What is the high temperature of Gilroy?

Gilroy weather enjoys daily highs of at least 78°F all through the warm season, which lasts from June 6 to October 11. In July, San Jose experienced highs of 82°F and lows of 60°F on average. Few seasons are hotter than July. When it comes to the weather, San Jose is known for its short, rainy winters and long, hot, and dry springs and summers, according to Gilroy weather. The temperature rarely falls below 35 degrees Fahrenheit or over 92 degrees Fahrenheit between 43 and 82 degrees. According to tourism statistics, the months of the half through August seem to be the most pleasant months of the year to come to San Jose for warm-weather excursions.

The average temperature in San Jose:

The frigid season lasts for 2.7 hours, from November 26 to February 18, with daily highs averaging less than 63°F on average over that period. December is the coldest month of the year in San Jose, with only an average low temperature of 44 degrees F and an extreme heat of 60 degrees Fahrenheit on average.


A complete years’ worth of changes in the percentile rank of the area is characterized by clouds over the city of San Jose. The driest season in San Jose lasts from May 24 to October 26, with the peak occurring on May 24. July and August in San Jose are the clearest months of the year, with a sky that is either totally clear, mostly clear, or partly clouded 91 percent of the time. The year’s cloudiest period begins on October 26 and ends on May 24.

Combination of rain and wind:

It is possible to have rain, snow, and a mixture of the three simultaneously. In February, the city of San Jose gets an average of 7.9 rainy days. There is a 30% probability of precipitation on February 26, which is the most common precipitation across the year. At least 0.04 days of waterfalls on an average of 0.1 days in San Jose in July.

Gilroy weather monthly:

Each day of the year is assigned 31 days to show seasonal variation rather than the monthly Gilroy weather totals. As the year progresses, so does the amount of rain that falls on San Jose each month. From October 3 to May 15, there is at least 0.5 inches of rain every 31 days, making this the wettest season of the year for 7.4 months. San Jose’s wettest month is February when the city receives an average of 3.9 inches of rain.


The length of a day in San Jose, California, fluctuates drastically throughout the year. According to the equinoxes, the length of daylight will be 9 hours with 35 minutes on December 21 and 14 hours and 44 minutes on June 21. There is a one-hour and fifty-minute difference between the time the sun rises and sets on June 13 and the time it sets on June 14. At 4:49 pm PST on December 6, the year’s earliest sunset could be seen; at 8:32 pm PST in mid-June, the year’s latest was seen.

Water’s temperature:

The city of San Diego is situated on the shores of a big freshwater body of water. This section shows the average water surface warmth across a vast area. The average temperature of the water varies from season to season. The average water temperature from August 1 through October 19 is above 57 Fahrenheit.

Weather in Gilroy ca 10-day forecast:

There will be a high of 26°C (78°F) on Wednesday, February 9 at around 2 pm according to the weather in Gilroy ca 10-day forecast. At 8 am on Friday, February 4, the temperature will be 4°C or 39°F. 95021, Gilroy, California’s weather forecaster, is predicting little or no rainfall this week based on the weather radar, the national meteorological service, and satellite imagery. So make the most of your time in Gilroy, California, 95021.

Gilroy weather 14 days:

On Saturday, June 12, Gilroy is forecast to reach a high of 27°C for the two weeks, with an average of 23°C for the daytime maximum temperature. The lowest temperature will be 2°C on Wednesday, the 16th when the average minimum temperature will be 7°C. There could be a lot of dry weather for the Gilroy weather for 14 days. Winds are expected to be modest on the whole.

Hollister weather:

Long, hot, dry summers are the norm according to Hollister weather winters are mild, wet, and partly cloudy, with shorter, colder winters. The temperature rarely falls below 30 degrees Fahrenheit or rises over 94 degrees Fahrenheit during the year. The greatest time of year to visit Hollister is from June through September for warm-weather activities.

Watsonville weather:

The warm season lasts from June 14 to October 22 and sees an average daily high of 72 degrees Fahrenheit. For Watsonville, September has the highest temperatures, with an overall mean of 75°F and a low of 55°F. With an average daily temp below 63°F from November 29 to February 24, a 2.9-month chilly season is in effect from November 29 to February 24. The Watsonville weather forecast predicts lows of 42°F and daytime temperatures of 60°F for December.


San Jose’s perceived humidity has no notable seasonal variations, which is maintained at a nearly constant 0% throughout the year as measured by the proportion of time when it is oppressively humid or otherwise deplorable. During the spring of 2022, San Jose observes daylight saving time (DST), which lasts for 7.8 months and ends on November 6. According to Gilroy weather, San Jose experiences its windiest week of the year during the first week of June, with a wind velocity of 8 miles per hour.


In Gilroy (95021), when is the best time to visit?

It is ideal for visiting Gilroy weather during May and October (95021). The average monthly temperature in these months is 23 degrees Celsius, with an average of 356.8462 hours of daylight.

When is Gilroy (95021) coldest?

The coldest months are February and March when the average high is around 3 degrees Celsius.

What is the high temperature of Gilroy?

A temperature of 67 degrees Fahrenheit is expected. A few stray gusts of wind are possible.

Is there snow in Gilroy?

The average annual rainfall in Gilroy, California, is 21 inches. Rainfall in the United States averages 38 inches per year. There is no snowfall in Gilroy on an annual basis. The average annual snowfall in the United States is 28 inches.

In Gilroy, how chilly is it?

Gilroy has long, hot, dry summers with clear skies and chilly, rainy winters with some clouds. The temperature rarely falls below 31 degrees Fahrenheit.

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