Concealed void lost sector guide 2022.

Concealed void lost sector is a Lost Sector on Europa, where you can obtain the Beyond Light Exotic Armor Pieces. First, I’ll cover the Concealed Void, then briefly discuss how to prepare for the Legend and Master Lost Sectors, and finally look at some of the Exotic Armor that’s on offer. Europa is where you’ll want to go to find concealed void lost sector. Upon arrival in the Asterion Abyss, head to the location indicated above. This Lost Sector isn’t accessible from the surface, so you’ll need to travel beneath the glacial plates to find it.

Concealed void lost sector guide:

A group of Fallen Shanks and Dregs will greet you as soon as you enter the Lost Sector upon your arrival. Behind that wall, you’ll find an Overload Champion. Take him out as rapidly as you can with your Overload weapon, the hand cannon. It’s not uncommon for me to stun a Champion with the Overload weapon and then kill them with a few Anarchy shots. A few more hand cannon shots will finish them off once they’ve been stunned and have a few Anarchy bolts attached to them.

Weapons, Mods, and Power Levels:

The seasonal artifact contains these moods, which you can find there. Before entering the Lost Sector, unlock the mods on your seasonal artifact and then equip your armor with them. ¬†You’ll need to conduct some preparation before you join. This Lost Sector on Europa has specific prerequisites, and it’s vital to note the Champions and Shields when hovering over the emblem. Overload and Barrier were the winners in the Concealed Void Lost Sector.

Master Lost Sector is made by Splicer:

Master Lost Sector farming has never been easier as it is during the Splicer’s Season. In the case of individual tasks, including Breach and Clear, upgrades such as these have made it was easier to finish acquiring. The guide has been reorganized to make it easier to follow, while weapon system and mod recommendations have been added.

Concealed void lost sector loadout:

Famine and Attrition are two of the revolving Master modifiers you can anticipate encountering after clearing the Concealed Void Lost Sector. It isn’t easy to pick a loadout in Concealed Void because of the variety of sightlines. A Pulse or Scout Rifle is the weapon of choice to take down enemies at a distance. Anarchy allows you to safely and effectively debuff opponents with Break and Clear, making it the finest Exotic choice. Xenophanes also works here, using the Sun’s rays to do their job.

Entry-level in the concealed void lost sector:

The first room of Concealed Void is the most difficult element of the game. Attempt to take down the first two Fallen Dregs as quickly as possible. After a few seconds, Overload Captain will appear along with a Shank and Dreg in front of you. Take advantage of this opportunity to take down the Overload Champion.

An in-depth look at the Boss Arena:

The final boss fight has no champions. The Platinum run can be completed by taking out the monster quickly and opening the chest if you have enough Heavy ammo. If you’d rather stay in the middle of the chamber and take out the spawning Fallen, you can do so from the back. Every time the boss’s health dips underneath a third of its total, the Fallen and Servitors will be spawned.

The difficulty level of hidden void lost section:

Taking on the Concealed Void Lost Sector Master Difficulty increases pressure on this short quest. Mastering the Concealed Void will unlock new shields, Champions, and even the ability to lock your equipment, so make sure you’re comfortable with your current setup before attempting it. Additionally, the Champions themselves will have their buff kinds, such as Barrier and Overload, which means that shields will recharge and foes will be charged by you, respectively.

Unique piece of armor:

Additionally, you may come across modifiers which mean that every defeated member of the fallen leaves a bomb at their feet as they succumb. As of this month, completing Lost Sectors on the master difficulty will need you to reach a light level of 1320 or higher. However, they are definitely worth the time and energy. Those who complete the Master difficulty on their own will be rewarded with a unique piece of armor.

Concealed void lost sector stasis prototype:

To be able to access The Stasis Prototype Exotic quest, you must first finish the Beyond Light campaign. Once you’ve completed all of the missions, you can do a victory lap around the tower to earn various rewards. When you reach the Drifter, he’ll tell you that he’s devised a plan to put your newfound abilities to good use: a Stasis grenade launcher, which you can use to take out the Drifter.

Concealed void lost sector exotic:

The only way to actively conceal void lost exotic sector armor is through the Legend and Master Lost Sectors. In addition, they can award Exotics that can’t be found elsewhere. Lost Sector Exotics and their rotation mechanism for farming Exotics, in general, are covered in detail in this book. Since Beyond Light, the most recent Exotic armor, including the Witch Queen Exotics, may only be obtained in Lost Sectors.


Hidden challenge tasks in Destiny 2 include the Concealed Void Lost Sector. As part of the game’s daily rotation, both Legend and Master Lost Sectors allow players to obtain an exotic item while being put to the ultimate test. For more information on how to locate the Concealed Void Lost Sector and helpful hints for doing so, continue reading.


Are there any exotics to be had in the “Lost Sectors?”

Legend and Master Lost Sectors allow you to farm practically any exotic you choose and grant access to special Exotic armor parts that cannot be obtained anywhere else.

How do you go into the lost sector’s hidden void?

You’ll want to head to Europa for the Concealed Void Abandoned Zone. Head to this place when you arrive at the Asterion Abyss.

How do you defeat Lost Sector legend?

To get it to move to the back of the room, take out the two Vandals at the far end of the room. A few shots with Anarchy or Xenophage should do the trick once you see the enemy.

What is the location of the Bay of Drowned Wishes?

The Dreaming City in the Reef’s Bay of Drowned Wishes is a Lost Sector behind the lower left spawn point in the Divalian Mists. Yirksii, the Subversive Chieftain, protects it.

A lost sector has what kind of possibility of producing an exotic?

If each sector takes three minutes to run, you can complete 20 Legendary lost sectors in an hour. That’s a run rate of 20 RPMs. You’ll obtain five exotics every hour if you have a 25% drop chance.

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