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Kylie welker, IOWA CITY, Iowa – a city in Iowa, University of Iowa women’s wrestling has received its first national letter of intent from a 2021 Junior World Champion from Franksville, Wisconsin, Kylie Welker. It was announced Thursday by Clarissa Chun, the head coach of Iowa women’s wrestling.

‘This is a great moment for Kylie welker, her family, and the Iowa Wrestling Program,’ Chun stated, as per the Des Moines Register. “She is the best ambassador for the university and this program since she is the total package in academics, social life, and competition. In Iowa City, we continue to make history. With this commitment, neither Kylie welker nor I can quit working. For her and Iowa women’s wrestling, this is only the beginning.

Welker is regarded as the country’s top recruit based on his weight. As a member of Team USA, she led the country to its first Junior World Championships gold medal and a bronze medal at the U23 World Championships of 2021. At the Cadet World Championships in 2019, she came in third place overall.

Coach (Clarissa) Chun was a massive factor in my decision to attend Iowa,” Welker added. Her confidence in me is a significant boost. As long as she believes I’m capable, she’s willing to assist me in getting there. In my opinion, that means a lot.

“I appreciate how much Iowa wrestling gets in terms of fandom. A family has welcomed me into their home. This state provides everything I need to help me achieve my goal of becoming a gold medalist at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Everybody should know that I wouldn’t be here today had it not been for the folks who have supported and believed in me since Day 1. “It’s an incredible chance, and I couldn’t be more grateful to be a Hawkeye.”

On her way to a near-impossible Olympic debut in 2021, Welker narrowly lost to future Olympic silver medalist Adeline Gray at the U.S. Olympic Team Trials. She competed for the United States at the 2021 Senior World Championships in the weight class of 72 Kg.

To prepare for the 2022-23 season, Welker will train in Iowa City and compete unaffiliated. Iowa became the first Division I Powered Five school to introduce women’s wrestling in September 2021. In 2023-24, the Hawkeyes will begin their first season of competitive play.

The No. 1 pound-for-pound high school wrestler in the United States, Wisconsin native Kylie Welker, announced her intention to join the Iowa women’s wrestling team on Thursday.

Welker added, “It felt like home, it felt natural,” during his recent visit. Then there’s the fact that I adore Coach Chun. Because I’ve known and worked with her since I was a small child, I have complete faith in her.

As I had hoped, I made the first move. I’d want to assist in the development of the software. It is the first Power 5 program in Division I. My favorite part is that it’s a piece of history.

Chun’s wrestling program can be built on the 18-year-old Welker, a world-class wrestler. After making three different global teams and winning two age-level world medals last year, she became a star. She will be one of the most highly-regarded wrestling prospects, male or female when she arrives in Iowa City.

Her achievements in the last ten months are astounding:

While still a junior in high school, she qualified for the U.S. Olympic Trials and advanced to the best-of-three finals a week later. Adeline Gray, who went on to win Olympic silver in Tokyo, defeated her two matches to none.

While competing in Junior and U23 women’s freestyle world team trials, she went 10-1 and outscored her opponents an incredible 89-11, earning her a spot on the world squad at 76 kilograms (167 pounds).

   As an amateur wrestler, she won a Junior women’s freestyle national title in July by defeating her opponents 51-0 in a time of 4:35 and winning 5-0 by technical fall or submission.

  After a 4-0 record with three technical falls and one pin, she was crowned Junior Women’s Freestyle World Champion in August, outscoring her opponents 37-0. In the Junior women’s freestyle, she was instrumental in helping the United States win its first-ever world team title.

 As a member of the United States’ third-place team in the U23 World Championships in November, she earned a bronze medal. It is her third age-level world medal; she earned bronze at the 2019 Cadet world championships.

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In September, he made the senior global team at 72 kilograms (158 pounds) and competed in the world championships in Norway a month later. She ended 10th, but she proved that she deserved in the world’s most prestigious wrestling tournament.

When his selected to the Senior global team in September, Welker described his experience as “exciting.” “Since then, it’s been non-stop — Olympic Trials, World Team Trials, World Championships. All I’ve done is train my butt.”

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As far as her wrestling career went, Welker considered other choices. She contemplated enrolling at a prestigious regional training facility. She was considered staying at home with her family and personal trainers to be the best option and considered moving to Colorado Springs, where the Olympic Training Center is located. A gold medal at the Olympics is her ultimate goal.

On the weekend of the Hawkeyes’ game against No. 1 Penn State, she traveled to Iowa City to see the Hawkeyes take on the Nittany Lions. She went on a university tour and visited the wrestling arenas. She speculated on the prospect of a name-image similarity in the future. Carver-Hawkeye Arena was sold out when she performed there.

He recalled that it was the first time Welker had ever been to a sporting event like the Iowa-Penn State matchup. ” There’s no doubt about it: the fans are irrational. The crowd goes wild when a wrestler performs a down-block or sprawl.

There is an unbelievable amount of support for all of the wrestlers. I’ve performed in some pretty large venues when it comes to wrestling, but I’ve never seen a match or tournament with that many people in attendance. It was exhilarating! “Wrestling in front of that audience is something I could never do.”

In Welker’s new role, Chun will entrust him with building the Iowa women’s program from scratch. The Hawkeyes have already sprinted out of the blocks, not just jogging or jogging.

The first Division I Power five university to offer a women’s wrestling team was revealed in September by Iowa’s athletic department. For the second time in two months, Chun was hired as the new head coach of USA Wrestling. Since then, Chun has been working with USA Wrestling’s top female high school wrestler, Welker, who is regarded as the nation’s best pound-for-pound female high school wrestler.

Chun said in a statement that Welker’s signing was a “great event for Kylie welker, her family, and the Iowa wrestling program.” “She is the best ambassador for the university and this program since she is the total package in academics, social life, and competition.

In Iowa City, we’re making history all the time. With this dedication, the effort doesn’t stop for Kylie welker or me. For her and Iowa women’s wrestling, this is only the beginning. There will be no Hawkeye women’s team until the 2023-24 season. However, Iowa’s assistant athletic director Barbara Burke has made sure that those who join the program next year can still practice and compete in Iowa City.

In November, when Chun was appointed, Burke said, “We will work with a coach and our compliance staff to determine a road forward for that group of ladies.” Untethered training and competition will be possible for them. When Welker moves to Iowa City in the autumn, she intends to follow that path. She is eager to return.

Welker went on to say, “This program offers everything I need to help me achieve my long-term goals.” “I’m looking forward to it. ” 


Wrestling head coach Clarissa Chun got a head start on recruitment by beginning her duties one month earlier than expected. On Wednesday, she received her first reward for her hard work in the form of a new commitment.