Nintendo november calendar review 2022.

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Nintendo november calendar, According to prominent TikTok user Celinaspookyboo, influencers on social media are receiving an expensive-looking Nintendo November advent calendar. A month early, the Nintendo November calendar appears to be holiday-themed and shows several high-end Nintendo products, including Amiibos and actual Switch Joy-Cons. TikTok has disclosed the existence of a Nintendo November calendar. Over the weekend, Nintendo unlocked five additional doors on its November advent calendar, revealing five more amazing presents. Our favourite is Controller Gear’s Princess Peach cap, which you can get directly from the company. Let us know everything about the Nintendo November calendar:

Downloadable Super Mario Lego figures:

Also available is a memory card that’s decorated with the Mario character. Additionally, Celina unveiled an inflatable Koopa shell, downloadable Super Mario Lego figures, and a one-year subscription to the Nintendo Switch’s virtual console’s online service. Her TikTok account has the complete video.


Tiktok influencer Celinaspookyboo is known for her hilarious sleepwalking videos and horrible jokes, which drive her other half crazy. They’ve taken it a step further this time, giving the joker an enormous “Nintendo November” advent calendar as a thank you gift. If you haven’t already, look at the first reveal video below.

A recent video of Celinaspookyboo:

As TikTok streamer Celinaspookyboo revealed in a recent video, a large “Wishing you a wonderful Nintendo November” advent calendar is given to social media influencers. Every day of Nintendo November calendar box 2021 with a different piece of Nintendo memorabilia hidden beneath it on the vast calendar. To your dismay, you may become an unappealing shade of green.

Total Nintendo November calendar:

A total of five calendar doors are opened in Celinaspookyboo’s first film, with the gifts behind them being:

1: $79.99 for a Joy-Con package that includes both the left and suitable controllers

2: Set of Lapel Pins from Animal Crossing: New Horizons – between $19.99 and $30

3: Goomba Amiibo – packaged version challenging to locate; prices range from $20 to $95

4: Animal Crossing: New Leaf Around $30 for a water bottle

5: It costs roughly $5 for the Super Mario Multi-Color Pen

Other cheaper presents:

With 25 days left to open, a ballpark estimate puts the price for the first five days anywhere from $155 to 240. The Mario pen is one of the cheaper presents, but the Joy-Cons might represent a collection of gifts of significant worth given as a fun freebie for influencers if they’re ever released. After receiving a large Question Block earlier this year, Celinaspookyboo has received another Nintendo delivery loaded with products, games, and even a Nintendo Switch. Nintendo certainly has a TikTok lover in its ranks.

Nintendo advent calendars 2021:

We’ve only seen Celina open the first few doors of the Nintendo November advent calendar, but we already see that this isn’t a low-quality product. Celina received a pink and green joy-con set from Nintendo on November 1st, which is presently valued at $79.99/£69.99. That’s just the first of 30 days, of course. Animal Crossing pins, AC water bottles, and a Goomba amiibo were then shown off by the influencer.

Is the Nintendo November calendar purchasable?

Nintendo may be trying to give viewers ideas for Christmas gifts by distributing these calendars, but they are not available to the general public. As Celina continues to open more doors, it’s good to know that she’s not keeping us waiting one day at a time but rather opening a few entries each day. I’m guessing Nintendo is using this promotional item to spread holiday gift inspiration as we get ready to start our holiday shopping. Nintendo and its official partner, Controller Gear, sell most of the articles featured thus far.

Advent calendars for gamers to purchase:

Nonetheless, there are other options if you’re searching for a novelty gaming advent calendar, even if they’re less dramatic than this one. These are just a couple of the ones we came across. Our best guess is that the Nintendo Switch OLED will be found in one of the final 25 doors, but we don’t know. Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack review “feels like it was put together merely to see whether people would go for it.

Create a Nintendo November calendar:

Nonetheless, we see a different application for this one. Rather than wait for Celina to give us her crazy calenders, we could make our own. Well, to be fair. Even while there isn’t enough capacity for a water bottle or a Nintendo calendar box, you could still stash a daily December surprise in each pocket.

Calendar of Pokémon:

Pokémon enthusiasts can count down the days to Christmas with this advent calendar from Nintendo, which features a variety of adorable characters and festive landscapes. You may enjoy an enchanting holiday setting thanks to charming Pokémon with a lively shiny finish even as you work.

Sonic the Hedgehog:

However, if you’re a Sega fan, you’ll be able to create a 24 piece Sonic statue as you count down to Christmas. The official sonic store appears only to be selling this in the United Kingdom and the European Union. However, third-party sellers appear to be selling it in the United States.

Freddy’s Funko calendar:

One of our personal favourites is the Five Nights at Freddy’s Funko calendar, which caters to Funko and horror enthusiasts. It’s a tremendous game-themed calendar that lasts longer than a few tastes of chocolate if you can trust these minor Funko characters to stay away from you at night. If you’re not a fan of the horror genre, Funko has a Pokémon calendar. The Super Mario Countdown Calendar includes a Mario toy and is a cloth wall hanging with small pockets.

What’s in Store for the Months to Come?

Joy-cons in green and pink

The Goomba Amibo

A water bottle from the game Animal Crossing

Super Mario’s multi-coloured ink

Super Mario Bros. ice cube tray is number six.

Lunch bag from Mario Kart

Magnets based on the Super Mario Bros. universe

Coasters for the Nintendo Entertainment System


You might win goodies every time you opened a door on Nintendo’s virtual advent calendar in 2019 if you return each day to check. Our hopes are high for a return of the Nintendo Festive Gaming Calendar in 2021, but we’ll have to wait and see. When Nintendo featured a virtual advent calendar in 2019, you had a chance to win goodies with each door opened if you returned each day and checked in. Our hopes are high for a return of the Nintendo Festive Gaming Calendar in 2021.


Is it possible to get the Nintendo November advent calendar?

If you don’t have millions of voyeurs watching your every move, it doesn’t appear that you can get your hands on a Nintendo November calendar.

What is the Nintendo November calendar price?

It is Celinaspookyboo’s first video, and the gifts are A Joy-Con set of both left and right consoles – $79.99 on the Nintendo Store.