All you need to know about Jean aot season 4 review.

Jean aot season 4 of Attack on Titan’s anime has finally come out, and the Survey Corps is going across the ocean to bring the war to the country of Marley, which has been bothering them for so long. Strength, size, and regenerative powers make the Titans in the Attack on Titan universe a force to be reckoned with. Jean aot season 4 was originally planned to be a two-part event that started on January 10, 2022, with the presumably, final part airing the following month. This article will discuss the forthcoming finale jean aot season 4.

Mikasa season 4:

Although Eren and Mikasa’s tale hasn’t been fully explored in the Attack on Titan anime, season 4 appears to be building toward a similar conclusion for the two characters. Mikasa and Armin had already been pushed away by Eren. With the Rumbling, he’s also going full steam ahead. Mikasa doubts her position in the universe in Attack on Titan Season 4, Part 2. In reason of this, she’ll be compelled to make the same tragic option as in the manga.

Jean aot death:

Connie and Jean were killed because Eren decided to transform all the Eldian refugees into pure Titans in his quest for supremacy. The two were transformed into Titans by the end of the chapter, along with other heroes like Gabi. A heart-to-heart conversation between Jean and Connie just before being turned.

In Season 4, how old will Levi be?

Because of this, his age remains a mystery, and he only appeared to be in his early thirties at the beginning of the show. According to the fanbase, it sets him between 35 and 38 by the start of season 4.

How old is jean aot season 4?

Jean Kirstein, a brash Survey Corps recruit, was introduced and fought with Eren right away. He joins the Survey Corps simultaneously as Eren, who is 15 at the time. Eren, Mikasa, and Armin are all 19 years old; ergo, Jean is also 19 years old during Season 4.

Characters in jean aot season 4:

Attack on Titan characters are moving forward with the final, but fans still suffer from the penultimate chapter. Fans were inconsolable as some of their favorite characters were suddenly killed off in a major update. And to add insult to injury, the manga allowed two closest friends to say their final goodbyes in the face of certain death.

Eren Jeager:

Eren Jeager, born on March 30th, is 15 years old throughout the first three seasons, which take place in the year 850. After a four-year time jump, Eren grew from 5’7″ to 6″, which places him at the age of 19 in season 4. It is 845 when the first episode of Season 1 opens, and 10-year-old Eren swears revenge on the Titans who killed his mother.

Mikasa Ackermann:

At 15 years old, Mikasa Ackermann joins Eren in the Training Corps, even though she was born one month earlier on February 10th. Mikasa, like Eren, is 19 years old when the fourth season begins.

Armin Arlelt,

Like his fellow members of the Training Corps, Armin has just turned 15 when the first season opens. In season 4, he is 19 years old. Between seasons 3 and 4, Armin’s physical appearance undergoes a dramatic shift.

Levi Ackermann:

When the first season of Attack on Titan began, the manga’s author and illustrator indicated Levi was in his early 30s. Season 4, when he’s in his late 30s and still barely 5’2″, accentuates his diminutive stature even further.

Bertholdt Hoover:

17-year-old Bertholdt Hoover served as Eren’s senior classmate in season one. At the end of season 4, he is twenty-one. Despite his height, Bertholdt goes unnoticed for the majority of season 1. However, he becomes a more major character as it is discovered that he has the Colossal Titan.

Hang Zo:

It’s assumed that Hange Zo is a year or two younger than the rest of the series’ top dogs. In season one, they are in their early 30s, and by season four, they are in their mid-30s. Hang served as the head of the 4th Squad for most seasons 1-3, and it’s evident that they have a lot of experience.

Historic Reiss:

After joining the 104th Training Corps as a 15-year-old in season 1, Historia Reiss grows up to be the same age as Eren before turning 19 in season 4. Although one of the show’s youngest characters, Historia is frequently lauded for her emotional strength. When she was crowned Queen in season 3, she was just 15 years old.

Sasha Braus:

At the start of season 1, Eren and Sasha Braus are assigned to the 104th Training Corps. Thus, she is 15 in season 1 and 19 by the end of the fourth one. Sasha, unfortunately, does not live to see the end of season 4 as a gunshot wound murders her.

Connie Springer:

Connie Springer, a 15-year-old member of the 104th Training Corps, is employed as a source of comedy relief from the start of season 1. Even after he reaches the age of 19 in Season 4, this remains the case. It doesn’t help Connie’s comedic case when he suddenly grows from 5’2″ to 5’9″ in season four. It only serves to accentuate the absurdity of his incapacity.

Jean Kirstein age:

When Jean Kirschtein and Eren first join the 104th Training Corps in season one, they are both just 15 years old. Season 4 picks him up at the age of 19. When Eren and Jean do not get along, Jean is one of the show’s more irascible characters, especially in the early seasons. As the series proceeds, he does seem to mature.

Reiner Braun:

Like Bertholdt, Reiner Braun is a few years older than the rest of the main characters in season 1 than in season 4. Much longer than any of the other titan shifters, Reiner has had his Armored Titan. That doesn’t change the fact that, as a young cadet, he was selected to serve in the Marley Warriors.

Zeke Jeager:

When Zeke Jeager arrives in season 2, he appears to be about 25 years old. During season 4, he is 29 years old. His link to Eren is a factor in determining his age. He is the older half-brother of Eren’s father, Grisha Jeager, and is thus linked to Zeke’s younger half-brother.


Ymir, born years before the first episode of season 1, is in her late teens when she appears in the first episode of season 1. She is in her early twenties in season four. Ymir became a Titan when she was just a teenager. After then, she lived as a Titan for the next 60 years, reverting to human form only in the year 845.


At least two of the key characters in jean aot season 4 of Attack on Titan, seem to be having feelings for one another. Mikasa regards Eren as more than just a buddy from the start. Even though he’s focused on his search for independence, Eren has shown signs of romantic feelings. As long as Ymir Fritz was in charge, they were capable of enslaving the entire earth and even beyond.


What is the final announcement in Season 4 of Attack on Titan?

Jean aot season 4, According to the announcement, season 4 of Attack on Titan will be getting a final, third part that will wrap up the anime series in 2023.

What was the story of AOT recent episode?

Jean aot season 4,  In Attack on Titan’s most recent episode, we learn that Jean is still in love with Mikasa after all these years. Love triangle rumors have persisted in the show’s background for some time.