Everything that you need to know about Nicole leano.

Nicole leano is a dancer, actor, video blogger, and model, among other things. Popular on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Tumblr. In addition to being a talented dancer, she has appeared in several series. For businesses like Uniqlo, Pop Chips and H&M, she creates models. As of 2005, Nicole Leno was a resident of California, having been born in Bellflower. On December 8th, she celebrated her birthday. She is a Sagittarius at the age of 15. She was born in the United States and is of Vietnamese and Filipino ethnicity. Nicole has already had a diverse range of jobs under her belt despite her youth. Let us know everything about Nicole leano:


When Nicole leano competed in a few tournaments, she became well-known to the general public. Originally from California, Nicole began dancing as a young child. She began her dance training as a hip hop dancer, but she eventually broadened her horizons to include other dance forms. In addition to being one of Nicole’s primary choreographers, Matt Stefania was instrumental in establishing her professional network and fostering her growth as a dancer.

Personal life:

Linda and Nicole’s leano have a daughter, Nicole, born in Bellflower, California. They relocated to Los Angeles later in life. Colie is a moniker Nicole goes by in the real world as well.  On the other hand, we could not locate any further information about her lover online. There have been no reports that she is currently dating anyone, for the record.


Despite being one of the most famous child actors and having millions of followers, Nicole Leno has been included on Wikipedia. When it comes to her height and weight, she stands at 5 feet and 1 inch, or 1.60 metres, and weighs an estimated 52 kilograms.


She is currently enrolled in the same high school pursuing her post-secondary education. “She’s been a dancer since she was a child, and she began taking professional instruction at a young age. The Fusion Studios Advanced Dance Competition Team allowed her to show off her skills at nine years old.


Nicole Laeno got her start in the entertainment industry as a dancer, appearing on Dance off juniors. The Fusion Studios Advanced Dance Competition Team was the dance team she was a part of before. She also competed against dancers like Tahani Anderson and Brooklyn Bustamante for a $5000 cash prize in this TV reality show. As a singing group L2M member, she made her acting debut in the popular YouTube Red musical web series Hyperlinked in 2016.

DanceON’s Boss Cheer:

In addition to being a dancer, she is also a trained singer, songwriter and hip hop artist. She attended the Hollywood Atmosphere Dance Conference and was a member of the company’s dancers’ crew. He’s also appeared in Dance-Off Juniors and DanceON’s Boss Cheer, among other things. Additionally, she’s a working actress who’s appeared in both the Lego Buildzone YouTube and the Disney YouTubeRed series’ trailers and links.


She also has her own YouTube channel, where she publishes videos of her dancing alongside other popular YouTubers and dancers and her original content. She’s also worked with several companies and goods, which she promotes on her different social media accounts. Over 7 million people have watched “I’M A Teen Mom Vlogmas Day 5 Nicole Laeno,” one of her most successful YouTube videos.

Nicole Laeno on Instagram:

There is an Instagram account for Nicole leano, which goes by the name of @nicolelaeno. More than 1.3 million people follow her on Instagram. More than 700 posts have been shared with her followers so far.


Both the Boss Cheer and the Dance-Off Juniors competitions featured her. The young dancer was given the accolade of Hollywood Vibe’s Dancer of the Year in 2017. Nicole Laeno is also an actor and a model with a bright future. As of this writing, she has 3.7 million followers on TikTok, making her one of the most popular TikTokers

Net Worth:

There will be a $3.94 Million fortune in Nicole Laeno’s bank account by 2022. Besides her numerous social media accounts and brand collaborations, she makes a good living as a professional dancer.

Nicole Laeno’s sources of income include:

Nicole leano makes a living in a variety of ways. YouTube advertising revenue is how she makes a living. Additionally, Laeno is a dancer and an actress. In addition, item sales bring in money for Laeno. It all adds up to her alleged net worth.

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The first source of income: YouTube

On June 17th, 2013, Nicole Laeno launched her YouTube account, Nicole Laeno. She uses the channel to share videos of her dancing, vlogs, and family life. Over 2.3 million people subscribe to Nicole Leano’s channel on YouTube. An astounding 359 million people have seen its videos. It works out to about 3.4 million views a month on average. Nicole leano could be making between $10,200 to $17,500 a month if YouTube pays authors $3 to $5 per 1000 views in ad income.

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The second source of income: Acting and Dancing:

Nicole Laeno is a professional dancer and actress who have appeared in numerous television shows. On the reality show Dance off juniors, she was part of the Fusion Studios Advanced Dance squad. Laeno has also appeared in other television shows. Hyperlinked was released in 2017, and Boss Cheer will be released in 2019. The ambitious actor and dancer haven’t divulged her TV earnings. As a result, calculating her earnings from this source is complicated.

The third source of income: Sales of Goods:

As a renowned YouTuber and television celebrity, Nicole Laeno decided to start selling her products. She promotes a wide range of goods with her “Colie” and “Positivity Pill” taglines. Items range in price from $12 to $45, including mugs, beanies, sweaters, and hoodies. Laeno hasn’t made any information about its item sales public. The dancer’s earnings from this type of revenue are difficult to assess.

Information and facts:

YouTube star Nicole Laeno has more than 2.21 million subscribers and over 1.5 million followers on Instagram.

During a recent interview, Nicole Latino mentioned that she has always wanted to work with children.

Throughout her dance career, she has been the recipient of numerous scholarships and prizes, including the title of Bravo’s overall solo champion.

As a result of her travels, Nicole has studied various dance styles in workshops across the country.

She enjoys making new acquaintances and spending time with those she considers near her heart.


On December 8th, 2005, Nicole Laeno, a dancer from Bellflower, California, USA, was born. The early years of Leno’s existence are obscure. She is presently a student at Bellflower High School. When Laeno was a child, he was fascinated with the art of dance. After taking a hip-hop class at the age of seven, she realised she had a natural talent. After that, at the age of nine, she joined the Fusion Studios Advanced Dance Competition squad.


Nicole Laeno’s popularity is a mystery to many.

Laeno’s fans adore watching her dance on stage and TV shows. It is partly due to her cheerful and kind nature.

What Zodiac sign is Nicole Laeno?

Nicole leano was baptised on December 8th, 1997. Sagittarius is her astrological sign as a result.