Flex your iPhone Knowledge with These Hacks

iPhone Knowledge with These Hacks: You already know your iPhone comes packed with unique features. But your phone can become even more potent if you know the following hacks. These tricks are hiding in your phone, waiting to be discovered. So, let’s go.

iPhone Knowledge with These Hacks:

Switch on the Airplane Mode to Charge your Phone Faster

If you want to charge your phone’s battery as fast as possible, you must switch on Airplane mode first. When this mode is turned off, several features will be turned off, including Wi-Fi and cellular networking. Therefore, there’s less for your iPhone’s battery to do. To turn on Airplane mode, go to the Control Center and tap the Airplane icon.

Recover Deleted Texts

Have you mistakenly deleted an important text message? You don’t have to panic because you can retrieve deleted texts on your iPhone. So, if you wonder can you recover deleted texts on iPhone, the answer is yes.

One of the ways to restore messages is using iCloud backup if you have created an iCloud backup for your phone. You can also use iTunes or Finder.

Make a Light Blink and Never Miss Another Notification

iPhone Knowledge with These Hacks: Do you want to get notifications without looking at your phone’s screen? You can make your phone’s camera flash blink whenever you get a notification. It will ensure you don’t miss a new text or incoming call again.

Go to Settings > tap on General > tap on Accessibility > tap on Audio/Visual > tap LED Flash for Alerts > you need to move the slider to green or on and move the Flash on Slider slider to green or on.

Save Yourself the Trouble by Sending Spam Calls Straight to Voicemail

Who isn’t sick of robocalls? They can be highly annoying. You can now straightaway direct unknown callers to your voicemail. However, the only drawback is that your phone will send all unknown callers to voicemail. So, if someone’s number isn’t saved, their calls will also go to voicemail, but you can deal with them later. But if you have recently called those numbers or the numbers are found by Siri in your email, they won’t be sent to voicemail even if they are not saved on your phone.

To activate this feature, go to Settings > tap Phone > tap Switch on Silence Unknown Callers.

Switch on Dark Mode but Only at Night

So, Dark Mode is finally here. Your prayers have worked! If you prefer a darker screen to reduce strain on your eyes, but only at night, you can turn on the Dark Mode during certain hours. It doesn’t have to be turned on throughout the day.

Navigate to Settings > tap Display & Brightness > switch on Automatic > tap on Options. iPhone Knowledge with These Hacks: Here, you can create a bespoke schedule for dark mode. It can be based on your specific timing or dusk-to-dawn settings.

Prevent Applications from Spying on You

On average, each application on your phone includes 6 trackers from other companies, and the intention is to collect and sell your information in bulk. In iOS 14, Apple has introduced a new tool called App Tracking Transparency, making blocking these ad trackers easier.

So, if you don’t want the apps on your phone to track your activities and sell your data, you can turn on this functionality. Go to Settings > tap on Privacy > tap on Tracking > tap on Find Allow Apps to Request to Track and toggle it to the on position. The

Unlock your Phone Via your Apple Watch

The Face ID functionality of iPhones gets compromised when you wear glasses or masks. If you don’t want to waste time entering your passcode, you can unlock your phone using your Apple Watch.

You need an iPhone X or later with iOS 14.5 installed for this to work. It would be best if you also had an Apple Watch Series 3 or later, and it must have iOS 7.4 installed. Before activating this, you must ensure your iPhone and Apple Watch are paired. Then, switch on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both devices. Your Apple Watch will typically set up a password, and you need to turn on wrist detection. Then, wear the watch and ensure to unlock it.

iPhone Knowledge with These Hacks: To set up the functionality, you have to go to Settings > tap on Face ID & Passcode > Type your passcode > scroll down to find Unlock with Apple Watch > Switch on the feature.

You can unlock your phone with your Apple Watch by waking your iPhone by tapping on the screen or raising it > looking at your phone to open it > slide up from the screen’s bottom to use it.

The Bottom Line

Are you ready to flex your iPhone superpowers? These hacks will help you get the most out of your phone. Keep these in mind, and don’t forget to share them with your friends using iPhones.