How to Dress Like a Kingsman?

Kingsman suit style became legendary in 2022. More men than ever before are probably wondering how to dress like a member of the Kingsman crew now that the newest installment is just around the corner. Wearing a dark double-breasted suit with pinstripes is ideal, but a white dress shirt, a navy-and-red stripe tie, and black or brown loafers are acceptable options. Casual Kingsman apparel includes cardigans and button-down oxford shirts. In addition, Mr. Porter, which helped create the Kingsman’s style by bringing together the skills and handiwork of many of Britain’s top legacy labels, is selling a lot of the exact apparel worn in the flicks.

How to Dress Like a Kingsman?

A formal suit is what we see the Kingsman in most often due to their gentlemanly nature and the Kingsman organization’s dress requirement. With its tailored fit and archetypal gentleman vibe, this ‘uniform’ is a must-have for any man’s wardrobe. Martin Nicholls London is the primary source of all of them. The Kingsman agents don’t wear suits all the time, but their more informal and formal outfits adhere to the same style guidelines.

The Kingsman Suit Style:

The Kingman’s suit is a defining part of their look. Most Kingsman agents wear double-breasted suits with a typical 36 Y button arrangement. Charcoal grey or navy are the most common colors for these suits, typically manufactured of William Halstead super 120s wool in a chalk stripe pattern.

Features of best Kingsman suits:

Senior Kingsmen bring in suits in lighter colors, such as medium/light grey, or other patterns, such as windowpane, glen check, or no way. The olive three-piece country suit that agent Lancelot wears at the beginning of The Secret Service to save professor Arnold is the most extreme example of a Kingsman departing from the clothing code.

Shirts for Kingsman:

The Kingsman wears white cotton dress shirts from the Royal shirt maker “Turnball & Asser,” the Kingsman wears white cotton dress shirts. Twill weave, semi-spread collar, and French cuffs are all features of this shirt. The cuff of the jacket displays around 0.5′′ of the sleeve. The jacket has three buttons and a windowpane overcheck, the waistcoat has a notched lapel, and the trousers have a complete break. The outfit appears to be constructed of stronger wool tweed.

The Kingsman suit as double-breasted suit:

Dressing in a dark double-breasted suit and white pocket square, the Kinsman has an unmistakable style. Again from ‘Drakes,’ this blue, white and red repp stripe tie has an 8cm blade width and a silky faille texture. It is manufactured from a 50/50 silk-cotton fabric. We see agents wearing numerous variations, such as a solid green or navy pin dot tie, or, if you’re the organization’s boss, a pink and navy repp stripe tie, despite this “normal” appearance.

The shoes of Kingsman:

It doesn’t matter what kind of shoe the Kingsman wears, as long as the toe cap is black and the toe is rounded. Men’s formal shoes in this shape and color combination are the pinnacle of adaptability since they go with just about any suit and pair of trousers. Traditional laces secure them with a closed lacing system, and they’re constructed of superior calf leather with five eyelets.

The Kingsman Slippers:

Evening slippers with an embroidered rose gold Kingsman symbol can be found in the secret gun closet of Eggsy in Harry’s old flat and in the Kingsman armory. In contrast to Oxfords, these slippers are only appropriate for wearing with a black-tie dress and should not be worn daily. A midnight blue cashmere fabric is used to construct these slippers, which are likewise manufactured by George Cleverly.

Shoes for the Kingsman:

However, in the Kingsman armory, we notice what appears to be wingtip (full brogue) shoes. Thus Harry’s predilection for Oxfords is most likely a result of his personal preference. However, Eggsy wears a pair of quarter brogue Oxfords, with brogue detailing only on the toe cap line of the shoe, in the Golden Circle climax.

The Kingsman Glasses:

The Kingsman’s glasses are another iconic and stylized part of their look. Cutler and Gross, a well-known English eyewear company, designed these spectacles for the series, visually enhancing your elegance and raising your IQ by at least 100 points. While the plastic acetate frames are square, they are softly rounded at the corners and include a thick bridge in the middle, adding aesthetic flair. This suppleness softens a chiseled jawline and adds a subtle nod to the Kingsman sartorial aesthetic.

