Hector finch lighting-How do I get light in a different color?

Hector finch lighting, Going through a Hector Finch installation is like walking through a starry night light show, with the jumble of dangling pendants and wall sconces producing pleasant warmth. More showrooms are now carrying the Hector Finch filament magic than ever before, thanks to American consumers’ increased interest in the British brand’s decades-old heritage. For example, there are chandeliers with dangling brass and glass lanterns and table lamps with bases that look like ocean coral, both whimsical and functional. Here we will discuss hector finch lighting.

Best hector finch lighting:

A wide variety of hector finch lighting, including picture and bathroom lights, are available in various styles that are all functional, practical, durable, and aesthetically beautiful. It’s no surprise that so many of these fixtures can be found in some of the world’s finest hotels, restaurants, and homes. The Starbucks is a particularly popular light fixture, widely recognized as one of the best on the market today by the design community and found in a slew of high-profile private residences worldwide.

Simple lighting styles:

Our wall lamp collection features a variety of simple lighting styles that may be paired with various finishes. Hector Finch now provides an equally gorgeous glass leaf design and an eye-catching funnel light that’s perfect for bathrooms and a glorious beehive light based on an original Venini design.

Classical Lighting:

Interior designers and private clients alike may rely on Hector Finch Lighting to provide high-quality decorative lighting. There is a wide selection of wall lights and lanterns and a wide selection of bathroom and outdoor lighting in their new Fulham store. Glass globes and pendants in clear, seeded, and jewel tones are also readily available for both internal and external use. The shop has a wide selection of wall lights, ceiling lights, pendants, chandeliers, and bathroom fixtures.

Irregular lighting:

IP44 certified Osh lamps had been invented by Hector Finch, which can be installed to numerous wall lights that previously couldn’t be used in baths and washrooms and have become market leaders in decorative IP44 certified light fittings. A London mansion block has also commissioned them to develop and provide several attractive, fully integrated three-hour maintained LED emergency bulkheads.

Hector finch Lucia lighting:

Hector Finch’s distinctive pendant design consists of glass globes and simple glass pendants in various forms, sizes, and colors. Hector finch pendants are most commonly utilized over kitchen counters. They come in different brilliant mid-century hues and can be matched with matching wall sconces.

Lighting in the modern era:

Hector Finch has developed a wide range of modern designs in collaboration with artisan producers in the UK and Europe. VS Manufaktor, whose mouth-blown Tim and Soap pendants continue to draw notice for their large scale and expert craftsmanship, is also represented by them in the UK and the US, as is the largest collection of fittings by BOMMA.

Profile of Hector Finch Lighting:

It is the mission of Hector Finch Lighting to supply and create the finest handcrafted decorative lights for both residential and commercial situations. Our family-owned firm has developed an excellent range of timeless and classic lighting designs over the past twenty years. There are numerous examples of Hector Finch light fittings in some of the world’s most opulent hotels, restaurants, boats, and private houses.

Kinds of chandeliers and pendant lights:

Lighting for the kitchen, utility rooms, lobbies, porches, conservatories, and external areas are all included here. Hector finch Lucia pendant has the finest lighting collection for both indoor and outdoor use, no matter what your needs, tastes, or passions may be. The Sophie chandelier has rapidly become a modern design classic, which comes in three different sizes. Chandeliers are lighting fixtures that serve as stunning focal points in vast spaces and complete classical lighting designs.

Hector finch globe prism light:

Prism and Holophane glass pendant lights are popular in some of the country’s most prestigious hotels. Because prismatic glass is meant to refract light, these pendant lights are ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchens, and even hallways and patios. One, a contemporary pendant light from Hector Finch’s exclusive lighting collection, is only one of many pendant lights in the group. Its timeless style is equally at home for use both inside and outside.

Hector finch lantern:

Our outdoor zinc lanterns are created particularly for use by a small family-owned lighting company in France. Many indoor and outdoor hanging lanterns are available at Hector Finch Lighting, all at amazingly low costs. Unlike brass lanterns, these are made of zinc, designed to survive for generations. Outside garage doors and stables, many of these hanging lamps can be used to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Hector finch wall lights:

Our wall lanterns come in several styles, from contemporary to classic, and may be used both indoors and outdoors. In France, a family-owned lighting company produces our zinc lanterns exclusively for us. These authentic French Zinc Lanterns are composed of zinc, not sheet brass, which would rust over time. Zinc has been used for roofing for hundreds of years. In addition to the standard zinc and black finishes, these ever-popular wall lanterns can be customized to your specifications. Box lanterns can be manufactured to order to add your house number, while bracket lanterns can be adapted to suit any style.

Lighting Fixtures for the Ceiling:

Flush-fitting ceiling lights inspired by 1920s American lighting styles can be found in our collection. Lighting staircases, bathrooms, and utility spaces with limited ceiling heights is a breeze with these fixtures, which are available in various finishes. The classic style of our solid brass Cecilie Flush, Fitting ceiling light, may be found on many of the world’s most sophisticated ships.

Lights for Pictures:

Like the rest of our line, these picture lights may be used in both home and commercial settings, and they provide a subtle touch of elegance to your favorite wall hangings. A wide range of sizes and finish options ensures that you can find the perfect lighting solution for your masterpieces.

Hector finch table lamps:

Table lamps and floor lights by Hector Finch can elevate any room’s lighting system. Our German table and floor lamps are works of art in and of themselves, thanks to the meticulous attention to detail in their construction. It’s hard not to notice these lights, and they’ll be treasured heirlooms for decades. We offer a variety of table lamps and floor lamps from carefully selected lighting companies to compliment our collection of Hector Finch lights.


We believe that less is more when it comes to design. Thus we strive to keep everything as simple as possible. For Hector Finch, contemporary design is combined with classic and timeless elements and metalwork by British artists and glasswork sources from across Europe. Their pendant lights cast a lovely warm glow over kitchen islands and work areas. Finally, it includes everything from elegant and robust to brilliantly colored statement-makers, all crafted with care by Hector Finch’s characteristic elegance and attention to detail.


How do I get light in a different color?

To get the finish you want, use the drop-down list on the product page to select it. A picture of the item in the finish you selected will appear if we have one.

Is a light bulb included in the delivery, and what kind of bulb do I need?

The product’s information or the Download Tearsheet tab on its website will tell you which bulb is most appropriate for your particular product selection.

Are there any resources that can help me learn more about my new light?

The Tearsheet button can be found on the product page. You can download it to your computer by clicking on this link.

Is it possible to order a longer chain than the one provided?

Yes. Otherwise, the standard 0.5m chain will be provided unless you specify a different drop or chain length in your order.

Is it possible to see the light before I order?

Yes. Visit our London Showroom or one of our agents’ showrooms in the United States if you’d like to see a specific light.

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