High ground cafe-The mission of high ground café.

High ground cafe, However, for many, e-sports became a real passion, leading to the rise of the sport in the country. High Grounds Café in Tomas Morato, Quezon City, is an excellent place for serious gamers to relax after a long day of gaming, thanks to the recent victory of the TNC Pro Team in DOTA 2. It is the first and only fully-branded gaming café in the country, and it’s a step away from the commonplace internet shops.

History of the high ground cafe:

Higher Ground has been a longtime advocate for community and sustainability locally and globally since its founding in 1982. Because of this, we only use certified organic coffee, fair trade, and rainforest alliance. It’s not enough to support farmers worldwide through fair trade; we must also take action in our backyards. From collaborating with local groups to supporting local artists, we’re dedicated to making our neighbourhood a better place for everyone.

The mission of high ground café:

Higher Ground was founded on a commitment to environmental stewardship. We serve only organic and fair trade coffee and espresso at the cafe. Keeping an eye on the tiny things we can do to improve our environment is essential in today’s world. Because we currently use compostable food containers and our takeout cups are 100 per cent recyclable, we give our customers who bring in their mugs an incentive.

Green-initiative fundraisers:

We often donate to community events, green-initiative fundraisers, and other local co-ops that share our enthusiasm for environmentally friendly living. Higher Ground has discontinued the sale of bottled water as of March 2009. The resources and time used to create these items aren’t good for the environment. To satisfy your thirst, we’re pleased to provide filtered tap water.

Formidable features:

High Ground Café is a breeding ground for the future generation of Philippine e-sports athletes with its formidable features. The future of tournaments is bright. A café and a restaurant at the High Grounds multiplex cater to casual internet users and gamers who need a respite before they resume their war! It’s truly a one-stop-shop here.

Technological advancements:

Usually, parents would chastise their kids for spending too much time playing, but that appears to be changing with the release of High Grounds. There is a cafe and restaurant where parents can eat while their children play games. As a result of technological advancements, what was once a mere diversion has evolved into a legitimate e-sport that provides employment prospects for gamers around the country?

Comfortable setting and lightning-fast internet speeds:

At High Grounds Café, you’ll enjoy a comfortable setting and lightning-fast internet speeds. As a result of its availability 24 hours per day and seven days a week, it is open to anyone who wishes to come rest, unwind, learn, or indulge in delectable food.  The internet cafe charges P100 per hour for members. When it took me to count to five, a minute-long movie had already been uploaded.


The team established a coffee roastery behind cafés Kettle Black and Top Paddock, and they are currently working on their CBD cafe, Higher Ground, which is scheduled to debut in October. Located in Cremorne, Square Three, the roastery founded by Nathan Toleman, Ben Clark, Diamond Rozakeas, and Tom Slattery has now officially opened its doors. There was a time when Toleman and his coworkers relied on Five Senses coffee, but they decided it was time to make their own. Elika Rowell has joined the team as a co-owner and head roaster.

Location of the high ground cafe:

New location Higher Ground is a 160-seat cafe located on the corner of Little Bourke and Spencer streets in an ex-warehouse with cathedral ceilings. As part of the renovation, Design Office is adding a mezzanine level and an open kitchen to the area and incorporating materials like green marble and exposed brick.

Owners of the high ground cafe:

Toleman, Clark, Rozakeas, and group executive chef Jesse McTavish are co-owners of Higher Ground. It’s still a work in progress, but Toleman says that McTavish’s menu, which includes native Australian ingredients and produces grown on his Merricks farm, will be “approachable, but with an edge.”


It should be the town’s top-rated restaurant:

The WINDOWS are the best part of this place! Whether it’s raining or sunny, working in this coffee shop gives you the appropriate vibes! The coffee and food are excellent, and the staff is friendly and helpful. I’ve been to every other coffee shop in the region and come here at least once a week for work. It is the finest one yet!

Great cafeteria:

The ideal location for production meetings, as well as a cup of joe:

During our film production meetings, these people went above and beyond to ensure we had a great day. Coffee and lunch were excellent, and the staff went out of their way to take care of us while we were there.

The Best Coffees to Choose From:

There is a wide selection of pour-over drinks on the menu at this coffee shop and the standard coffee shop fare, such as lattes. Breakfast sandwiches and coffee were on the menu for me. All of them were excellent. I intend to return to Iowa City for more in the future.

High ground coffee menu:

Rolo’s cafe:

Having a chocolate Rolo, that’s been melted down and infused with espresso

Awesome split:

Chocolate and espresso are combined with the flavour of sweet raspberries to create this crowd-pleaser.

Bananas are known for their magical powers. A dream comes true for banana lovers.

S’more chocolate mocha

An espresso and chocolate milkshake with a dash of nostalgia from childhood campfires

The Everest:

“Good morning, sir or madam!” An Irish cream and espresso blend is the perfect way to start the day.


The perfect cup of joe for coconut lovers. Espresso with a hint of sweetness and a dash of smokiness. The classic combination of hazelnuts and honey is here. Espresso and honey-dipped hazelnuts create a nutty and creamy concoction.

Macchiato with caramel:

Caramel infused with our espresso flavour.


What’s the point of having a cafe in the first place?

The community café is a great place to meet new people, create conversations, and learn more about the individuals around you and the community.

What is High Grounds Cafe’s owner’s name?

It’s an unexpected perk of this cafe that families can get to know each other better. Eric Ruffin, the owner of Net.Com, wants to bridge the gap between families and online gamers.