Beginner’s guide to Final Fantasy 14 (FFXIV).

Every day, tens of thousands of individuals log on to the ffxiv listening position, and many of them have issues with their frame rate, camera, controller, or gameplay. You’ll need a lot of time to experiment with all of the different options and combinations until you find the one that works best for your particular system and playing style.

FFXIV Launcher Optimization:

Before moving on to the actual in-game settings, let’s check a crucial stage on the FFXIV launcher. To access the launcher’s settings, go to the launcher’s upper right corner and click the gear symbol by following the steps.

Step 1: Turn on DX11 if it’s available on your machine. Computers from the previous ten years or so should be able to use it.

Step 2: Check if your computer is DX11-capable by performing the following steps:

Step 3: To open the Run dialogue box, press the Windows key + R simultaneously.

Step 4: Press the Enter key after typing -> Dxdiag.

Step 5: Use the Display tab to find your way around.

Step 6: The driver’s tab can find on the right side of the screen. Look at the Feature Levels to see how much power you have.

Step 7: This means that if you see 11_0, your computer can run FFXIV with DirectX 11.

Values of ffxiv listening position:

So without further ado, here we go. From the very top to the very bottom of the FFXIV settings menu, I will go over everything in great detail.

Setting up your FFXIV display to look its best

Choosing a primary GPU display

Full-screen display mode

Use the native resolution of your collection:

  • UI settings for high resolution: 100% (HD) – Standard
  • UI Size by Default: 100%
  • The lighting used to depict the characters is called character illumination.
  • Select the appropriate choice. Frame rate should be limited when the client is not active.

Settings for FFXIV’s audio

Favorite Thing about ffxiv listening position:

There are residential zones in most of the major cities in Final Fantasy XIV that you can access. A particular tune will play when you enter any of these neighborhoods. If that’s not your cup of tea, uncheck this box, and the music will change to match the theme.

Position for listening:

Extend your field of view to its greatest extent and begin attacking something. Consider moving the slider to the left to make the sounds appear to be coming from a distance. Move the slider to the right to make it sound like you’re right next to your character.

Beginner’s guide to Final Fantasy 14 (FFXIV):

Final Fantasy XIV’s popularity has risen recently as a result of World of Warcraft’s lackluster release. However, stating that isn’t accurate. Even though FFXIV didn’t accomplish anything new, gamers flock to the game, searching for better experiences and new challenges.

The Final Fantasy XIV: Ultimate Edition:

The planet of Eorzea is the setting for Final Fantasy XIV, a popular MMO. In recent years, Final Fantasy XIV has risen to the top of the MMO pack, thanks to a strong storyline, exciting gameplay, and challenging raids. Final Fantasy XIV is a unique MMO in that it allows you to train various character classes simultaneously.


The healers are in charge of the group’s survival. In battle, your party will be subjected to a variety of damage kinds, from inevitable passive area of effect (AoE) damage to direct blows that can slash your tank’s health in half. A good healer knows how to manage their mana points (MP) and when and how to apply various heals. FFXIV’s classes make it easy to get started as a healer.

White Mage/Conjurer:

This holy-oriented spell caster performs a variety of spells to heal the wound and protect the group from harm, in contrast to the more destructive Black Mage.


Scholars are arcane healers who study hard and utilize what they learn to help others. In addition to wielding an obscure tome of wisdom, the Scholar can call on faerie spirits to aid his cause.


These sorcerers employ their knowledge of constellations and zodiac signs to cast healing spells of mythical proportions.

DPS: Damage-dealing Specialists:

Classes with high DPS (damage-per-second) do massive quantities of damage to a monster’s life total. However, they aren’t highly defensive; therefore, their goal is to minimize damage while maximizing their own. However, as with all professions in Final Fantasy XIV, a few emergency defensive spells are available, albeit with higher cool-down times.

Black Mage/Tauraturge:

Final Fantasy’s Black Mages are legendary wizards who wield powerful ranged spells like Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder. They are, however, soft targets and will succumb if they are attacked. If they’re forced to move, they may suffer a loss of damage if they have to.


The Machinist is a newer class that deals damage with a pistol and other ranged mechanical instruments.


Using a lance and the dragon’s might, the Dragoon deals massive amounts of damage. When it comes to close-quarters combat, the Dragoon is an excellent choice.


Using twin daggers and ninjutsu spells, the Ninja deals close-range harm to opponents.


Using a giant two-handed katana and blade combinations, the Samurai deals with massive damage with seamless flair.

The Red Mage, to be precise:

Sword fighting and spell-slinging mix in Red Mage’s hybrid playstyle, making it a hybrid of melee, white magic, and black magic. Red Mage is a Final Fantasy classic.


The Bard is an archer who battles at range and inspires the rest of the party with his songs. A unique song gauge bestows powerful boosts on your party, making it easier to win battles of all difficulties.


Summoners use powerful elemental animals to their advantage in battle by summoning them as pets.


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