Is it okay to bring Legos on board planes?

Lego airplane

Lego airplane: There are not many collectibles that you can make yourself, customize as you see fit, and then display in your home or office for others to enjoy. A buddy of mine recently purchased a massive Apollo 11 set, and although I was doubtful at first, it has proven to be a great addition … Read more

A 10000 watt generator can be used for what?

10000 watt generator

10000 watt generator: In a power outage, a 10000-watt generator can power major appliances, RV accessories, and even a food truck. It’s not uncommon for 10K generators to be 50 Amp generators. There are 50 amp plug generators on this list for your convenience. As a result, these generators are in high demand because of … Read more

Gmc sierra 2021 Power and power output.

Gmc sierra 2021

Gmc sierra 2021: The GMC sierra 2021 model year is capable and adventurous. Known as “professional grade,” the GMC Sierra boasts numerous firsts in the industry. Just like any other truck, GMC’s Sierra boasts a 6-Function Multiport Tailgate, Rear Camera Mirror and HUD, Carbon Fiber Truck Bed, and a larger cargo area than the competition. … Read more