Candy crusher 2014 & Skullcandy crusher Evo.

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Candy crusher 2014 also includes phone calling capabilities through remote control, making them a better value for money. The greatest set of headphones you can purchase at this price is the Sennheiser HD 800. The Crushers come highly recommended by us. Skullcandy’s earbuds and headphones are of exceptional quality, and the company is known for its innovation in music technology. They released candy crusher 2014 headphones in 2014, and they caused quite a stir throughout the world. Due to the astonishingly powerful bass that you can feel in your bones. Here we will discuss Candy crusher 2014:

Skullcandy crusher Evo:

The Crusher Evo is a good pair of headphones, especially if you listen to music with a strong bass component. In addition, the haptic bass slider on the headphones provides an extraordinary sound experience, making them ideal for your solo partying needs. The headphones’ battery life is also impressive, thanks to the rapid charging technology in the device.

Skullcandy crusher Evo workout:

The fast and dirty version is as follows: When connected with a wire and a neck collar, the Skullcandy Sport Method Bluetooth headphones provide comfortable headphones that can be worn from workouts to work without becoming a pain in the neck to keep on. They are water and perspiration-resistant, and they may be used for up to nine hours on a single battery charge.

Skullcandy crusher wireless for gaming:

Skullcandy is a fantastic brand for anyone that enjoys gaming. Despite being reasonably priced, Skullcandy does an excellent job of providing high-quality sound. If you were to try out other headphones and earbuds at a comparable price point, you would certainly be dissatisfied because they do not sound nearly as nice as Skullcandy.

Features of candy crusher 2014:

This feature, which Skull Candy forewarned us about, is just incredible! I adore bass, and these headphones deliver an incredible amount of it that is unmatched by any other headphone brand. When it comes to tremendous bass, these headphones are excellent, but their sound quality is lacking. The following are features of candy crusher 2014:


 On the other hand, the Crusher Wireless has a longer range, a more durable design, easier-to-use controls, and the ability to be used both wired and wireless. In addition, they have a better sounding default.

Portable and comfortable:

These headphones are available in various colors and designs, including white, black, red, camo, etc. Their ergonomic design assures that you will be able to listen to music for extended periods. They feature a lightweight and portable design because of their ability to fold and fit into a travel bag or backpack.

Stiff band on the top of the headphones:

A stiff band on the top of the headphones helps the headphones grip your head more securely. Although it appears uncomfortable, it does not feel that way in practice. In addition, the ear cups are composed of synthetic leather, which feels comfortable against your ears and head.

Dimensions and sound quality of headphones:

A larger pair of headphones that fits your ear is what these are. Two drivers and one amplifier are housed within them, which explains why they are so massive in size. Interior features include battery-powered earbuds, chrome grilles at the bottom of each ear, and a standard audio input jack.

Lovely rattling sound:

When the bass feature is dialed up, these offer a lovely rattling sound, although they can sound a little hollow. The low volume makes the vocals sound distant, but turning the volume up brings them closer to the listener’s ears.

Have SkullCandy Crush Headphones worth it?

Yes! When it comes to headphones that deliver strong bass, these are a great pair to check out. They are less expensive than something like the Apple AirPods, which cost more than $200, and they are considered a competitive option. If you are a seasoned headphone enthusiast, these may not meet your expectations in terms of sound quality, which may be less than an expensive set.


With its distinctive shape, the Crusher promotes inclusivity by making it accessible to everyone, regardless of their culinary preferences. The fussy sound performance of these cans, on the other hand, sends a slightly different message. The standard REX40 drivers inside do their best to make you proud when an AA battery is not inserted into the device.

Enable drivers:

As a last resort, they do a respectable job. While using the headphones, it is important to note that without the strong Sensation55 bass drivers, all that can be heard is a poor amount of bass and jumbled mids and highs. Please accept my apologies.


The Skullcandy Crusher is a no-frills set of headphones that does exactly what it says on the tin. Although the all-plastic construction is uninspiring, my all-black review device has a simple style appropriate for its price. Regardless of the type you pick, the thick plastic headband that runs from one earphone to the other features a strip of cushion on the underside that allows me to use the headphones for an extended period without experiencing discomfort.


When we originally installed the crushers on the head, it took us a little while to work the way we wanted them to. However, after we had found a comfortable posture, the velvety synthetic–leather-wrapped cushioning of the headphones enveloped our ears in a pillow of pillowy softness. We could wear the headphones nonstop for a couple of hours without experiencing any discomfort.

Price of candy crusher 2014:

They are priced between $70 and-100 for a pair, which has allowed them to attract a younger demographic to their brand. Better than the Skullcandy Crusher, the Skullcandy Crusher Wireless are wireless headphones that may also be used wired. The wired Crushers provide a more balanced bass response without activating the bass slider. They aren’t as snug on the head as the wireless version, making them more comfortable.


A powerful audio output is provided, as is a slider for adjusting the bass response.

It operates in passive mode, meaning it does not require a battery.

Mobile devices can be controlled and heard with an inline remote control and microphone.


The bass boost is turned up to absurdly high settings.

It is necessary to use an AA battery for the bass slider to function.


The Skullcandy Crusher set, which retails for $99, offers a consistently decent experience that is sometimes terrific and sometimes poor. They are ideal for more intense listeners who require a strong beat to help them through their activities and casual listeners who enjoy a little extra oomph in their music collection. If you’re looking for a pair of on-the-go headphones that don’t require any maintenance and deliver a significant bass, these headphones are for you.


What is the reason for the limited edition?

For our most dedicated customers, we only created a few of the Skullcandy crusher 360, the greatest and most comprehensive audio experience currently available.

The Skullcandy Crusher headphones have a serial number, but where is it?

On most of our newer headsets, the serial number is printed immediately on the inside of the headband on the right side.