Everything that you need to know about Giyu tomioka.

Giyu tomioka, This person is currently the Water Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps. To Tanjiro, he is also the one who convinced him to join the ranks of the Demon Slayer. Both Takahiro Sakurai and Johnny Yong Bosch lend their voices to the character in the anime’s international editions. This actor, well-known in the anime community, has provided voices for numerous other characters. In addition to Water Breathing, he has devised a secret technique that only he knows. However, he loses an arm in the last battle with Muzan but survives.


Tanjiro’s first encounter with a Demon Slayer is with Ginyu, the current Water Hahira. In the beginning, he intends to kill Nezuko. Still, when he sees her protecting an unconscious Tanjiro, he changes his mind to hope that Tanjiro will succeed him and be able to heal Nezuko, and he reconsiders his plans. Despite his mastery of Water Breathing, he does not regard himself as a true Hashira, preferring his fellow student Sabito, who died saving other Demon Slayers in training.


Giyu is a tall, dark-haired young man with a low ponytail who wears his hair back in a sloppy bun. Narrow brows and dark blue eyes frame his face. Wearing a haori with two different patterns: a solid red one and one with geometric patterns of green, orange, and yellow, Ginyu is a Demon Slayer.


Giyu’s face is constantly expressionless. Despite his restrained demeanour, he harbours a fierce sense of justice for individuals who do not see their limitations and recklessly waste their lives. It’s not uncommon for Demon Slayers like Tanjiro Kamado, who allowed Nezuko Kamado to live because of his determination, to show zero remorse when slaying other Demons. When Shinobu was trying to kill Nezuko, Giyu broke the rules of the Demon Slayer Corps without hesitation.

The implication of giyu Tomioka:

The implication here is that he does not hold Demons in the same esteem as some other Hashira and is prepared to make an exception for one if it does not harm or eat humans. Unlike some other Hashira, it demonstrates that he deals with Demons pragmatically rather than out of hatred for them.

Problem of giyu tomioka:

He appears to have a problem with what others think of him, and he is surprised when Shinobu Kocho asserts that many people despise him. He is a man of few words who struggles to relate to others and keeps a low profile. You acquired an inferiority complex in the Final Selection, which came out later. Survivor guilt drives him to ponder leaving his job as Water Hashira, but Tanjiro shows him that he should cherish his life and live for those who died instead.

Accomplishments and Abilities:

Giyu wields a lethal blade as a Hahira in the Demon Slayer Corps. Father Spider Demon and Rui, Lower Rank Five of the Twelve Kizuki, are no match for him in his altered state. Akaza, Upper-Rank Three, admired Giyu’s powers and offered to change the Hashira into a Demon, something only Akaza would do for the most deserving of his opponents. According to Akaza, a Water Hashira as competent as Giyu hasn’t appeared in a half-century.

Capabilities that come from birth:

Swordsman’s Mastery:

In the Demon Slayer Corps, Giyu is one of the most potent and skilful swordsmen. Akaza claims that Giyu’s swordsmanship is excellent. A Water Hashira as skilled as Giyu, according to Akaza, hasn’t appeared for Akaza to fight in fifty years.

Faster Processing Time:

Giyu tied up Yosuke Hashibira before he even understood what had happened.

Increased Stamina and Persistence:

Giyu has a remarkable amount of stamina, as seen by his ability to withstand a tremendous strike from Akaza and yet continue to battle. Despite Ginyu’s seeming collapse against Muzan, the demon king even managed to knock the blade from his hands and cut off one of his hands compared to Obama and other Hahira. He was limited to supporting other Hashira at the maximum.

The Nichirin Sword of Crimson Red:

Sanemi and Giyu collide their swords during the struggle against Muzan, turning both of their blades briefly red, which gives them the ability to hinder the increased regeneration of Demons.

Mark of the Demon Slayer:

Giyu’s Demon Slayer Mark appears on his left cheek during his fight with Akaza as a fluid-like design. After activating the ability, he can engage in a long battle with the Upper-Rank demon on even ground, increasing his speed, precision, and endurance significantly. However, he was unable even to get close to cutting off Akaza’s head, and as a result, his blade snapped, putting him in grave danger.

Style of Breathing in the Water:

Controlling one’s breathing rhythm allows the user to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood. It boosts his strength and agility to the level of a demon, making him as powerful as one. Because he, like all the Hahira, has mastered the art of complete focus breathing, his base strength, speed, and stamina have all increased. He’s well-versed in Water Breathing, but he’s also developed an original technique.

Mind the Tactic:

Due to her status as a Terminator, Giyu Tomioka has an excellent tactical mind and can handle two demons simultaneously. It looks like a stream of water running down Giyu’s left cheek, which is how the Hunter’s Mark looks on him. Breath has been absorbed into this Pillar’s appearance. To fight Akaza for an extended period, You will need this mark to become active. It will allow him to boost his speed, accuracy, and fighting strength.

Giyu Tomioka’s equipment.

Blade of Nichirin:

An ore-based Sword that is constantly subjected to the sun’s rays. These blades can change colour in response to their owner’s preferences. Giyu’s katana has a dark edge with a blue border, a nod to the Pillar’s water breath. Each colour has its unique characteristics.


From episode one, a Hashira Giyu member exhibits his strength, quickness, and confidence in his ability to defeat demons with ease. In the anime Demon Slayer, Giyu is one of the most formidable members of the Demon Slayer Corps. His strength does not make him indestructible. He’s one of the first characters presented on Demon Slayer, the first member of the Demon Slayer Corps. From the start, it’s evident that Giyu exemplifies the ideal demon hunter, and as the series goes, it becomes clear that Tanjiro.


What is the source of Giyu Tomioka’s sadness?

When Giyu was a member of the Final Selection, he developed an inferiority mentality, which was revealed afterwards.

Gomez or Giyu, which one is more powerful?

While Giyu Tomioka is an excellent swordsman and Hahira, he is by no means the strongest in the group. It is supported by both manga and anime. Gomez Himejima is Demon Slayer’s strongest Hahira.