Metro exodus collectibles Caspian review 2022.

Metro exodus collectibles, It’s a first-person shooter with survival horror and stealth aspects, Metro Exodus. The player must deal with new dangers and fight against mutant creatures and aggressive humans in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of the former Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan. Every Metro Exodus collection item may be found in the metro exodus collectibles guide. Every chapter of Metro Exodus has a collection tracker, but if you happen to miss any, this guide will show you where to find them all so you may complete the game to the best of your ability.

Metro exodus collectibles Caspian:

It is a vast area in Metro Exodus, the Caspian Sea. After completing Yamantau, you’ll find it. There are a few postcards and diaries in this place. Find out where they are by reading this chapter. There is little difficulty avoiding some slave collateral harm at the Caspian level.

Meanwhile, the Children of the Forest are a group of zealots on the Taiga level. In the same way, pirates and pioneers should be left alone, too. Following is the list of metro exodus diaries:


An Uncompleted Notebook:

The Half-Torn Notebook may be discovered on the right-hand side of a candle-lit desk in an alcove after you fight the first adversary of the level.

Pertains to the patient:

After being attacked by the Watchmen, you will be rescued and sent to a medical facility for treatment. Your character will awaken from a cutscene to employ the Artyom. The desk on your right has the diary page for patients.

Dusty Journal:

You can also discover a bedroom with a bed, a nightstand, and a couch in this apartment. The Dusty Diary is resting on the nightstand next to me while I write this.

Shopping list:

Watchmen will attack you if you accompany Anna to the shopping mall. When the fighting is over, go to the left side of the area and search for a body propped open a door. You can bet the Shopping List will be on the body of this deceased person. Above all has been mentioned about Metro exodus collectibles.


Take the escalator down to the shopping centre’s lobby, where you’ll see a mangled blue bus. Skeletal next to Shura’s Note on a bus.

A Wrinkled Piece of Paper:

The cutscene will begin when you cross the bridge with Anna, so be patient. A hole awaits your astonishment when you awaken, and you’ll have to hurry forward under some fallen logs to escape. In the snow, the Crumpled Letter will be found with a corpse. Above all has been mentioned about Metro exodus collectibles.

Note from the Administration:

A computer station will be shot during your battle in the military base. After the war, look for this machine to get the Official Note.


A red door can be found once you cross the courtyard. A furnace and a desk may be located in the hangar. The memo is sitting on the desk.

Official letter:

To continue your journey, you will need to take a train, then another one. Pass through the vehicle window on the second train to take out the adversary. Find a desk to your left, and see the official letter.

Soiled piece of paper:

A diary page in the train car behind the machine gun will conclude this chapter. The Crumbled Note is atop a pile of crates to the right of the entryway. Chapter choices are where you’ll find everything you need.

Collectibles unlocking Trophies and Achievements:

Find all 71 Diary pages hidden in the library.

Trophies for collecting all 21 postcards from around the world

Obtain the “Dressed for Success” award by completing Artyom’s suite upgrades.

In Metro Exodus, how can we keep Duke alive?

The Volga has three critical decisions that will decide the chapter’s outcome. To assist Duke in his fight for life, you must:

Unnoticed, make your way out of the church

The upper floor of the Church can be reached after swimming in. When the guards begin hammering on the door, escape through the window. You’ll have to use your wits to evade and incapacitate your enemies to survive. Swim to the boat and get out of the water.

Assail the ship without harming the merchants.

The traders will be stunned if you sneak upon them. Without killing anyone, snatch the boat. Attempt to get to the cult leader without killing any of his followers first. Concentrate on espionage while at the compound of the cult leader. Make your way to the top of the hierarchy without being discovered. If you use your knife to kill somebody, there will be a wrong conclusion. Duke and Artyom will escape to the Aurora at the end of the chapter if you complete the following actions.

Metro Exodus’ dark and squalid wasteland:

You can easily lose sight of what makes you a human being in Metro Exodus’ dark and squalid wasteland. Everybody becomes a selfish cynic in such a setting, and no one cares about anyone else. When it comes to the “bad ending” in a game, it’s much easier to acquire it than avoid it. A good ending appears to be tied to a remote point system that keeps track of your good deeds.

Dangerous Opponents:

Like the ones listed above, the “bad” foes in the game attack sight and almost always wield guns. It can be difficult to tell who is who, especially in the darker regions of the game. Killing them is a safe option with no negative consequences for your game’s overall score. Slave traders and bandits, on the other hand, have a distinct appearance in the game. Try to distinguish the different adversaries in the game if you’re still having problems, or sneak around and kill everyone.

Killing the traders, pirates, pioneers, enslaved people:

It is the tough part when it comes to tiptoeing toward a nice conclusion. When you encounter the Tsar-fish cultists in the Volga’s initial exploring area, your moral fibre is tested. Avoid murdering them, even if they’re hostile to you, because doing so could hurt other crew members. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for any merchants nearing the level’s finish as well.

Release All Persecuted Groups:

Thanks to the Munai-bailer, there are plenty of enslaved people on the Caspian level, giving Artyom a chance to atone for his crimes in The Volga. A smart approach to go closer to the good ending is to free any enslaved people you encounter while travelling around. Anna will also mention a slave ship or two. Please give them a taste of freedom by going there.

Metro exodus collectibles map:

In Metro Exodus’s open-world stages, finding all map places can take some time. Binoculars are a must for exploring the Volga, Caspian, and Taiga regions’ far-flung reaches if you want to find everything there is to see and do. While it’s difficult to miss the game’s most important objectives and activities, there are a slew of less important locations, items, and personalities that you might walk right past if you don’t pay attention.

Metro exodus collectibles Volga:

The swampy watery sections of the Volga are distinctive, as is the necessity of transporting oneself around by boat. There are several valuable metro exodus upgrades and gadgets to be found right from the start, as long as you know where to look. Generally, the map will show the last boat you used, but you can look about to see if there are any others.

Metro exodus suit upgrades:

Artyom’s trips to the surface are made easier by metro exodus all collectibles and upgrades, which aren’t vital to the Metro Exodus experience. Many different suits and armours are scattered throughout the game, which is a blessing in disguise. With each additional upgrade component, you will be able to execute objectives more efficiently.


Games’ Exodus, a story-driven first-person shooter, players engage in deadly combat, stealth, exploration, and survival horror. The game offers both narrow passages and expansive, non-linear stages linked together by a year-long pilot. Metro Exodus is the first video game based on Dmitry Glukhovsky’s novels to be set entirely after the books, rather than during or between them. From where Metro 2035 left off, it continues Artyom’s storey.


After completing Metro Exodus, are you free to go wherever you want?

There is no one uninterrupted map in Metro Exodus. As you progress through the game, you’ll visit new areas, each set in a distinct season.

In Metro Exodus, how large are the maps?

Bloch estimated the total area to be two square kilometres in size. Just 200 square meters was the largest level in our previous games,” Bloch added.

Is Metro Exodus’s map large enough to accommodate many players?

Andriy Prokhorov and Jon Bloch, creative director and executive producer of Exodus, told Game Informer that each level in the game would be greater than anything previously seen in the series.

Are there any Metro exodus collectibles maps?

There are seven major chapters in Metro Exodus and a slew of lesser branches that serve as additional storey content. Each of these chapters takes place in a different part of the planet.

Exodus Metro has how many open worlds?

Your weapons and location will need to be prepared, and you can take on side tasks if you like. Each of Metro Exodus’s three open levels is like a tiny open world, although there is no connection.

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