Mediterranean tile-Mediterranean style tile appearance.

Mediterranean tile, Since its inception in 1993, Mediterranean Tile has offered the tri-state area its finest and most distinctive collection of tile and natural stone. Both Frank Matarazzo and Maria Cappello, the company’s co-owners, have decades of combined experience in the tile industry. Mediterranean Tile is based in Fairfield, NJ. Cappello, a recent graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, has a strong foundation in interior design. There are several reasons why Mediterranean Tile is so well-known in the design community; it is because of their team’s combined knowledge and skill and a passion for design that permeates their store.

Mediterranean tiles history:

It has grown from two employees to a 30-member workforce and opened a second facility in Bernardsville, New Jersey, in 2007 to better serve the demands of its expanding customer base. Because every member of our design sales team has a background in design, we are confident that we can help our customers with any project they have in mind.

Mosaic tiles in the Roman style:

Stylish dwellings have always been a characteristic of the Mediterranean people, going back to ancient Rome! An affluent Roman could pay for intricate mosaics on their floors and walls, which signified their status as wealthy individuals. Mosaic tiles representing tales and mythology, or animals and flowers with symbolic connotations, sometimes used ivy to symbolize everlasting life. Small mosaics are prevalent on store signs, like the fish above a fish market’s entrance.

Encaustic/cement tiles with patterns:

Depending on how they were made, these brightly colored, intricately patterned tiles may be encaustic tiles or just cement tiles. Tiles with intricate floral and geometric patterns that appear to be inlaid into the surface are pretty popular in Europe and have been for many years. The issue isn’t ours. According to the staff at Concrete Cottage, encaustic tiles were trendy until the 1920s and are currently experiencing a significant rebirth.

A wide range of options:

For this reason, they are great for those who like to maximize the effect on the floor and create a truly unique statement.

Hexagonal tiles made of terracotta

Since I visited a friend’s holiday home in Perpignan, south of Paris, a few years ago and saw the exquisite hexagonal terracotta floor tiles installed throughout, I’ve been obsessed with those beautiful floor tiles. These beautiful Mediterranean tiles can be found in the south of France and Spain, Italy, and North Africa. Since the late Roman Empire, they’ve been around and arrived in the Americas around 1600. In Salernes, France, hexagonal tiles known as “tomettes” were produced in 1830.

Arabesque-shaped tiles of Morocco:

You might also like the arabesque tiles most closely associated with Moroccan or Moorish decor if you like the hex tiles you see here. Even though Moroccan tiles exist in a wide variety of designs, we chose the arabesque tile because its curving lines give any area an exotic and sensual vibe that is quite specific and sought after! Like lantern tiles, arabesque-shaped tiles are commonly used as accent wall tiles in kitchens and bathrooms.

The checkerboard pattern in black and white:

They have been around for an extended period and were also a popular choice in southern Mediterranean tile flooring, particularly during the post-war years when new buildings were being constructed to replace those destroyed. However, often these people associate them with the all-American diner of the 1950s, which is not entirely incorrect. When done right, it is possible to achieve the confident grace related to fashion.

Mediterranean floor design:

Mediterranean floor design can be reflected in a checkerboard floor pattern. However, this is not a look for the faint of heart. A safe approach if you enjoy the style but are afraid to use it throughout your home is to make it a focal point in your foyer, kitchen, or bathroom.

Mediterranean tile roof:

Tile enhances the value and attractiveness of any structure when used with various finishes and accessories. Because of our expertise and creativity, we at MRT can keep our rates as cheap as possible without sacrificing the high quality of our products and services. It has been possible to expand the selection of roof tile colors to include more earth tones, vibrant accents like blues and purples, and even white to save money on cooling costs during the summer months.

Matching of tiles:

Tile is a fantastic match for any home or building’s architectural style. There is a wide range of colors available for roof tiles, from the rich reds of adobe to shades of moss green, driftwood, and sea blue.

Mediterranean tile Bernardsville:

A family-owned retail tile store for over 20 years, we have a long history in tile design. Fairfield, New Jersey, and Bernardsville, New Jersey, each house one of our two stunning showrooms. The stone, glass, porcelain, slate, and ceramics displayed in these galleries include wall and floor displays and loose samples. We have a superb team of trained designers who are eager to help you create the space of your dreams in your own house.

Clients of mediterranean tile Bernardsville:

Most of our clients are from New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, although we’ve done work all around the country. If necessary, we can set up nationwide shipping. Our Bernardsville, New Jersey, branch may be found at 7 Olcott Square.

Style of Mediterranean:

Styles in the Mediterranean region, stretching from North Africa to Western Asia and Southern Europe, are collectively known as “Mediterranean.” We tend to think of the Aegean factors in Spain, Italy, and Greece because cultures and customs have spread across Europe and been absorbed and adapted in so many areas.

Mediterranean style tile appearance:

No other word can conjure up images of languid days at the beach, outdoor eating under the stars, vintage charm, and informal elegance like “summer.” Creatives from many walks of life have long relied on the Mediterranean as a source of inspiration for their work. What if you can’t get your hands on one of the genuine things, but you still want to get your hands on a


ASID and NKBA members, Mediterranean Tile pride themselves on sticking to the most ethical guidelines. Whether you’re a professional in the business or a homeowner looking for classic designs, Mediterranean Tile can help. Contact us now to get started. Unglazed, glazed, and porcelain are all varieties of ceramic tiles. Once you’ve grasped the concepts, you’ll be all set. Glass-forming minerals and ceramic staining are applied to the surface of glazed ceramic tiles.


Where does the Mediterranean come to mind for you?

Beautiful encaustic tiles and intricately patterned linens, delicious food and rich, full-bodied wine, brilliant blue skies, and turquoise water are just a few things that make this place so unique.

What is the most versatile tile in the room?

Roofing shingles made of slate can be utilized indoors and outdoors due to their natural appearance and color range.