What is the sensitivity level of the jbl control 23?

Jbl control 23: JBL is the best speaker company in the world. JBL has developed the Control Contractor Series for indoor and outdoor speaker systems. Control 23-1 is the smallest point-source speaker in the Control Contractor Series. The Control 23-1, as expected from JBL, is built with high-quality components that can survive extreme outdoor environments. As the smallest of JBL Professional’s Control Contractor Series loudspeakers, Control 23 is ideal for settings where foreground/background music and paging are required with minimal visual impact.


A two-way 3″ speaker with a rich sound signature, wide coverage, uniform dispersion, flexible mounting, and a modern high-design appearance that blends in with a wide range of interiors is the Control 23-1. As a result, Control 23-1 is a great choice for a wide range of applications such as retail establishments and restaurants, fitness clubs and theme parks, educational institutions, hospitality, music cafes, and other entertainment venues.


Brand: JBL

Color: Black

Width: 4.72 inches

Height: 5.55 inches high.

Length: 7.87 inches long.

Transformer Taps: In the 70V range


  • Enclosure and transducers that can withstand the elements
  • Rich, high-fidelity sound with 70Hz-20 kHz frequency range.
  • Invisible hardware can install in practically any location.
  • The 3″ braided fiberglass cone woofer provides a superb low-end response.
  • Fills in the entire area with sound with a wide 100-degree x 100-degree covering
  • Fluid-cooled 0.5″ PEI-diaphragm tweeter offers the high-frequency sound of exceptional quality.

Additional features:

The JBL Control 23-1 tiny speaker offers a wide range of acoustic characters, wide-coverage, and wide frequency response. There is a wide range of applications where the Control 23-1 is ideal, from retail businesses to health clubs to theme parks to educational facilities to music cafés to leisure venues, and it’s a breeze to install. The weather-resistant JBL Control 23-1 tiny speaker delivers great sound quality for background music, paging, and other applications indoors or out, regardless of the environment.

Weather-protected circuitry:

There are two-way 3″ indoor/outdoor JBL Control 23 monitors with weather-protected circuitry, natural and strong representations of the spectrum of frequencies, black cabinets. A secret access point located beneath the logo emblem on this device makes installing speakers. Consequently, the Control 23-1 can use at venues, health clubs, amusement parks, and cafes, where foreground/background music and paging are required.

High-frequency response:

A built-in multi-tap transformer allows these monitors to operate on dispersed speaker lines with 100W of program material at 8 Ohms. This speaker’s cone design guarantees a pleasant listening experience on and off-axis, thanks to an SPL of 103 dB and a wide frequency range. Their PEI diaphragms also produce a smooth response at high frequencies.

Color and finish options:

JBL’s WeatherEdge rubberized extensions, Kapton voice coil formers, and sturdy cabinet construction all work together to keep your speakers protected from the weather for years to come. The Control 23-1 is available in a black finish, but that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. These speakers take a range of finishes and pigments to fit any setting.

Design of the speaker:

It has a detachable low-frequency output and a 12-inch slightly elevated driver as a pair. JBL trademarked KaptonTM voice coils are used in both speaker drivers. Kapton outperforms aluminum by providing richer mid-range detail.  As a result of the Control 23-1’s 12-inch tweeter’s horn loading, it can transmit sound across a backyard or other outdoor spaces.


The Control 23-1 is an excellent choice for various applications, including background music and speakers for your outdoor TV. With these speakers installed in a distributed speaker system, guests in a bar or restaurant can enjoy crystal-clear audio even at low volumes.

Ability to give remarkable clarity:

However, the Control 23-1 delivers a rich, clear sound from a speaker of 3 inches in diameter. Compared to most 3″ speakers, the bass response isn’t as strong as it would be in a 5″ or 6″ speaker. Among the Control 23-1’s strengths is its ability to give remarkable clarity and detail in the mid-and high-frequency ranges, respectively. Compared to other 3-inch speakers in the consumer audio industry, this speaker’s frequency balance is remarkable.


There are many analog inputs (including one for turntables) and USB, Bluetooth, and network connectivity for internet radio stations. Also included is a 14-inch headphone output and an RCA subwoofer output.

Concealed Wiring Harness (CUH):

Using OSD Audio’s MX1260 12 Channel Amplifier, additional Control 23-1 speakers can be installed in several rooms or zones. RCA connections allow you to regulate the level of each zone separately, and you can do it using an input device like a receiver.

The mounting system for invisible:

There are no visible brackets on the Control 23 thanks to JBL’s InvisiBall mounting mechanism. The Control 23-1 has a rear bracket instead of the normal U-bracket, which links the speaker cabinet’s top/bottom or left/right. This device can be attached to the wall using a standard U-bracket if necessary. The Control 23 comes with only the invisible mounting system JBL provides.


  • Wide coverage of 100° x 100°
  • Transducers and weatherproof enclosure
  • Intensely detailed sound with a wide range of frequencies that range from 70 to 20 kHz


  • Sound is merely one factor to take into account.


The JBL Control 23 is a portable outdoor speaker that is light and small. For their size, these speakers provide superb audio and are surprisingly loud. JBL is wonderful because you can choose from a wide variety of other speakers. Many JBL speakers on the market can set up a multi-room home entertainment system. There’s little doubt that the JBL Control 23-1 outdoor speaker is an excellent value at just over $230 per pair.


What are the parts of the JBL?

It has a 3.5-inch Polypropylene coated woofer and a 5-inch titanium-coated horn-loaded tweeter.

What is the sensitivity level of the jbl control 23?

86dB SPL SPL at 1 m is the JBL Control 23’s SPL at 1 W.

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