Hollow knight charm combos guide 2022.

Hollow knight charm combos, the greatest charm for defeating bosses, is highly influenced by your play style. To keep from being overwhelmed while exploring the wide artistic environment, there are plenty of good charms to help you beat the tougher bosses. To speed through the game, you may always choose the Speed Runner to build, including Grubsong, Unbreakable Heart Mark of Pride Long Nail and Quick Slash. Hollow Knight’s spell-casting gameplay is superior to that of most hack-and-slash games, thanks to the game’s nail-based sword techniques. Here we will discuss hollow knight charm combos.

Hollow knight charm combos wiki:

There are several ways to ensure that the Knight can handle anything that comes his way in Hollow Knight. Charms can be obtained in a variety of ways. Some can be bought from vendors, while others are obtained as rewards for defeating bosses. Still, more can be discovered while traversing the vast landscape. Eight charm spaces are available for purchase or discovery in Hallownest, although the Knight only has, according to Hollow knight charm combos wiki.

Hollow knight charms guide:

The XX greatest charms in Hollow Knight for defeating bosses are here to help you mix and combine alternatives to suit your style of play, but there are numerous ways to succeed in hollow knight charm combos. If your character’s primary role is a spell caster, the classic charm is an excellent choice. Following are Hollow knight charm combos.

Space at Defender’s Crest:

This combo requires only one Goalie’s Crest slot and two Glowing Womb spaces, giving it a fantastic value of resources. A swarm of toxic hatchlings can be summoned by even lesser individuals who still haven’t earned additional charm slots in their accounts.

Prisma-Focused Attention:

Focus demands the use of the Knight’s soul, but it delivers healing effects that allow him to continue fighting for as long as necessary. Focus has the unpleasant drawback of necessitating both time and the purchase of soul essence, making it risky to use healing while engaged in combat. With the Prismatic Focus combo, you can achieve effective healing while minimizing the risks.

The Samurai:

While exploring and acquiring strength and abilities, the Knight faces a variety of fascinating adversaries. Some might even motivate him to conform to the norms and become a fearsome warrior in the Samurai style. Point of Pride, Quick Sword, Invincible Endurance, and Heavy Blow are among the melee attacks that the Knight can perfect, permitting him to slice through hordes of foes with ease.

Samurai Knight:

The Samurai Knight can take out adversaries while taking minimal damage from this combo, allowing big attacks from a significantly longer-ranged advantage. Eleven charm notch slots are required for the Samurai construct to function.

The Caller of Gods

As the Lord of Flies combo, a Knight can use this combination to generate an army of demons to guard and fight alongside him. In concert with Defender’s Crest and Spore Shroom, the Warrior can bring a large variety of comrades towards the dark and lonely alleys of Hallownest, thereby assisting those who have become stranded there. This arrangement would require a total of ten charming notch slots to function properly.


The Summoner construct, on the other hand, has several limitations. The Knight’s soul pool tends to be low due to the continual summoning of minions, making it harder for him to heal when necessary.

Hollow knight charm locations:

To obtain the game’s best and most potent charm combinations, the Knight must use all the game’s charm notches. Their efforts pay off handsomely in the form of a powerful Knight tailored to the player’s preferences. The Warlock charm combo allows knights who prefer magic battles at a distance to defend themselves from close-quarters opponents while simultaneously hitting them with strong spells cast from afar.

Hollow knight charm notches:

To use Charms, you’ll need Charm Notches. The number of Notches required for each Charm varies. The Knight has three notches. Total Notches may be found in the game. A particular type of Item in Hollow Knight, Charms offer a variety of advantages and special powers that can be used in combat. Only while seated on a Bench may charm be fitted and removed. Hollow Knight’s charms are potent objects that bestow various benefits and advantages on the user.


Charms’ relevance cannot be overstated because of the game’s difficulty. Several potent charm combos can enhance the Knight’s ability to deal damage, heal quickly, and even defend him from any opponents that may come his way. This tenuous balance of life and death is often tipped toward death by simple charm combinations at the beginning of the spell. Some charms increase the power of the Knight’s spells and abilities, while others summon allies to aid him and still others merely provide him.


In Hollow Knight, what is the 27th Charm?

For every second spent focusing on Soul, the healing effect is doubled. Crystal Peak has a hidden passageway to Dartmouth, where you can find it, but you’ll need the Crystal Heart to open it.

The Grimm Hollow Knight is what kind of age?

The DLC for Hollow Knight’s Grimm Troupe debuted on October 26th, 2017, as one of three downloadable add-on packs. New bosses, foes, NPCs, and Charms to gather were all part.

What steps must you take to obtain the Soul Eater charm in Hollow Knight?

Desolate Dive/Descent Dark is required. Go through the passageway and use Desolate Dive/Descending Dark on a grave below Stag Station.

What does the Hollow Knight term “Overcharmed” mean?

Overcharging occurs when the cost of your charms exceeds the number of notches allocated to you. The extra charms can be added, but you will receive double damage from all sources if you over charm at all.

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