Leviton smart switch review 2022.

Leviton smart switch is a device used to control lighting, lights, and small appliances. Leviton smart switches and plugs link to the internet via a wireless network from anywhere globally. Leviton smart switch is part of the Leviton smart family, notably the Decora smart Wi-Fi devices, and it is about time. We’ve all left lights on or entered dark homes. Leviton smart switch allows you to turn lights on and off remotely using your smartphone and set schedules to turn on and off. You may also select the bulb type with these Leviton smart switches. Let us discuss more leviton smart switch.

1: Decora Smart DZPA1-2BW:

It works excellent for turning on and off your coffee machine and a standing fan. Installable in existing home applications. Read the instructions to avoid unnecessary installation issues. One thing that can cause issues is not updating the apps, but keeping them updated should solve the issue.


Z-Wave Plus –

Compatible with SmartThings and Wink hubs

Most security systems support it.


Linking up with Smarthings takes time:

2: Decora Smart Plug:

This decora smart plug is ideal for free-standing floor lamps with merely an on/off switch on the cord. Plug the Leviton unit into an outlet, then the light. The SmartThings app allows you to toggle on/off and dim the lights. Setup is simple: put your Z-Wave controller in inclusion mode and press the decora device’s front button to link. It’s perfect for a free-standing light in the living room or bedroom.





Use dimmable lamps.

3: DW1KD-1BZ Smart Decor:

This one dims 1000 watt incandescents and 450 watt CFL and LEDs. It also has a thousand-volt amp rating for mark 10 ballasts and low magnetic voltage.

It is a great device for high inrush current loads like LEDs.



It works with Alexa without a costly hub.

Well-written instructions

Set a dim delay


Neutral Wire

4: Leviton DW6HD-1BZ:

Then a 600-watt incandescent or a 300-watt CFL SMD dimmer, if you are dimming multiple rooms in your home, saves you money compared to the thousand-watt. With a garage, we can turn on and off our shop lights.


Voice control with Google Assistant



Perfect Your Lighting:

You may also modify your minimum and maximum lighting levels. It is crucial for LEDs and CFLs where I want to trim the bottom end so it feels like I get a complete dimming range out of it. These are great features to utilize to fine-tune your lighting.

App Activity Tab Setup:

There is an activity option where you can check your linked devices and add them. It’s quite simple; first, I want to add some devices for “all off mode.” Choose your devices: 600-watt dimmer, lamp module, and desired settings.

Dimmer Switch Scheduling:

Excellent function, as noted, scheduling is built into the devices. The app wants to know your location. Why is that so? It’s vital since your location determines when sunrise and sunset occur. Allowing the app to locate you allows you to build up a timetable.

Leviton smart switch 3 way:

Three-way switch wiring involves two switches and one light. It all makes sense when you understand how electricity travels in this type of circuit. While a professional electrician should always install new electrical wiring, DIYers can sometimes install new switches if local rules allow it.

Replacement of 3-way switch:

It’s like replacing a single-pole switch. The wiring of a 3-way switch should be known. Call an electrician if you can’t replace a switch.

Types of wire cable in leviton smart switch:

A 3-way arrangement uses two types of wire cable. A conventional 3-way switch is wired with 14/2 and 14/3 cables. The 14 signifies the wire gauge, and the 2 or 3 represents the cable’s conductor wire count. An extra wire is required in one area of the 3-way switch design. It’s not fun to arrive late at night and cross a dark room to find the light switch.

Leviton smart switch z wave:

For residential lighting, the Leviton DZ15S uses Z-Wave Plus technology. A single LED bulb in a hallway or a strand of holiday lights may be controlled using the latest Leviton smart lighting control technology, guaranteeing LEDs do not glow when off. A Wink or SmartThings Hub must use the DZ15S with Wink; SmartThings, Automation and remote access are possible with DZ15S devices.

Leviton smart switch app:

The connection of leviton smart switch app to iOS mobile is very beneficial. Using the free My Leviton Android app, you can add/name smart devices and operate them individually or as a room. Create schedules and scenarios, and personalize your lighting management experience with configurable fade rates and maximum/minimum illumination levels.

Leviton smart switch reset:

To reset the Leviton Smart Wi-Fi Switch, follow these steps:

1: Find the Smart Switch to reset.

2: Hold the light switch “ON” for around 20 seconds. The “ON” position is the light switch’s top.

3: Hold the “ON” switch until the LED light below the switch changes from steady Amber to Flashing Red and Amber.

4: Allow the Factory Reset process to finish.

5: Your light switch will turn off, and the LED will start blinking green, signaling a successful factory reset.


After putting several switches through their paces, we discovered that the Leviton smart switches were of exceptional quality. It’s a reliable performer with several unique features not found in many of its rivals. It is a simple device because of the good dimming and the lack of a hub.


Is a Leviton Smart Switch needed?

When the light is off, the radio is powered by the neutral. So the radio can hear the network’s next “on” command.

Do all smart switches need a neutral?

Because smart switches are always on, they require a neutral wire to complete the circuit. Even if you unplug the smart switch, it will continue to respond to remote requests.