Everything you need to know about long haired Dalmatian!

long haired dalmatian

Long haired dalmatian has become an increasingly popular breed of dog due to the fictitious character Cruella de Vil. People became interested in this breed after watching how it dealt with that antagonist on television, which sparked their curiosity. The Dalmatian dog breed is immediately identifiable thanks to its signature short coat, which is often … Read more

Facts to know about Corgi blue heeler mix!

Corgi blue heeler mix

Corgi blue heeler mix, sometimes called a corgi heeler, is one of the cutest dog breeds you can get. It has big, sad eyes that make you want to take it home immediately, and its curly tail seems like it should be sprouting from the head of a cartoon character. Cowboy Corgis, or Corgi Cattle … Read more