Death march season 2 episode 1.

Death march season 2, Silver Link, the studio behind hit films including “Strike the Blood” and “Kokoro Connect,” animated the short. To those new to the isekai genre, Death March is sure to be a welcome addition. It’s been three years since ‘Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody animated adaptation of Hiro Anana’s light book series. For those of us familiar with the last series, this one is likely not going to be much different. Everything’s a “once you’ve seen it, you’ve seen it all” attitude. There is more Japanese fiction series called Death March To Parallel World Rhapsody. Here we will discuss all things about death in March, season 2.

What Is the Storyline of This Show?

On March 3, 2013, Death March was released as a web novel, then turned into a manga and an anime series. A wraparound band on the manga and anime fourth edition, released on December 10th, 2016, announced the anime series’ existence after the book premiered in December 2014. Drawing by Silver Linking and Connect has been handled by Shin Numa by Silver Link. AT-X broadcast it for 12 episodes from January 11 to March 29 of this year. Above all has been mentioned about Death march season 2.

Death march anime season 1:

Ichiro Suzuki, a 29-year-old Japanese sports programmer, is the subject of The Death March. As a result of his job schedule, he was often unable to relax on the weekends, making him miserable. Satou will become the person he has always wanted to be.

Recipe of death march anime season 1:

When Suzuki begins a new life in the game he made in his former life, the game’s start menu was the first place he went. In the blink of an eye, he was attacked by a lizard-man invasion and was forced to use three of his special ‘Meteor Rain’ assaults on them to fend them off. However, he also managed to kill a deity while slaying lizards, resulting in a considerable boost to his numbers.

The gravity of the situation:

Suzuki, recognizing the gravity of the situation, sets out to fulfill his goal in the game so that he can soon discover how to get out of it.  He is now ready to begin his trip, armed to the teeth with the most cutting-edge weapons and magical abilities at his disposal. Zina Marienteil, Pochi, Liza, Tama, Arisa, and Lulu are some of the allies he meets along the way.

Will Season 2 be out soon?

There is no word on whether the show will return for a second season. There have been no official rumors that the show has been canceled, so this doesn’t rule it out as a possibility. As a result, Silver Link, Connect, and the other firms engaged in the production of the anime series have not commented on the show’s current situation. However, this does not rule out the possibility of a future revival of the show.

Death march to the parallel world rhapsody season 2 trailer:

A death march to the parallel reality rhapsody was made from only the first two volumes of the novel for the first year of the television series. Expect to see the next four volumes in the sequel. In the meantime, there is no trailer for the release. New characters Karina and Lulu are featured on the cover of the new series, as are Liza, Pochi, and Lulu.

Death march anime season 2 release date:

A release date has been set for the second season of the death March anime.  A few years down the road, both of its creators, Studio Silver Link and Connect, are likely to be busy. The studios have already planned anime sequences and films for 2020, 2021, and beyond.

‘Death March to the Other World Rhapsody 2:

Sports programmer takes his profession seriously and works around the clock, day and night, on the MMORPGs tied to his company.  He continues to fix the issues in the two MMORPGs he’s been playing all weekend long and eventually suffers from exhaustion. On his way to the top, he saw himself in an area strikingly different from the video games he had previously worked on. After the game’s Start menu, he appears to have adequate supplies.

Group of lizardmen:

As soon as he begins to absorb the condition, a group of lizardmen starts pounding him. As a result, his sports degree skyrockets once he hits a god while slaughtering the creatures. After this realization, he sets out to achieve his goal in the sport that he can find his way out of the circumstance.

Second-season characters from Death March:

Two languages are used in the recording of Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody. One is Japanese, whereas the other is English. Each character’s name is listed here and their voice actor. Japanese and English actors Shun Horie and Justin Briner lend their voices to Ichirou Suzuki and Satou Pendragon, respectively.

The voice actors for Zena Marienteil are Rie Takahashi and Julie Shields.

Hiyori Kono voices Pochi in Japanese while Brittney Karbowski voices Pochi in English.

Kaya Okuno does Tama’s Japanese voice, and Margaret McDonald does her English voice.

Liza is played by Minami Tsuda and Brittany Lauda in Japanese and English.

Death march season 2 episode 1:

Watch Season 2 Episode 1 of Parallel World Rhapsody on your television or computer. However, no formal notification of cancellation has been made. Death March season 2 episode 1 English dub to the Parallel World Rhapsody was originally scheduled to premiere in 2020. In 2020, the pandemic nearly wiped out the entire globe.


Death march season 2, one of the most popular light novel series, is coming. It is called death march to the parallel world rhapsody as a new generation anime series. The series premiered on AT X, BS11, Tokyo MX, Crunchyroll, and Funimation in 2018. There were twelve episodes in total. The good news for anime enthusiasts is that death March season 2 of the series is underway. All the details of the latest release are here.


Is there enough content for a second season to be made?

Eighteen volumes will be released in the Death March light novel series starting today. However, the bulk of the anime’s change only covered the first three characters.

Are there any plans for season 2?

After a two-year hiatus following the anime’s debut in January 2018, rumors of its cancellation circulated. ‘Death March To Parallel World Rhapsody Season 2’ is neither canceled nor re-established.

What is the death march anime season 2 release date?

The first album was published in March 2014, after an eight-year wait. The show premiered around March 29th of this year.

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