Step-by-step instructions for cleaning the machine.

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Thought-out design:

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Light of the Ninja Coffee:

You’ve already checked the instructions and even looked up some information online, yet the issue persists. Keeping the clean light on at the Ninja coffee bar, I’m at a loss.

For the following causes, Ninja Coffee may stay on:

Check to see sure the Ninja coffee bar is sanitized. The importance of keeping the machine clean cannot be overstated. There may be a buildup of dirt if the clean light does not go out. Check the brew basket, carafe, or ninja water reservoir to check any dirt deposits. The mineral residue in the water usually manifests itself as a white chalky deposit. There is a possibility that the machine’s clean light is constantly on because it needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

Clogged with certain minerals:

Your Ninja coffee maker may become clogged with certain minerals. The coffee will taste sour because the water won’t be able to flow freely. Then a deep cleaning cycle might be in order. When the coffee machine detects calcium and other mineral deposits, the clean light button is illuminated. In addition, it serves as a nudge to get you to do some housekeeping. Use a sponge or cloth to clean the outside of the coffee machine.


De-scaling takes around an hour and a half. Please do not switch off the machine or disconnect it until the cleaning cycle is complete, as this could cause the cleaning light to remain on during the operation. After the cycle has finished, thoroughly wash the carafe, ninja water reservoir, and brew basket. Remove any residual descaling solution by filling up to the top line and running a regular brew cycle.

Step-by-step instructions for cleaning the machine are provided below:

Step 1: Push the machine’s clean (CLN) button.

Step 2: When the CLN light comes on, you have roughly an hour to clean.

Step 3: The panel light changes from CLN to FLUSH after the process is complete.

Step 4: The filter, carafe, and reservoir should all be rinsed before being replaced in the reservoir.

Step 5: Press the CLN button once again, and the machine will flush and clean out the vinegar by running new water through the system.

Step 6: Once the flush is complete, the display will return to the clock mode, and the pure light will turn off.

Reset the computer by unplugging:

Unplug the machine and restart it if the light is still on even after you’ve cleaned it. To get the clock to reset, wait at least five minutes before plugging it back in and restarting it. The cleaning indicator should turn off at this point. Unplugging the machine resets the brew timers, so you’ll need to set it up again.

Other issues with the Ninja Coffee Bar:

You may also encounter the following problems with your coffee machine:

A full carafe is not being brewed.


Make sure the brew size and kind are correct. Make sure the reservoir has enough water. The machine may need to be cleaned if the problem persists.

Problem with the machine:

Check to see if the brew you choose is the correct one. The machine may need to be unplugged and restarted. The Ninja may need to be cleaned if the problem persists.

The machine is leaking water:

Fill the reservoir only up to the line marked on the side of the tank. There have been five beeps thus far. You can fix this by re-inserting your filter mechanism and making sure the drip stop has been opened all the way. You should check your settings if you hear the beeping sound. The coffee isn’t as good as it used to be.


To begin, experiment with varying the number of coffee grounds used in the brewing process. The coffee brand may also be to blame. Filtered or distilled water may also be to blame for a lousy cup of coffee.

Carafe, mug, and cup are overflowing:

Make sure the cup you choose can handle the brew size you’ve chosen.

Verify There’s an Issue:

There are a few things you should do if you discover water pouring out of your coffee bar. What you’re experiencing could be perfectly normal and anticipated, even though it sounds ridiculous. It’s not unusual to have issues with your ninja water reservoir machine from time to time. There may be an accumulation of filth in the machine. Therefore it should clean every month.

A receptacle at the valve’s base:

When the reservoir is removed from the machine’s base valve, there will be some dripping even if the system is flawless. The only thing you need to do when this happens is to use a soft cloth or paper towel to dry the inside of the reservoir and the base valve connection point.

Check to See whether the Filter Is a Factor:

If you see a lot of water dripping from the filter or the cup, this is also normal. The brewing process can result in dripping and splattering around the filter as sputtering takes place. Once again, use a towel to wipe away any remaining water. A coffee maker will occasionally leak, although this is part of the machine’s regular operation.


Despite what the ninja water reservoir business claims, there is a fill-to-line that should never be crossed. The reservoir can overflow and spill water during the brewing process if you put in too much water. When refilling the reservoir, make sure you don’t go over the fill-to line.

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