How to fix the error 0x80240061 update

Error 0x80240061: The error 0x80240061, Updates in Windows 11/10, can be fixed with the steps in this post. As of late, Windows 10 update error codes have been the norm. Your PC will cease displaying new Build OS patches or upgrades when you encounter such a problem. 0x80240061 is a common error code, and in this guide, we’ll explain why it’s there and how to fix it on your computer.

How to fix the error 0x80240061 update?

Attempting to install some updates failed due to technical difficulties; however, we’ll try again later. For those of you who are continually experiencing this Error and want to find out more about it, this may help fix the error 0x80240061 update. Try the following steps to remedy this. Determine whether Windows Update-related Services are operating. To do this, open the catroot2 folder and delete everything in it.

Verify that Windows Update Services are active:

Examine all of the Windows Update-related Services in the Services Manager to ensure that none of them has been disabled. To begin, type “services” into the Taskbar search box and click on the result window after opening it. Verify whether or not they are currently active. Perform a diagnostic check on Windows Update. Uninstall the USB device that is hidden in the System. Install the Update by hand if necessary

Clear Software Distribution and catroot2 folder’s content:

As far as I know, Windows Update has a separate cache folder. Most automated Windows 10 update installation problems can be resolved by manually deleting this folder. To do so, you will need to delete the contents of the Software Distribution and Catroot2 folders.

Uninstall Hidden USB device:

Another workaround, which many have found to be effective, is available for your consideration. If you’ve ever used your computer with a USB device, for example, you could get this Error. Perform the following steps to see if you can find a solution: Run the following command in Windows PowerShell (as administrator): Items such as a Smart Card, Smart Card Filter, and a Smart Card Reader can be found in the device list if you have a USB or Smart Card attached to your computer.

It’s best to install the Update on your own:

Using the Microsoft Catalog site, you must manually download and install the Update. The KB number of the unsuccessful Update will be displayed in the error message. Intel Management Engine Interface may be to blame if the problem occurs.

Fix Windows 10 Update Error 0x80240061:

Fix Windows 10 Update Error 0x80240061 can be caused by faulty system files, pending cumulative updates, non-functioning services, and accumulated cache. In many cases, outdated device drivers or Boise’s may also be to blame for this issue. Windows 10 Image or system file corruption can be fixed using SFC, DISM, or Update Troubleshooter. If this doesn’t help, you may need to clear your browser’s cache. Downloading and installing the Optional Updates for your device may help you fix driver and BIOS problems.

Solutions to the Update Error Code 0x80240061:

Try these methods to fix Solutions to the Update Error Code 0x80240061.

Windows Update Troubleshooter:

Windows Update Troubleshooter is a utility tool designed by Microsoft to discover and fix various issues with the computer’s Windows Updates. Running this tool should be the first thing you do if you receive an error code to get to the Settings app; press Win + I. Troubleshoot will appear once you select Update & Security>. Run the troubleshooter by expanding Windows Update and clicking on the Run button.

The Windows Update Service should be running:

Windows Update services are critical to the process of upgrading to Windows 10. Error code 0x80240061 might occur when key services are disrupted in some way. So, check to see if all of the relevant services are operating. Follow the steps listed below: Run can be started by pressing Win + R to complete this task.

The Latest SSU should be installed:

Microsoft frequently releases servicing Stack Updates to address Windows 10 update-related issues. Try this approach if you haven’t already upgraded your device to version 21H1. Use the following steps to accomplish this – To open the Settings window, press and hold the Win key and the letter I. From the left pane, select System and then about. The OS Build information can be found by moving to the right adjacent corner of the screen.

Delete Temporary Internet Files:

If the Windows Update Error 0x80240061 persists, clearing the temporary cache can help. On Windows 10, here’s how to get rid of such a cache. Run can be started by pressing Win + R. Enter the following code after you’ve copied/pasted it into the text box.

Perform an SFC Scan:

If the error code 0x80240061 continues to prevent you from updating Windows, certain system files have likely been corrupted or deleted. You can perform the SFC scan to find and fix any corrupt files as a last resort. The following are the most important measures to take:

Windows Update Error:

Windows Update isn’t always able to locate the most recent version of the Intel Management Engine Interface. It’s possible to fix this issue manually.

How to Repair Error 0x80240061:

You may notice driver-related issues resulting from driver incompatibility after a fresh Windows 10 installation. As an example, Windows 10 upgrade problem 0x80240061 comes to mind. For various causes, such as incompatible drivers and problems with how to Repair Error 0x80240061 Windows upgrades, this Error can arise. There have been reports of the same issue on the Microsoft community forum. These troubleshooting steps can assist you in resolving.


An old BIOS may potentially hinder Windows 10 upgrades. As a result, you must determine whether or not your device needs an upgrade. A web search for BIOS updates isn’t necessary. Such updates can be found under “Optional Updates” on Windows 10 version 2004 or later. As you can see, here’s how things work.


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