Keeping time destiny 2 review 2022.

Keeping Time Destiny 2 is a task in the Season of Dawn series. Destiny 2 is a video game that is widely played all around the world. Upon collecting his Perfect Paradox shotgun, you will be able to activate the second Obelisk on the planet. Mars will lead you to the location where the rest of this adventure occurs. In the most recent season of Destiny 2, you can find a Sundial that will reward you with a new prize that will guide you through mending the Obelisk to link it with your Sundial in the upcoming season. Here we will discuss keeping time destiny 2.

Guide for the keeping time destiny 2:

When it comes to the steps involved in this quest, we’ve outlined them all in our Keeping Time Destiny 2 guide so that you can get everything you need in one convenient spot. Before beginning the Keeping Time quest, you must have retrieved Saint-14’s shotgun. Keeping time destiny 2 that we’ll walk you through step by step in the guide below. After completing the previous missions, Osiris will give you the Keeping Time quest, which requires you to complete the following quest steps:

Attunement to the Obelisk on Mars

Lost and found time

Averting a crisis:

Attunement to the Obelisk on Mars:

Mars is the first stop on the Keeping Time mission path. 50 Salvaged BrayTech parts are your ultimate goal in this quest. The Escalation Protocol is a great way to meet new opponents, so get started now. By killing enemies with your Supers or Abilities and obtaining a large amount of light, you can secure the Salvaged Braytech parts. Collect whatever Orbs of Light they drop. You can use the Major Fractaline Harvest, Martyr’s Retribution, and Line in the Sand weapons once you’ve collected enough from the Obelisk.

Lost and found time:

The Obelisk has been successfully connected to the Sundial, allowing you to progress to the next step in the Time Lost and Found quest. As expected, this requires you to complete three Time lost Weapon Bounties. The Obelisks give the first one at Resonance Rank 1 for 10 Polarized Fractaline and 3000 Glimmer. Leveling up your Obelisks unlocks higher-level Time lost Weapon Bounties. Time lost Weapon Bounty missions can be repeated as many times as possible without affecting your reward totals. Each location has a different set of rewards, as follows:

Repeater for Steelfeather


The Obelisk of Mars

Retribution for the Martyrs

In the sand, a line

Bygones – Rank 3 is available.

Time lost weapon bounties:

Keeping Time in Destiny 2 requires you to quickly complete the Time lost weapon bounties to fill up the quest meter. In return, you will receive a harvest of Major Fractalkine. We sincerely hope you found this walkthrough for the Destiny 2 quest Keeping Time to be useful. You won’t be sorry about either purchase. To help you complete this quest, we’ll break it down into steps and offer any advice we have about how to get through them. Mars: Obelisk Attunement objective is also required to complete the quest.

How to Unlock Second Obelisk?

Obelisk Attunement quest in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn is required to unlock the second obelisk in the Keeping Time quest. You can only complete the first obelisk if you only picked up the Keeping Time quest from Osiris. It will be locked until you complete Mars: Obelisk Attunement before you can unlock it. Fortunately, Osiris can provide you with that quest as well. Take a quest and talk to him again to re-display the list of missions he offers if it doesn’t work the first time.

Weekly reset for keeping time destiny 2

The weekly reset for keeping time destiny 2 takes place at the same time every week, so make sure you know when to check-in in so you don’t miss out. The weekly reset of Destiny 2 challenges, the stock of the Eververse store, new Witch Queen weekly activities and game modes, and more occur every Tuesday. The Witch Queen, as well as what exactly gets reset.

Complete the Mars:

Obelisk Attunement quest as your first step. On Mars, you must acquire 50 BrayTech Salvaged from Hive enemies. It is a simple task. The area is teeming with a spawning Hive. Additionally, there is a good chance that people will join the Escalation Protocol, making it even easier to do so. Interact with the obelisk near BrayTech spawn point once you’ve collected all 50.

Light Collection:

The Obelisk has been repaired and improved by you. To complete your mission, you’ll need to gather Light. Orbs of light can only be collected by killing enemies with your abilities, or you’re super. Kill everyone you encounter while armed with a few Masterworked weapons to ensure that plenty more will fall to the ground. Once you’ve reached 100 percent, switch to using only abilities and Supers to complete your kills. Please return to the Obelisk to activate it and link it to the Sundial.

Time Wasted and Recovered:

Three Time lost Weapon Bounties must be completed before you can proceed to the next step. Obelisks with Resonance rank Level 1 can provide you with these. Polarized Fractaline and Glimmer are required for one. There are three Time lost Weapon Bounties available at Resonance Ranks 1, 3, and 5 for each Obelisk. Fortunately, you can complete the first level bounty three times to move on to the next step in the quest.


Keeping time destiny 2 is required to finish this questline. It is possible that you will not be able to receive this from Osiris even after finishing the available tasks and abandoning the game. Still, it would help if you tried interacting with him again. After finishing the Matter of Time quest on Mercury, travel to The Sundial and talk with Osiris to begin the Keeping Time mission. It should take care of the problem of keeping time destiny 2.


What is the total number of steps in keeping time destiny 2?

There are three fundamental measures to follow to keep time destiny 2 running smoothly.

Do you think it’s possible to unlock the Second Obelisk?

Yes! It is possible to unlock the Second Obelisk.


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