police station featured in Blue Bloods a real-life location?

Jamie Reagan and Eddie Janko, played by Vanessa Ray, both had jobs at the 12th Precinct in the television series Blue Bloods. The 54th employed Donnie Wahlberg’s, Daniel Reagan. These precincts are fictional.