Knobs and Pulls can be used in the same room.

Gold drawer knobs for kitchen cabinets are many, and styles range from oil-rubbed bronze to stainless steel bar designs. Kitchen cabinet hardware is an important aspect that should not be overlooked while renovating your kitchen or updating your cabinets. You want the hardware on your cabinets to compliment your kitchen’s overall look and feel while also being simple to operate when you’re preparing a meal or cleaning up. However, what kind of kitchen cabinet hardware are currently in favor of and how they function are still up in the air. Let us learn more about gold drawer knobs:

Mushroom Cabinet Knobs:

You can’t go wrong with mushroom cabinet gold drawer knobs; they’ve been around for a long time and are still going strong now. The brushed satin nickel knobs are ideal for a clean, modern kitchen since they are small enough to fit on smaller kitchen cabinets and wall cabinets.

Stainless steel knob:

These stainless steel bar pulls perfectly if you keep things simple. Since their introduction in the late 1990s, these basic bar pulls have been a staple of modern kitchens, serving as both drawer and cabinet hardware depending on the size. In addition to being long-lasting and easy to maintain, stainless steel is an excellent choice for any kitchen.

Pulling the Arendal Cup:

In transitional and classic-style kitchens, oil-rubbed bronze cup pulls recall a simpler, more rustic age of kitchen design. When used with white shaker-style cabinets or old-fashioned drawers, these oil-rubbed bronze cup pulls add drama and old-school elegance to your kitchen. Remember that they’re not ideal for cleaning because of their shape.

Polished Nickel Knob with Black Marble:

Beautiful kitchen cabinet hardware made from Italian Carrara Marble and Polished Nickel elevates any cooking environment to a new level of grandeur, especially when combined with a Carrara Granite countertop. However, these knobs are a statement in and of themselves.

Pulling a Princetonian Bar:

If you’re looking for a way to bring a bit of old-world charm into your kitchen, these bar pulls are just the ticket. This bar pulls look futuristic on glossy cabinets, but they have a 1970s-like nostalgic vibe on polished wood cabinetry.

The Clear Glass Knob by Clarity:

Glass knobs aren’t for everyone’s kitchen, but if you have an all-white kitchen and want to “bling up” the look a touch, these matte-finished clear glass knobs with polished chrome bases are just what you need.

This oil-rubbed bronze finish knob:

Functional and fashionable, these gold drawer knobs are a crosshatch design with metallic tips. It’s best to use satin nickel and oil-rubbed bronze in transitional kitchens, while the polished nickel and golden champagne variants make a home feel more premiums.

18 Inch Aspen II Flat Sided Pull:

Flat-sided bar pulls with polished chrome finish are an unusual little twist on the typical bar pull. These kitchen hardware pieces are quick to open and very easy to clean, and they can be used in a variety of kitchen designs.

The BlackRock Square Knob:

These matte black square knobs, inspired by geometric designs, are the perfect finishing touch for your cabinet doors. Square kitchen knobs in black bronze are reminiscent of the 1970s, but the matte black finish is on-trend for next year’s design trends.

Tuscany D Pull:

These cabinet pulls, which come in a subtle brushed nickel finish, look right at home in a traditional kitchen. If you’re looking for an elaborate Italian vibe to your drawer pulls, go no further than these.

Oversized Antique Brass Knob:

You don’t always need a practical cabinet knob; sometimes, you want a beautiful ornate cabinet knob that reflects your style. These brass knobs are popular in transitional kitchens since antique collections inspire them. Match them with dark woods or matte black cabinetry for a classic Art Deco-inspired aesthetic. Use these gold drawer knobs judiciously since too many of them can quickly turn into overkill.

3-Inch Bit Pull:

These oil-rubbed bronze bit pulls, which have a rustic appearance but are made of metal, look fantastic with white shaker cabinets, whether traditional or modern. In the kitchen, oil-rubbed bronze knobs and handles have a worn appearance that conjures up images of warmth and comfort.

Center bar pulls by Alison Value:

This modern cabinet hardware, finished in beautiful satin nickel, would look right at home in any contemporary kitchen design. These bar pulls protrude into the room and adds a subtle accent to more subdued kitchen cabinets and drawers.

Pull 7-Inch Somerset Melon:

These distinctive cabinet hardware pieces are like a throwback to a bygone era when coupled with dark, matte woods. Instead of the rustic, farmhouse sense that many of these other traditional cabinet hardware items have, the Somerset Melon Pulls feature a more elegant, luxury appearance.

The Davenport Knob:

These distinctive knobs, which come in a satin nickel finish, feature curved bodies and straight lines that can be used in both the kitchen and the bathroom. Davenport knobs could be the perfect finishing touch for your kitchen or bathroom with their eye-catching design.

Square Twist T Handle Knob:

As described by the manufacturer as “Old World” style, these distinctive pieces of kitchen cabinet hardware are undeniably old-fashioned. A medieval blacksmith would be proud to use these knobs in a medieval kitchen, so only use them if your kitchen design closely suits their theme.

What are my options for surface treatments?

The color and style of your cabinet should direct your choice of hardware. Iron with beadboard fronts, nickel on wood doors, and translucent against high gloss are just a few of our favorite color combos. Black Lacquer Design designer Caitlin Murray, who is now fascinated with the former, adds, “In some contexts, hardware is best applied like jewels, and in others, you want it to be subtle.”

Knobs and Pulls can be used in the same room, right?

There are two methods to incorporate knobs and pull them into a single kitchen without looking out of place. All the upper cabinets will have knobs in the first option, and the bottom cabinets will have pulls. It’s also possible to install knobs and pulls on every door, focusing on function. In addition, who said you couldn’t just toss away the rulebook? She combined knobs and latches, light pulls, and cup pulls with the same brass finish in her kitchen.


Hardware and home improvement stores and online vendors have cabinet knobs in a variety of styles and colors. When looking for the best refrigerator brands, I wouldn’t necessarily buy them all from the same specialty store, but when shopping around for cabinet pulls and knobs, it is best to stick with vendors who are knowledgeable about the subject and understand which pulls and knobs work best with which types of cabinets and drawers.


Is gold drawer knobs Right for Me?

However, there are times when you can defy the laws and use knobs on cabinet doors. For a smaller drawer, we might only use a single knob.”

What are the uses of the gold drawer knobs?

Pulls can be used on both doors and drawers in a kitchen, allowing for greater design freedom.