Competition between Method Orange and Gosu Crew.

Cdew wins blizzcon: The father of Cdew’s fiancée introduced him to World of Warcraft in Vanilla. As ‘Tenderloin’ for Team Evil Geniuses at the ESL Extreme Masters III Global Finals in March 2009, he made his esports debut. That same year, he finished third in the North American Regionals. American World of Warcraft streamer and professional player Chuck “Cdew” Dewland is known as “Cdew.” A North American team has won the World of Warcraft Arena World Championship for the first time since 2013. The Road to BlizzCon Grand Finals pitted the Gosu Crew and Method Orange, two teams that qualified through the North American phase of the competition, against each other.

North American team won Arena World Championship:

Last year, Chanimal, Sodah, and Talbadar won Arena World Championships with an all-American final. This year, it was the first time since 2013 that a North American team won Arena World Championship. Azael and Woundman joined Cdew in Evil Geniuses in 2010. First place went to the team in the finals of the ESL Extreme Masters Season IV World Championships Evil Geniuses’ Cdew competed in the 2010 Major League Gaming Pro Circuit Raleigh alongside Azael and Woundman. NerdStomper Blue defeated the team to finish second.

Method NA, comprised of Cdew:

Talbadar joined Cdew, and cdew won Blizzcon and Azael in Evil Geniuses in 2012. This year, the first time Cdew made it to the Arena World Championship. The team finished in fourth place. It was Cdew’s third consecutive appearance at the BlizzCon World Championships as a member of 3 Amigos, a World of Warcraft Arena team.  Method NA, comprised of Cdew, Snutz, Smexxin, and Beanslayer, made a triumphant return to the BlizzCon Finals in 2016. Despite their best efforts, they were beaten in the finals by Splyce and finished second.


The World of Warcraft Arena World Championship (AWC) had its best year yet, with the most LAN tournaments and the greatest prize pools ever seen in the tournament. Method Orange and The Gosu Crew faced off in the first-ever AWC finals match between North American teams at BlizzCon, where scene veterans witnessed the overpowering dominance of North American teams.

Getting rid of the Curse:

Chuck “Cdew” Dewland, a member of Method Orange, has been flying near the sun for a long time. At BlizzCons in the past, Cdew wins blizzcon Method teams have ranked between fifth and second place. Method Orange became the first North American team to win a WoW championship at BlizzCon in five years, thanks to Cdew and his crew.

Gosu Crew pride themselves:

Not only do they not focus on learning numerous classes, but the Gosu Crew pride themselves on not focusing on multi-classing. Their main classes are their weapons, and they use them to their advantage in the face of their rivals. On the other hand, Method Orange did not back down from the task. When it came down to the final day of the BlizzCon 2018 tournament and cdew wins blizzcon, the eventual champions had done their homework and prepared for the greatest possible 4-0 sweep.

The Final Four:

Only two of Method Orange’s matches were lost to their sister team, Method Black, as they breezed through the top bracket of the Arena World Championship. Method Black dropped the Gosu Crew down to the lower bracket, where they defeated three other teams before meeting Method Orange in the last 16. Method Orange and The Gosu Crew had extremely diverse lineups at the AWC, and cdew wins blizzcon, but both teams had one thing in common: a Restoration Shaman as a healer in every match.

Method Orange:

You may recognize Ryan ‘Trill’ Costello if you watch competitive PvE. He became the first person to slay Mythic Mythrax and the second person to kill Mythic G’huun with the help of the guild Limit. The Mythic Dungeon Invitational proves that he can compete in all forms of competitive World of Warcraft. Despite Method Orange’s victories, The Gosu Crew remained faithful to their beliefs, refusing to swap classes to counter their opponent’s momentum. Congratulations to Method Orange, winners of the 2018 World of Warcraft AWC Championship.

Method Synergy:

As part of Method Synergy in 2017, Richard ‘Mes’ Simpson competed alongside Trill in the legendary raiding competitions. They won the North American Regional Final at BlizzCon and advanced to the semi-finals. In total, 172,000 people tuned in to watch the stream, with an average concurrent audience of 84 415. Click here to get more stream stats.

Competition between Method Orange and Gosu Crew:

Method Orange and The Gosu Crew fought 50 times before BlizzCon, with each team taking home 25 victories. It was the first-ever NA vs. NA Grand Final in BlizzCon history, as Method Orange prevailed 4-0 in the best-of-five series. While Method has long sponsored WoW arena teams, this was the team’s first cdew wins blizzcon despite the extended sponsorship history. BlizzCon’s Arena World Championship was held at the Anaheim Convention Center to cap off a memorable year of competition.

North American Regional Final:

In April, Michael ‘Samiyam’ Hlubek joined the team, but he had previously played with Cdew in Method Reborn in 2017. With an impressive roster, the team could not qualify for BlizzCon that year despite finishing 5th in the North American Regional Final. Dewland, known as “Cdew,” has been a part of the Arena World Championship for many years. Originally known as ‘Tenderloin,’ he entered the World of Warcraft esports scene in 2009 and finished third at the North American Regionals.


When he made his debut at the AWC in 2012, placing fourth, he returned in 2014 and finished third.  In 2016, there was a lot of speculation as to whether or not this would be his final season. Second place in the AWC finals was one of the tensest moments in tournament history. He wasn’t a contestant in the 2017 AWC but was on the casting crew suggests that he has retired. It was not the case for him, as he made a triumphant return in the 2018 NA Cup opener and cdew wins blizzcon.

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