What do you think about these new details?

Kef r100: One of the best examples of miniaturization is the KEF R100Unrivaled performance: The R100 bookshelf speaker is powered by a full-range driver array that’s been meticulously crafted. Our limited layer dampening panels prevent cabinet vibration from mixing the mid-range and bass. It ensures the highest quality possible. Additionally, our computer-designed crossovers, which fine-tune the level of each driver to produce a smoother response, are tucked away at the back of the system. Choosing the color of your R100 will be your only meaningful decision.


SPOILER ALERT: KEF’s lawyers had to threaten me in writing since I didn’t want to give them back.) Let’s look at the R Series in terms of price and essential specs. The R900 sits atop this beautiful, acoustical pyramid. Adding two 8-inch LF drivers to the 5-inch Unix-Q HF/MF driver array, this tower costs $2,499.99 apiece and has a maximum output of 115 dB at 8 ohms with a 35Hz to 45 kHz frequency response. The R900 weighs 65 pounds (29.5 kilograms) and has 44.5 inches “Height by 9.4″ by width by depth without the plinth. 46.5″ H x 14.1″ W x 15.3” D when the feet are included “The initials D.


  • These speakers provide excellent sound quality for their size.
  • The Unix-Q driver, found in all Q models, is designed to deliver crystal-clear, three-dimensional audio.
  • The middle of the cabinet has been shifted to accommodate the new array. As a result, it provides a greater degree of clarity.
  • Some sound leaking has been eliminated thanks to the dampening of the tweeter’s rear. It further enhances precision.


Black or white high gloss or walnut or rosewood veneered high-gloss wood veneers are used to finish the cabinet. It’s a classic design, enhanced by the unusual driver arrangement: a 25mm aluminum-dome tweeter in the heart of a 13cm magnesium-aluminum alloy mid/bass driver. It is KEF r100 unique Unix-Q layout, which is supposed to promote more constant dispersion than typical, separate drivers. KEF r100high-end Blade speakers inspired the vented shape of the tweeter, which uses “tangerine” waveguides to improve dispersion.


When the music begins, it is instantly evident how effective these methods are. High and wide sound is disseminated on a large, open soundstage. To raise suspicion, the impression of scale is large enough. This type of stereo imaging is extremely exact, with the voices and instruments being purposefully placed in the space. There is a lot of room for each component.

Loudspeaker R100 Bookshelf Speaker:

With its point-source Unix-Q driver array, the kef R100 bookshelf loudspeaker is capable of filling any room with sound that sounds like it’s coming from a thousand miles away. And the R100 delivers low frequencies, as you’d expect from a speaker equipped with its low-frequency driver.

Drivers of the R100:

An aluminum dome tweeter and a 5.25-inch Unix-Q speaker array distinguish the R100 from the competition at its acoustic heart. This Unix-Q driver array features powerful magnesium and outstanding middle performance with our Z-flex surround technology and an aluminum alloy cone. A loss of power interfered with the high- and mid-frequency speakers.


When it comes to matching amplifier output powers between 25W and 100W, the R100’s are very flexible, and their physical dimensions and efficiency make them ideal for use in smaller rooms. The volume control may have to be set higher than other designs because of the R100’s 86dB per watt efficiency. A trade-off and gain for this is a superb sound quality found in many music genres. Two real wood veneers and two high gloss lacquer finishes are offered, and magnetically attached drive unit grilles are supplied to protect the fragile Unix-Q drive unit.

Quality of Sound:

They have a rich, full-bodied bass and a warm, detailed middle. Each speaker component contributes to the speaker’s overall sound quality, resulting in crystal-clear audio. If you’re a true audiophile looking for the best for your home, you might be interested in these. As for percussion, they may not be capable of producing the ‘snappiness’ that you desire. However, their sound has a lot of depth and complexity.

Performance in the movies and on television:

The triple tower system provides the most comprehensive channel-based surround sound I’ve ever heard in a 7.2 setup. After watching the wrap-around panning of ‘Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation’ and Dead pool, the R Series enveloped a sensation enhanced by moving my seat slightly behind the side surrounds.

Performances at the Towers of Power:

Though these towers will delight audiophiles, the R Series’ innate transparency appears less forgiving of low-quality MP3s or streaming services as a whole. These towers are a fine speaker line as a whole.


  • Amazing sound quality, regardless of the loudness
  • Elegant and beautiful in every way
  • Extremely high-quality construction
  • Open and honest
  • No glint of sunshine to be found.
  • An excellent guide to setting things up


  • Now you must contend with the threat of dust.
  • The cost of premium goods and services
  • Shows some of the problems in some of the lower-quality sources
  • Doesn’t like some of the sound calibration programs out there


The KEF R Series is an excellent choice for home theatre speakers because of its versatility and ability to reproduce a wide range of musical styles. Transparent. Well-rounded. At all volume levels, the images and renderings are excellent. Compact yet powerful subwoofer. As a whole, your home will sound better than your local movie theatre will sound. If there is anything to criticize, it is the audio compression, which could be a problem, and the need to declare war on dust. All above about the kef r100.


What do you think about these new details?

The R Series can elicit clarity and precision at any volume level in all of these instances and more.

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I hear the screams of the Kanji in ‘Pacific Rim,’ the precision of the bullets in ‘John Wick,’ the haunting home moans of ‘Crimson Peak,’ and the screams of Mad Max in ‘Fury Road.’

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