Are you looking for kid-friendly breakfast ideas?

Entenmann’s donuts is an American firm that creates baked goods and delivers them to supermarkets and other shops throughout the United States for sale to the general public. In addition to dessert cakes and donuts, the company also carries cookies, cupcakes, loaf cakes, pie and muffins. A variety of Entenmann’s donuts designer coffee tastes and scented candles have been introduced to its product line in the last several years to extend its appeal. Donuts topped with our decadent chocolate frosting are the perfect sweet treat. It can be served as a post-dinner dessert or as a late-night snack.

History of Entenmann’s:

New York City-based Entenmann’s has been around for more than a century and a half. William Entenmann was born in Stuttgart, Germany, the craft of baking from his father. He worked at a bakery in the United States and finally opened his bakery on Rogers Avenue in Brooklyn in 1898. William’s bakery was later relocated to Bay Shore, Long Island, by William. By the time William’s son, William Jr., took over the bakery, 30 home delivery routes were in place, making home delivery a significant component of the business.

Owner of Entenmann’s:

Under William Jr’s leadership, the bakery prospered, and Frank Sinatra was a regular customer. William Jr. left his wife Martha and three boys to take over the bakery with his death. Entenmann’s has you covered when it comes to bakery-style cakes and pastries. They also make breakfast foods such as muffins and doughnuts. Entenmann’s is a brand of cuisine that almost everyone has tried at some point in their lives. Entenmann’s has always been a staple in my life and Nando’s.

Range of donuts for every body type:

Don’t worry if you don’t like chocolate; we have a flavour for everyone. If you like your donuts moist, try our country powdered donuts, which combine our classic crumb cake batter with our sweet glaze. Our glazed donuts are known for their moist, cake-like centre and sugary, sticky, decadent glaze. You’ll be able to choose a flavour that suits your taste buds. Get your fill of traditional favourites like glazed donuts, chocolate donuts, pumpkin and apple cider donuts.

Chocolate-covered donuts:

They’ll satisfy your chocolate cravings whether or not you add the sprinkles. Our frosted devil’s food donuts are a dream come true for chocolate lovers. Just thinking about these devil’s food cakes covered in velvety smooth chocolate icing has us salivating!

Variety Pack of Entenmann’s donuts:

Of course, everyone’s a fan! Re-sealable bag. Every day, a new batch of bread is being baked. Better breakfast, coffee, tea, or snack time with Entenmann’s donuts. In this traditional Variety pack, you may pick from a variety of rich and juicy donuts covered with sweet crumbs, icing, and glaze to satisfy everyone’s sweet needs. Enjoy a taste of tradition at any time of day with our wide variety of donuts.

Other Products at Entenmann’s:

Golden Cake with Fudge-Iced Fudge:

Fudge icing and yellow cake come together in this traditional square cake. This yellow cake’s crumbly texture and deeper taste make it stand out from the rest of the mass-produced yellow cakes on the market today. However, it’s the thick, fudge-like icing that takes centre stage, measuring almost a third of an inch across. It’s hard to find anything wrong with this cake’s creamy batter and candy-coated top.

Munch on some Corn Muffins.

A corn muffin with a sweet glaze. The Entenmann’s corn muffins are one of the few Entenmann’s offerings to venture into the realm of quasi-savoury, with a rich maple-like glaze sugarcoating the muffin’s top and a spongy texture that crosses the line between cornbread and cake.

Pound Cake with Chocolate Chips:

Wow, another mention of Pound Cake. This time it’s not the plain variety, but the one slathered in powdered sugar and sprinkled with a few pieces of chocolate. My family ate this for breakfast, and I’m not exaggerating. It’s essentially a muffin-sized piece of bread. You’ll be ready to eat in no time if you slice off a chunk.

Golden cake iced in thick fudge frosting:

There’s nothing better than a slice of yellow cake topped with chocolate frosting. Entenmann’s frosting is a major flaw in this cake and all of its other offerings. It’s tasty, but it never manages to remain on the dreadfully crumbly cake. Using your fork, you scrape off every last bit of frosting from your slice of cake. After a few minutes of tinkering, you’ll have to either try to reattach the icing.

Devil’s Food Cake frosted with marshmallows:

In a sense, it’s the opposite of number seven. Yes, in a way. With vanilla icing sprinkled with crumbs from the frosted chocolate cake. A plain white frosted cake didn’t look as good to me, so I’ve always wondered if this was a mistake or if the baker didn’t care.

What’s the finest breakfast to have on the go?

Having one of our luscious frosted chocolate donuts with a cup of coffee and the Sunday newspaper is a wonderful way to start the weekend. You don’t have to sacrifice taste while you’re rushing out the door in the morning. Our chocolate donuts can be enjoyed in the vehicle, at work, or even while camping in the wilderness. Take along some travel and a box for your road trip! Everyone will have a good time with them.


These are the same delicious Entenmann’s donuts you know and love but made with fewer ingredients, using only natural ingredients, and undergoing very little processing. Boom. Don’t be afraid to flour your work area and the top of the dough, especially during the cutting process, because the dough recipe is on the wet and soft side. This doughnut’s glaze is richer in chocolate flavour inconsistency compared to the original. The glaze can be made in half if you don’t intend to coat the doughnuts completely.


Are you looking for kid-friendly breakfast ideas?

Entenmann’s donuts are wonderful for breakfast at home or on the go. You may eat them as quick lunch, a road trip snack, or whenever the mood strikes you because they’re just the right size.

What makes these chocolate lovers’ dream donuts?

If you’re craving something sweet, try one of the decadent chocolate frosted doughnuts. Chocolate donuts can’t be beaten because of their moist yellow cake encased in thick and velvety chocolate covering.

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