All things you need to know about Jayda wayda.

It is the birth date of Jayda wayda – September 25, 1997. She was born in Georgia, United States. Jayda wayda is one of the most popular young YouTube stars. However, there are more Twitch followers for her than any other streamer. Many people follow her on a variety of social media platforms. Listed below are her parents’ names, boyfriend, and relationship status.

Jayda wayda

Her full name is Jayda wayda, although her stage name, Jayda, more commonly refers to her. She is well known on YouTube for her make-up and travel films, both of which are awe-inspiring. Those familiar with Jayda wayda’s personal information, such as her parents and siblings, have been kind enough to share it with us.

Husband of Jayda Wanda:

She is currently unmarried. She has no Husband of Jayda. Wendell’s baby is the name of Jayda Wanda’s boyfriend. Lil baby is a famous Rapper and also a Social media celebrity. When Jayda declares their relationship, she is four months pregnant, and since they both have a newborn boy, they are frequently spotted on social media. If you’d want to learn more about her lifestyle and learn about her child, please continue reading this post.

Jayda wayda Career:

Jayda wayda was born in Georgia, the U.S. Her stage name is Jayda Wanda, but she goes by Jayda Wanda in real life. In the year 2021, she will be 23 years old. In the United States, Jayda Wanda Career is a well-known YouTube, Social Media Star, and Instar grammar known for her fantastic make-up and travel videos. She is the founder of Wanda Shop and the owner of Amour Jayda Shop, a clothing line. It provides hair-growth advice.

Jayda Wanda Father, Mother, Siblings:

She’s a well-known face on social media, having amassed a large following on YouTube and integral. Those interested in finding out more about Jayda Wanda’s background and family can do so by reading the information provided on this page. Jayda Wanda Father, Mother, Siblings? Neither her father nor her mothers are known to us, although Tricia Chaves is her mother. Len, Amirah is the name of her younger sibling.

Jayda Wanda Age:

It was Jayda’s birthday on September 25, 1997; Jayda Wanda is 23 years old as of 2020. Libra is her zodiac sign, and she celebrates her birthday on September 25 every year. On September 25, 2021, Jayda will have reached the age of 24.

Jayda Wanda Height and Weight:

Jayda Wanda Height and Weight 5 feet 1 inch, Wanda is the tallest person in the room. Her images show her to be a towering woman, yet she is a woman of average stature. Despite this, information about her weight and other bodily measurements is now unavailable to the general public. We’re on the lookout and will provide an update as soon as we receive it.

Jayda Wanda INSTAGRAM:

She’s one of the most well-known and successful integral stars. She is the official integral account that we’ve listed below. At the time, Jayda Wanda’s INSTAGRAM account had millions of followers and a slew of new posts. There is a link at the bottom of this post for you to read Jayda Wanda’s new story.

Jayda Wanda Twitter Account:

YouTube star: She’s a professional. Below, you will find her official Twitter account’s URL and direct link. Jayda Wanda’s Twitter Account is where we can find Jayda Wanda’s followers. At the time, he had a large number of followers on Twitter. If you’re interested in learning more about her online persona, you may do so by reading the rest of this article.

Ayanna Jayda Education:

She had a fascinating upbringing that spurred her to become a successful businesswoman and influencer at such a young age. In May of last year, Ayanna Jayda Education graduated from Windsor Forest High School. Jayda’s birthday is on September 25 every year.

Jayda Wanda Boyfriend:

Jayda Wanda’s Boyfriend Lil baby and Wanda are in a public relationship. Their combined followings of over a million people make them Integra’s most influential users. For a long time, we’ve shared a February 2019 baby boy. From a former relationship, Lil has another child. However, they haven’t revealed the baby’s name at this time.

Jayda Wanda Net Worth and Salary:

By 2020, Jayda Wanda’s Net Worth and Salary will be $10 to $15 million. However, the media can still not accurately estimate her net worth and salary. Advertisers pay a fee for her posts because she has over 3.1 million integral followers. The average sponsorship fee is between $3.53k and $5.88k.

Jayda Wanda Rumors and Controversies:

One night, Wanda tweeted that she had undergone plastic surgery and now has breast implants. A great deal of controversy was caused by Jayda’s prior denials, in which she stated she opposed surgical modifications. However, it was later revealed that her account had been hacked by her buddy Chris, who opted to come out with his involvement.

Wanda Jayda’s Professional Journey:

Wanda’s career began on integral. More than two million people have come out in favor of her since then. Jayda intended to start her own business specializing in clothes, cosmetics, and hair care items, and her accomplishment allowed her to focus on that goal. It was an immediate hit for Amour Jayda clothing company, which she founded.


In addition to being an author and businesswoman, Jayda Wanda is also a social media sensation. Jayda Chaves is yet another alias by which she is recognized. Atlanta, Georgia, was the destination of her professional career. Jayda was born on September 25, 1997, in Savannah, Georgia. Some common nicknames for Jayda Ayanna are Amour Jayda and Jayda Chaves. It’s no secret that Integra star.


Is Jayda still living, or has he passed away?

As of now, Jayda is well and in high spirits. There have been no indications that she is ill or suffering from any health difficulties.

I’d like to know where Jayda lives.

Because she fears for her safety, Jayda has chosen not to reveal the exact address of her home. If we acquire the address and photos, we will promptly update this information.

Where is Jayda right now?

To this day, Jayda is a full-time model and entrepreneur selling everything from clothing to hair accessories to wigs to bundles to hair extensions.

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