Is it possible to play video games with a one-handed keyboard?

Left handed keyboards: Thousands of gaming keyboards are available for right-handed gamers, each unique set of features and configuration options. When it comes to left handed keyboards, there are fewer choices than right-handed ones. Two gaming keypads and five gaming keyboards for left handed gamers have been examined. Although they can’t match the latest high-end keyboards, the keyboards we’ve tested have a dedicated Numpad on the left side and great switches to compensate. Another model has dedicated Numpad, arrow keys, and other required keys on the left side, rather than just Numpad. Following are the best left handed keyboards of 2021.

Bloody Gaming B945

As a full-size mechanical keyboard with a left-side Numpad and fast optical switches, RGB illumination, and software for customizing lighting and configuring macros, the Bloody Gaming B945 stands above the competition. Right-handed gamers who prefer to keep their mouse closer to the keyboard can use this keyboard because it allows you to keep your mouse closer to the keyboard.


The board is well-designed and built to a high standard.

There are 15 x 5 x 1.25-inch dimensions for this item, and it comes in black.

Thanks to its robust metal frame and gleaming parameters, the board has a high-end appearance.


The arrow keys have the Bloody’s logo above them for left-handed users.

A detachable wrist rest is also included with the keyboard.

A superb rubber covering on the aluminum wrist rest ensures a pleasant grip.


  • Eight more keys for the ABS.
  • Ghosting is wholly prevented.
  • High-speed optical switch
  • Response Time: 1000Hz/1ms


  • No USB pass-through

The DSI Mechanical Keyboard for the Left Handed:

If you’re left-handed, you’ll like the DSI Cherry Red KB-DS-8861XPU-B-V2 even more than the Bloody B945. Like the B945, it boasts a beautiful essential arrangement, a dedicated Numpad on the left side, and ergonomically engineered for comfort. Their keystroke rating is 20 million, which is less than Bloody’s 100 million, but it should be sufficient for most users.


The design is archaic, but the quality of the construction is acceptable.

It’s 18.4 x 6.4% x 1.5% (LxWxH)

There are 104 keys on the keyboard. Between the keys, there is a fair bit of gutter space.


  • If you’re a left-handed gamer who doesn’t need RGB illumination
  • Software for reassigning keys, or if you’re an accountant who inputs all the values
  • This USB keyboard from DSI is an excellent option.


  • Keys that respond quickly
  • Constructed with ergonomics in mind


  • There isn’t any further illumination.

A Left-Handed Keyboard by DURAGADGET:

This Duragadget left-handed keyboard isn’t even close to the most up-to-date gaming keyboards in terms of performance. Still, it’s a solid choice that offers an enjoyable user experience. It’s comfortable to type and play for long periods. Wrist rests can be purchased separately to alleviate any discomfort you may be experiencing with your wrists. This one is best from left handed keyboards.


Compared to typical full-size keyboards, this keyboard is smaller and lighter.

Strong plastic has been used to make it.

Getting to the keys is a cinch.


  • A dedicated Numpad is on the left side of the keyboard, while function keys are in the middle.
  • The traditional keyboard layout has the arrow keys on the right side.
  • There is two USB pass-through on either side of a power cord port located at the top.


  • Easily detachable cable
  • Pass-through for two USB ports.


  • There isn’t any further illumination.

Razer Tartarus V2:

As a gaming keypad, the Razer Tartarus V2 is one of the best on the market today. Only the necessary keys with RGB lights and a directional stick are present on this keypad. There are three rows of five keys, each on the ergonomic keypad, and the bottom row has four keys and a scroll wheel. There is an ALT button, a D-pad, and a space bar button on the right side.


It has compatibility with Razer Synapse 3.0, which is a beautiful thing.

The device is ideal for E-sports and your gaming setup.

There’s an adjustable hand rest with the Razer logo on it, and it’s beautifully padded.


  • Changes to the keymap are also possible.
  • Instead of mechanical switches, the keys respond pretty well.
  • Regular gaming keyboards aren’t any better than the Razer Tartarus V2.


  • Fantastic for online game participants
  • Wide range of choices for personalization
  • Keys that can be actuated with different pressures


  • Instead of mechanical switches, it uses membrane keys.

The Redragon K585 DITI:

Mechanical gaming keyboards from Redragon are noted for their exceptional quality. A lesser-known brand like Corsair or Razer, but one that offers high-quality gear at a lower cost than the competition. Left-handed RGB mechanical gaming keypad with 7 Onboard Macro Keys from Redragon K585 DIT. You may play all kinds of games because it has 42 keys and mechanical switches.


Aside from that, it’s made of high-quality plastic.

It offers five configurable modes of RGB lighting on the keys.

However, it has a lot of noise from its Outemu Blue mechanical switches.


There is no cushioning on the K585’s detachable magnetic wrist rest.

The keypad features an ergonomic design that is appealing and comfortable to use.

A left-handed gaming keypad like this one is an attractive option if you need one.


Constructed with ergonomics in mind

Switches have a high degree of accuracy.

Hand rest with detachable magnets


The left-hand keyboards listed above are helpful for right-handed operators. Keyboard layouts that are condensed and mouse positions on the far right are popular with gamers and typers alike. This setup promotes a more ergonomic gaming and typing position by reducing muscle and joint strain. The maritime cluster and Numpad are available for usage on any of the left handed keyboards listed.


Is it necessary to have a separate Numpad to play games?

Since TKL keyboards also contain a row of alphanumeric that can be utilized in place of a dedicated Numpad, this is unnecessary.

Can Wrist rests be purchased separately from a keyboard?

The keyboard profile and your taste play a role in this. Wrist rests can be removed from some keyboards and reattached to others.

Is it possible to play video games with a one-handed keyboard?

Since Left handed keyboards have fewer keys and smaller sizes, their price is lower than typical gaming ones.

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