Is there a free version of Super Hot?

Games like super hot: The gameplay revolves around the idea that time moves when you move your character, in addition to an endless mode and a challenge mode. Aside from that, the game’s minimalistic design focuses on pure strategy and visually stunning action sequences. The game may play in virtual reality as well.

Best games like super hot:

The fast-paced yet strategic action in SUPERHOT elevates the FPS genre to new heights. Enemies holding various weapons will come charging at you as you time your movement perfectly and unleash an epic fighting maneuver using pistols, swords, or any other weapon. Let us know what you think in the comments section below, and if you’d like to see more lists like this one, be sure to visit Honey’s Anime. Following are the best games, like the super hot of 2021.

Astro Bots:

It may not look like Astro Bot has a lot of personality in pictures, but his adventures are more than just an immaculate set of platforming gauntlets. They’re memorable and even a little endearing at times. When you operate a little robot, you’re often in the middle of a map, where you can see it scurrying all around you and even flying overhead.


Various power-ups, including grappling hooks and water jets, can be activated by pressing the DualShock’s buttons, allowing you to acquire any collectibles you encounter. Dynamic level design and stunning bosses make this game practically match Nintendo’s offerings.

Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s:

Even without virtual reality, Tetsuya Mizoguchi’s reimagining of the greatest game of all time is a unique experience that incorporates falling blocks, fast rule changes, and ambient light. It takes on an altogether new meaning in virtual reality, though, as you navigate through a world of light and dark, looking for the ideal score.


In the Tetris Effect, beads sway in the wind, and whales form out of sparks, but the game’s actual secret is to bring positivism, wholesomeness, and a total absence of guile to the purest puzzler imaginable.


Atmospheric visuals and a brilliantly detailed storybook world make Moss one of the best PSVR games at the moment, and it’s one of the best entry-level experiences. It’s no secret that our plucky heroine Quill is the star, but she’s not alone. This one is the best games like super hot.


Moss casts you as your character, The Reader, to make you a part of the game as well. As a ghostly presence, you can not only control Quill, but you can also interact with things in the game world. It’s also possible to gaze at your reflection in the water of a babbling stream.

Universe’s Greatest Blasters:

It’s just like in the actual world; Alwyn challenges anyone to a duel in this new realm. You, as a so-called Blaster, are tasked with defeating Alwyn’s different alien forces and proving that Alwyn is beaten! One of our favorite aspects about SUPERHOT VR was the sheer amount of movement required to succeed.


Blasters of the Universe is a difficult VR Bullet Hell game requiring constant dodging, ducking, and shooting for the player’s survival. To read more about Blasters of the Universe, check out our review on Honey’s Anime. Blasters of the Universe is an excellent virtual reality game that deserves to be included in our list of six games like SUPERHOT, even if you don’t.


For virtual reality gaming, there’s no better place than outer space. Fun and exciting gameplay mechanics like exploring new worlds and shooting aliens are just fun and interesting to play around with. That’s why we at Honey’s Anime fell in love with Impulse Gear’s Farpoint. First-person shooting is a fast-paced, first-person action game, and you’ll have to deal with a lot of aliens no matter what controller you’re using.


Farpoint is one of the best PSVR games out there, and we highly suggest it. A young crew of astronauts seemed capable of handling the trip. The squad was tasked with finding a spacecraft that had vanished without a trace.

The rush of Blood:

Fly through the air at tremendous speeds while battling horrific creatures that may have been conceived in your head. Even though Rush of Blood is set in a similar setting to developer Supermassive Games’ third-person horror adventure Game, the gameplay is very different. A rollercoaster of terror awaits in the form of zombies, monsters, and other villains in Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.


In this sense, virtual reality hasn’t gotten any better, which is why we believe you’ll like Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.

The raw data:

Like SUPERHOT VR, Raw Data features a variety of first-person gameplay options. Characters like Saija, a sword-swimming ninja, and Elder use bow and arrows as their weapons of choice. Every playing is thrilling and fresh because of the variety of heroes available, each performing differently. This one is also the best games like super hot.


If you’re looking to take on an evil organization with swords and firearms, check out Raw Data on either the PC or PSVR. The hack confirms SyndiK8’s fears that the Eden Corporation intends to do something dreadful with a new line of robotic goods, and it proves them correct.


Many game creators are attempting to create the best virtual reality experience, and we’ve witnessed an increase in VR gaming. It may not be flawless, but games like super hot illustrate how simple and enjoyable VR games can be. It is also true on our list of six games like SUPERHOT VR.


Is there a free version of Super Hot?

Superhot’s developers offer a great deal: if you already own the first game, you receive the second one for free.

Is super-hot virtual reality frightening?

SUPERHOT is more than a first-person shooter and a strategy Games like super hot. You utilize weapons composed of red glass to murder the adversaries.

How many stages are there in SUPERHOT?

One hundred levels in Superhot: Mind Control Delete feature many procedurally generated maps, making the game almost infinite.

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