What is the color of lifeproof sterling oak?

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Lifeproof sterling oak, The darker the floors’ color, the cozier the space will feel, and the lighter the color, the more expansive the room will seem. It can be challenging to decide on the colors of the LifeProof flooring. Because there are so many options, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by them and become immobilized. You must decide if you want a light or medium shade for your window. It may be challenging to choose between various visually appealing color schemes. This advice might assist you in making your decision. We’ll show you some of our favorite color schemes from lifeproof sterling oak:

Best lifeproof sterling oak:

Lifeproof vinyl plank flooring comes in a variety of dark colors. There are numerous shades of dark vinyl flooring to choose from. Some subtle differences can make a big difference in the look of your room, even if they appear to be identical at first. Following are the best lifeproof sterling oak:

Brooks Oak:

One of Lifeproof’s darkest colors, this flooring is a rich brown/black tone. Brooks Oak is an excellent choice for a modern look with some rustic charm! It’s one of the best options if you want a deep, dark floor in your home.

Gainesville Oak:

Gainesville Oak is your best option for a dark brown with some texture. Lifeproof’s darkest brown vinyl plank option is this one. Whether you’re redecorating your bedroom or your bathroom, this look will impress.

Oak of Choice:

This dark and rustic wood grain color from Lifeproof flooring has an intense brown hue. For a warm and inviting atmosphere, choose oak as your wood of choice. A living or family room with this color flooring will exude coziness and friendliness.

The Seaside Oak:

It is an excellent option if you want a dark color for your Lifeproof flooring that doesn’t look washed out. Two different shades of brown, Seaside Oak, add depth to a room. Floors with a mix of light and dark colors create a more three-dimensional effect in a room than those with more stark contrasts.

Dark oak:

This Lifeproof flooring color is the perfect choice for your home: a beautiful dark brown with rich brown tones. Warmth and invitingness are achieved while maintaining a certain sophistication level with this vinyl plank.

Hickory’s shadow:

Hickory flooring in this color is known to be one of the darkest. If you’re looking to create a classic look with traditional roots, this is your paint.

Alexandria Oak:

There are undertones of black in this Lifeproof flooring color. The darker the color, the more visible the wood grain will be. However, Alexandria Oak can easily be adapted to fit into any space and create a modern and trendy atmosphere.

The aroma of charred oak:

Burnt Oak is an excellent choice if you are looking for a darker brown color with a wide range of tones. There is a wide range of brown tones in this Lifeproof flooring color, making your room look warm and inviting.

Species Pine:

Dark brown with red undertones, this Lifeproof flooring color will add a touch of whimsy to your space. Intricate designs and textured surfaces abound in Heirloom Pine, lending a warm and inviting atmosphere to any room. Farmhouse-style residences will benefit significantly from this selection.

Wood with a rustic feel:

Lifeproof flooring in this shade has a rich, rustic wood grain pattern that adds a cozy feel to any room. This Rustic Wood vinyl flooring has a realistic wood grain that adds warmth to any room.

Medium Colors of Lifeproof Flooring:

There are still many Lifeproof colors if you are looking for medium-toned vinyl plank flooring. From browns to grays, they can pick from a variety of options. Here are a few of our personal favorites.

Oak is easy to work with:

This Lifeproof flooring color is an excellent option if you’re looking for something neutral. Thanks to Easy Oak’s subtle variation, your room will feel stylish but not overbearing.

The Hockley Oak:

The color of this Lifeproof flooring is a warm, rustic brown. Even though Hockley Oak is dark and light-toned wood, it still manages to be stylish.

Birch Chip wood:

A real-looking wood grain pattern can be found in Chip wood Birch, which has a beautiful and subtle appearance. Your room will have just the proper sophistication thanks to this vinyl plank’s wide range of tones.

Aromatic Oak:

A more traditional look can be achieved with this Lifeproof flooring color. Your room will be exciting and neutral at the same time with Fresh Oak’s subtle color variation.

Staghorn Spruce:

Sterling Oak is a fantastic option for a medium-toned wood with just enough color variation. This vinyl plank creates a warm and inviting atmosphere with its subtle wood grain pattern and dark and light brown tones. For a finished basement, this is a fantastic option.


Colorado is an excellent option in the market for a medium gray vinyl floor. Despite its gray hue, this color is still versatile enough to be used in various settings.

An oak tree with a lighthouse

Reddish undertones give Lighthouse Oak its name. With its light and dark tones and wood grain pattern, this vinyl plank adds visual interest while remaining neutral enough to be used almost anywhere.

Cypresses of the Big Sur region:

The brown tone of this Lifeproof flooring color makes it suitable for any room. A light-medium-toned look with dark and slight variations in the wood grain pattern is achieved with Big Sur Cypress vinyl planks.

Scratches on Stone:

The color of this Lifeproof flooring is a light gray with stone undertones. Other vinyl planks have rich wood grain patterns, but Scratch Stone’s light gray coloring makes it seem airier. Scratch Stone is an excellent option if you’re tired of the same old white or gray vinyl plank flooring.

Oak laced with chiffon:

It’s a soft gray with subtle undertones in this Lifeproof flooring color, which gives it an elegant appearance. Unlike other vinyl planks, Chiffon Lace Oak’s lighter tone brings more light and makes the room feel more open.

Beach of Driftwood:

Driftwood Beach is an excellent choice for a light grayish-white with a consistent pattern. The undertones in this Lifeproof flooring color are so subtle that it only adds a hint of variation to the white tone.

What Are Your Options for Vinyl Flooring Colors?

The See This in My Room Tool at Home Depot lets you upload a photo of your room and see which colors look best when painted. If you’re still unsure what color to use, I recommend getting some samples first.


The Lifeproof items are available in various hues, including gray, brown, wood grain, white, and beige. Hopefully, you were able to narrow down your options for lifeproof sterling oak colors from reading this article. A wide variety of color options are available for this vinyl plank, but some are more popular than others.


Is LifeProof flooring susceptible to scuffing?

In addition to being scratch and stain resistant, Lifeproof vinyl flooring is easy to clean. With four kids and a dog, the durability of our vinyl basement floor was a significant consideration.

What is the color of lifeproof sterling oak?

Sterling Oak is Lifeproof’s most popular color. It is part of the brown and gray collection.