Is it possible to fight with a natural element?

Nature elemental: The term “elemental” refers to a sentient being made up entirely of the energy found in various elements. A nature elemental was called by a specific priest spell and used just for this purpose. For 24 hours or until a circular region of radius one mile was cleansed, whichever happened first, they were summoned and began converting the chosen area. However, only a high-ranking god could have provided this spirit portion; if not, it was summoned from within the body of its caster.

Overview about nature element:

Natural elemental was made up of air, earth, fire, water, and spirit or life in the form of a spirit. At least a 35-foot-tall rough humanoid represented a nature elemental. The biome from whence it was summoned formed its entire body. Stone and dirt would make up the foundation for a normal temperate landscape, dotted with flowers, shrubs, and trees of different sizes. Elements like lightning, thorns, fungi, rust, and even time have been generated.


The first Netherese Empire is credited with inventing the magic that summons a nature elemental. Ancient Netherese libraries and tombs contained references to it.  A nature elemental destroyed Snowmantle and drove Zhentarim forces out of the Border Forest in 1369 DR. There are more Elementals than any other non-Human race, having a presence in every shade of the rainbow.

What is elemental?

If encountered, the elemental’s huge fists strike twice around for 5d10 points of damage. The monster has strength comparable to that of a titan. The creature must save against disintegration or be reconstructed into the new surroundings and destroyed if it encounters magical things. There is no exhaustion for the elemental. However, it will disperse after its 1-mile region has been “renovated” or after 24 hours.

Prime Material Plane with nature elemental:

The spirit left the Prime Material Plane with nature elemental after the spell ended, leaving the caster’s lifeless body behind. This summoned entity had no free will nor control over its actions. It went about its business mercilessly and emotionlessly, annihilating everything in its path, including humanoid life. It would defend itself and return the attack if any ignorant beings were foolish enough to attack it, but it could not be drawn away from its intended mission.

Regular combat with a nature elemental:

Military and weaponry were only fodder for grinding into raw materials that could be used to grow plants and animals out of the ground. If a nature elemental touched a magical weapon or item, it had the same probability of surviving as a disintegrate spell. With two gigantic fists, the creature had the power of a giant and could demolish buildings or crush armed resistance. It was pointless to engage in regular combat with a nature elemental.

Protection from evil and spells design:

Protection from evil and spells designed to repel extraplanar beings were ineffective against nature elementals. Dismiss nature elemental, the inverse of the spell that called it, was the quickest and simplest way to get rid of a nature elemental. Nature elementals replenish all damage they’ve taken; therefore, killing one requires dealing damage equal to the creature’s total health points in one round.

Habitat and Regeneration:

Wise men and women widely believed that these beings had no single origin but were a very limited manifestation of the deity worshiped by the commoner’s devout followers. Regeneration occurred every minute as long as the nature elemental was in contact with its surroundings. This creature’s prodigious health could only be wiped out in a single devastating strike or if it was removed from its surroundings so that the creature could not repopulate.

Ecology of nature elemental:

Nature’s elemental restored the land to its natural state after destroying all evidence of human habitation, deforestation, and civilization. Within minutes of a nature elemental’s passing, plants sprung into full-fledged adulthood. This new location was inhabited within hours of its redevelopment because of its clean air, water, and wildlife. It’s safe to say that these species have left behind a completely functioning ecosystem.

Primary elemental’s core:

Elemental creatures are works of living art to the Primary magicians of Strixhaven on Arcavios. They use raw components to create creative shells and then summon living elemental energy to fill the shells. The result is a powerful beast capable of expressing awe-inspiring emotions while also unleashing havoc. Fire, wind, ice, water, lava, or solid rock could make up the Primary elemental’s core.

Enormous fungal organisms:

It’s not uncommon to see enormous fungal organisms known as booths sprouting up around Llanowar communities every few years. After ripening and rising from the ground, they ravage the environment around them for a short time before dying out. It is an infeasible method of dealing with them since they adapt to their growing environment and will retreat into the bedrock if disturbed too early. Golem-like war machines made of logs and vines lure them away from elvish settlements.

The appearance of walking humanoids:

They have the appearance of walking humanoids made from the components of the biosystem into which they have been summoned. Earthen formations covered with sod and plants are typical, as are little rivulets and animals racing over them, defying gravity. Elementals of nature do not communicate and are only summoned to restore a region to its natural state. The elemental destroys villages, structures, and even human and humanoid creatures as it goes about its business. Elementals aren’t afraid of anything, even the tiniest grass cottage.


Adventurers can only find the magic to summon a nature elemental in libraries and tombs that date back over 2,000 years to the height of Netheril’s power. Earth, fire, water, and air make up the four basic elements of nature, together with the fifth component that some sages refer to as spirit or life as a powerful elemental; nature elemental holds a special place in the pantheon. It is when called that nature elements take on a humanoid shape. Their heights can often reach 35 feet or more.


Is it possible to fight with a natural element?

It is incredibly difficult to fight a natural elemental. The majority of individuals would rather avoid one than face it.

What is regeneration in it?

Regeneration is impossible for an elemental if it is cut off from its surroundings, including air. However, it would be incredibly difficult to create the conditions necessary for it to be isolated in this way.

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