The Kingsman Watch:

The chronograph Bremont Watch worn by the Kingsman was custom-made for the film and can be seen. The dial is white with a date window and three subdials, all of which are wrapped in rose gold. The strap is tan with crocodile-textured stitching on the inside.

The pocket square of the Kingsman suit:

If you don’t pay attention to the pocket square, you’re missing out on one of the most important parts of your formal attire. Drakes’s white linen pocket square is folded in a classic ‘TV’ presidential fold in most Kinsman ensembles. Other options are a blue pocket square with white piping or a solid burgundy pocket square, worn sparingly and by the side characters.

Kingsman suit quality:

The buttons are arranged in a typical 6 x 2 configuration, but the bottom button should always be left undone, as shown on Harry and Eggsy here, and kingsman suit quality.

A slimmer, more athletic silhouette:

The jacket has high armholes and soft shoulders for a modern style, and it tapers just enough at the waist to give it form and shape. Pants that aren’t too baggy or too baggy

Wide lapels with a peak:

For a manly, wide-shouldered appearance, it is good. When wearing a double-breasted suit, you should expect peak lapels.

Flapped pockets:

Flapped pockets, two vents, and a perfect half-inch shirt cuff showing are all features of the jacket. A little break in the pant leg and no cuffs complete the sleek style.

The finest materials:

Wool, mohair, and silk blends are included for a soft sheen. Glen plaid and Prince of Wales check are some of Colin Firth’s suit patterns, whereas Michael Caine sports a windowpane check.

An all-white scheme:

As soon as a battle breaks out, the Kingsmen’s demeanor changes completely. They show their seriousness by dressing in a dark, modest color scheme, typically grey suits, white shirts, pocket squares, and navy or dark red ties.

Kingsman suit orange:

Kingsman suit orange lapels and side vents, a white shirt, a black batwing bow tie, a TV-folded pocket square, black pants, and gold cufflinks are one of Eggsy’s most well-known black-tie ensembles. There are some inaccuracies here compared to the conventional Black Tie attire of old. We recommend wearing a more formal shirt with your Black Tie ensemble, rather than a plain dress shirt. A tuxedo jacket should have no vents, not multiple vents because orange is a striking hue.

Kingsman suit bulletproof:

The Kingsman Tailor Shop tailors custom-made suits for Kingsman agents, who wear them throughout their missions. Customized for each agent, the Kingsman Suits are bulletproof to ensure their safety on the job.

Kingsman suit shop:

Located in London, the kingsman suit shop acts as both a tailor shop and the London headquarters of the Kingsman organization. It serves as a gathering spot for Kingsman agents and a weapons storage facility. The main Kingsman Headquarters can be reached via a Hyperloop in the shop’s basement. You can also buy it from the kingsman store online.


The Kingsman’s clothes, such as their choice of ties or their affinity for double-breasted suits, are perfectly appropriate to emulate, but not all at once. They have a distinct but timeless look that may be used in several settings. Throughout the rest of this post, we’ll examine the outfits worn by the Kingsmen in the movie, as well as where you can get them and what you can learn about dressing well from them.


How and where are the Kingsman outfits created?

All of the Kingsman films’ looks were developed and produced by Huntsman, delivering a truly British feel. On Savile Row, Huntsman is one of the oldest and most well-known tailors.

Is there a Disney+ version of Kingsman?

The Mouse House has you covered, of course. Streaming provider Disney Plus has added The King’s Man, a 2021 action film, to its library.

What is the kingsman suit price?

Although Huntsman’s “Gregory Peck Tweed” suit costs $8,000, a ready-to-wear version will still set you back at least $4,000. Zack and Anthony Peck

How would you describe Kingsman?

Since its inception, Kingsman has evolved in scope and depth, and it is currently in its 13th commercial season as one of Mr. Porter’s best-performing luxury labels.

Who manufactures the Kingsman brand of apparel?

In the film, ‘The Kingsman,’ Colin Firth wears a suit by King Allen. The majority of the double-breasted suits are 6by2. Here we see Colin Firth dressed elegantly in a light grey worsted suit.

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