How is the performance of ns-55d510na17?

Ns-55d510na17 review: When shopping for a television, it may not always be best to buy the largest screen you can afford. The 55-inch Insignia ns-55d510na17 from Best Buy is a good example. At about $400, the Insignia NS-55D510NA17 high-definition Insignia NS-55D510NA17 appears to be a good deal for most home theatre setups. It’s not surprising that the TV doesn’t support 4K Ultra HD or HDR standards at this price point. There were several noticeable differences between the DVD of Skyfall and the TV’s picture quality regarding brightness and color saturation.


This Insignia set is disappointing because it lacks certain key functionalities, such as built-in WiFi and smart TV features, and its color accuracy isn’t quite up to par. With this 55-inch LED television from Insignia, you can enjoy a movie theater-like experience right in your living room. Blu-ray and high-definition movies can watch in full 1080p quality and with remarkable HD clarity. The three HDMI inputs on this Insignia LED TV make it easy to set up a home theatre system with your other audio and video equipment.


  • 53.6% “diagonally from the corners to the center of the screen
  • Large enough for everyone in the room to be immersed in the event
  • Blu-ray and HD content may view at their best quality in 1080p resolution.
  • Two 10W speakers are included in the system’s advanced TV sound.
  • For the greatest home theatre connection, there are three HDMI inputs:
  • A single high-speed HDMI connection can offer 1080p HD video and digital surround sound.
  • Basic performance in fast-moving scenarios requires images to refresh 60 times per second.
  • A camera, camcorder, or another USB device can easily connect.


  • NS-55D510NA17 Model Number NS-55D510MX17
  • Alias NS-55D510NA17 Specifications TV Type 2016 Release Date Insignia Brand
  • The panel is 55 inches (inches) in length.
  • Regardless of the lighting conditions, LED TVs work admirably.
  • In addition, they provide plasma-like blacks and vibrant hues.
  • HD photos in 1080p resolution
  • A single USB port


A two-footed stand holds the Insignia erect on a tabletop, keeping it simple and elegant. You may connect a cable or satellite box, disc player, and even a gaming console with its three HDMI inputs using the Insignia. Although there is no built-in WiFi or compatibility for streaming internet services, it is still good. High-speed Internet service is required for web-based services and content. Some services may necessitate a monthly fee according to the ns-55d510na17 review.


The Insignia NS-55D510NA17 failed to impress our standard set of benchmark tests. There were a lot of skewed results in our color tests, which indicated that it was one of the worst performers when it comes to accuracy. It’s a color combination that some viewers described as blue during our tests. You may not notice the Insignia NS-55D510NA17’s color-accuracy flaws, depending on your sensitivity and what you’re watching.


The built-in audio system of the Insignia TV proved underwhelming in initial tests. The Insignia NS-55D510NA17, on the other hand, failed to create any sound at all during subsequent testing. No matter how many times we tried to fix the problem, we couldn’t get the TV to work. However, the TV’s analog headphone jack still had sound coming out of it, which could provide sound to external speakers. Nonetheless, the audio issue remained a major concern, according to the ns-55d510na17 review.


A numeric keypad and four buttons around an enter button are included in the remote control of Insignia NS-55D510NA17. With distinct exit, information, menu, and input buttons, the four-way buttons can be used for volume and channel up/down as well as exiting the app. It’s easy to understand. There is no support for so-called “smart TV” capabilities like Netflix or Hulu streaming on the set, though. The lack of WiFi means that the TV cannot connect to the home network.

Ns-55d510na17 review of Customers:

TV for a reasonable price:

Insignia is a favorite of ours. The second Insignia TV we already own was purchased only a few days ago, and this one is the third one we’ve added to our collection. There’s DTS. The sound quality has improved slightly. Because of our previous great experiences with Insignia products, we believe it’s the best value for money at $379. One of our televisions is 42,” and the other is 32″ Both of the televisions are working perfectly. There was no problem at all.

Simple, yet stunning, big-screen TV:

The 55-inch insignia model I bought last year with the Geek Squad guarantee was my first purchase from the company, and I had no idea what to expect. Because I’m so happy with it, and because it’s the same size, I bought a second one to use as an additional monitor next to the first one. This one is the best ns-55d510na17 review.

Straight out of the box, the screen is massive:

I decided on the brand to buy a large LCD panel. I was looking for the greatest value after reading a tone of reviews. I attempted to purchase a 50 “delivered from Best Buy to your home. When that one arrived, it was in really bad condition. That has to be rethought. That turned out to be a godsend.


If you’re looking for an HDTV capable of playing 1080p material, the Insignia NS-55D510NA17 is a good choice, according to the ns-55d510na17 review. In contrast, it has difficulty scaling 720p material, which looks pixelated by comparison. This TV isn’t the big-screen deal it seems to be at first glance because it doesn’t support streaming services and may have audio issues. However, that’s especially true when compared to other models.


How is the performance of ns-55d510na17?

The Insignia set performed fairly well in sequences with extreme contrasts, like the opening storm sequence of the film. There was a noticeable amount of noise in Gravity’s upscale 720p opening moments, which made the picture appear blurry.

What is the price of ns-55d510na17?

There’s DTS. The sound has been somewhat enhanced. When it comes to $379, Insignia products have always been a good fit for us.

Is the quality of ns-55d510na17 is better?

Using a credit card with a complimentary extended warranty on an Insignia LED TV meant that long-term quality was not an issue. After a fast custom calibration, the best picture quality can reach with “out of box” preset picture settings.

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