What is a dress with a low-cut waist called?

Drop waist dress was popular in the 1930s, but they had faded from fashion by the end of the decade. In the drop waist dress, which is also known as the flapper dress, the low waistband falls more in line with the hips than at the natural level of the waist is the distinguishing feature. These dresses give the impression of lengthening the body and having a wide hip area. At this time dresses with a low-cut waistline were common in the 1920s, and they typically ended just above the knee by 1925. It was not until the 1920s fashion revival in 2012 that this style of dress, along with a few others from the decade, was brought back to prominence.

History of drop waist dress:

Model-turned-actress Jenny McCarthy appeared at the Elle Fashion Awards wearing a Gucci drop waist dress, as did actress Camilla Belle. Both women wore Gucci to the LACMA’s Art and Film Gala last year. A glamorous black drop waist dress worn by Jennifer Aniston from Friend’s was spotted, while Eva Mendes from the same film wore a fully sequined outfit typical of the original drop waist dress 1920s styling.

Drop Waist White Sleeveless Floral Print Dress:

Begin with a drop waist dress, instantly transforming you into a more light and airy persona—a white sleeveless drop waist floral print dress. You don’t have to be in the best shape to look good in this dress, as you can see. Opt for open-toed suede slip-on shoes and the best drop waist dress pattern to make you look feminine and airy.

White Mini Drop Waist Dress with Sleeves:

With its signature mini-flare cut, this dress is a drop-waist staple. It’s a white mini dress with a drop waist dress with sleeves. A pale pink pointed-toe heel and a pink leather purse are all you need for a ladylike and feminine look.

Grey Drop Waist Dress with Long Sleeves and Boots:

If you’re looking for a casual yet stylish look, you might want to try this outfit. Wear a grey long sleeve drop waist dress to achieve this look. You can add some flair to your business by accessorizing it with a stylish long necklace, short black and grey suede boots, and a brown leather clutch.

Sleeveless Drop Waist Dress in Dark Grey Ribbed:

Consider this dress, which features a subtle ribbed pattern. It’s a sleeveless, drop-waist sweater dress in a dark grey. A black floppy hat can be paired with the skirt to give it an artistic and playful vibe.

Dark Grey Mini Dress with Drop Waist:

Instead of wearing a plain-colored dress, consider wearing one with a pattern for a more refined appearance. For example, you can wear this grey drop-waist dress with a subtle plaid pattern. White sneakers are a simple way to dress down this dress for a night out.

Dress in Heather Grey with Long Necklace:

Wearing a long boho-style necklace with a simple dress is an easy way to create a boho-style outfit. For example, a boho necklace would look lovely paired with this grey drop waist dress. It keeps the boho vibe going by pairing these pieces with nude strappy sandals.

Black and White Striped Drop Waist Dress:

Wear a black and white striped gown with a drop waist for a youthful and girly vibe. Pairing the dress with white sneakers or black and white limited Converse is an easy way to produce a casual look. You can also wear pointed-toe pink heels to look a little more put-together.

Mini Skater Dress in Black with Drop Waist:

A drop-waist dress is similar to a shift dress with a flared hem but a lower waistline. It’s not hard to see why the drop-waist dress looks so breezy and casual. This black tank top with a drop waist is similar to a shift dress. A black felt hat and black ballet flats are all you need to complete the look.

Drop waist dress long sleeve in pink:

Wear a pink long sleeve drop waist dress to the office to look ladylike and professional. Wearing a pale pink leather clutch bag can help you appear more professional and educated. A pair of pale pink open-toed heels will do the trick to complete the look.

Black and white polka-dot little dress:

If you want to look like a regular girl-next-door, this black and white floral print drop waist skirt is a fantastic choice. This adorable and youthful look can be completed with a light grey leather backpack and a pair of pink and white sneakers.

Drop Waist Dress in Green:

Wear this green tribal printed drop waist dress with a collar for a more mature look that appears richer and more professional. You can accessorize this look with a pair of black ankle-strap open-toed heels. Check out our post on how to wear black ankle strap heels for more inspiration on wearing this style.

Striped Mini drop waist Dress in Grey and White:

This look is an excellent example of how a single statement necklace can completely transform an ensemble. As an example, this grey and white striped drop-waist dress is a light and breezy option. You can complete the look with pale pink heels. However, if you want to make this outfit stand out, you can wear a silver statement necklace.

Grey Boots and Neon Pink Mini Dress:

Wearing neon pink as part of your outfit is one of the simplest and most effective ways to draw attention. For example, with a pair of light grey suede heeled ankle boots, you can wear this neon pink drop waist dress. An elegant finishing touch to your ensemble is a leopard print clutch bag.

Sleeveless black velvet dress with a drop waist:

Velvet is a good option if you want a dress that has a richer, more abundant appearance. For example, take a look at this black velvet sleeveless drop waist dress. To maintain a sense of sophistication, wear them with black ballet flats.

Drop waist dress with sleeves:

Dressed to the nines, this one is both fun and sharp. Drop waist dress with sleeves in red has a high low hemline, with a slightly higher waistline on the left side than on the right. Add a pair of pale pink pointed-toe heels to complete this adorable look.


Here are a few of my favorite ways to wear a drop-waist dress that I just showed you. If you’ve never worn a drop-waist dress before, now is the time to give it a whirl. Using the examples above, you can see how simple they are.


Is it possible to belt a dress with a low waist?

Don’t worry; you’ll find the perfect belt style. A slouchy or drop belt elongates the torso, ideal for those with a tiny waist because the belt’s visible line drops down.

What is a dress with a low-cut waist called?

In the drop waist dress, which is also known as the flapper dress, the low waistband falls more in line with the hips than at the natural level of the waist is the distinguishing feature.