Nvidia geforce gtx 980 mobile review.

Nvidia geforce gtx 980 mobile graphics card, also known as a GPU, ranks 74. it is an excellent outcome. Minimal clock speed is used for the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Mobile video card. Using the acceleration feature, up to a frequency of 1216 MHz is possible. As a result, NVIDIA’s GPUs have 4GB of onboard memory and clock speeds of up to 7GB/s, and data transfer rates of up to 224GB/s built-in. The video card consumes 100-200 Watts of power and is made using a 28 nm fabrication method. Here we will discuss nvidia geforce gtx 980 mobile:

Features of Nvidia geforce gtx 980 mobile:

Here you will find the most important information about the device’s compatibility, sizes, technologies, and gaming performance test results. Let’s look at the graphics card’s most crucial features.


Each graphics card manufacturer has its own branded technology, beneficial to gaming and non-gaming applications. You may find the following features useful, and they are listed in alphabetical order.

The overall performance of the game:

FPS counters have been used in all testing. The game developer’s recommended system requirements may differ from real-world conditions, so let’s look at how NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Mobile fared in the gaming performance test.


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Mobile benchmarks measure how well the graphics card performs in typical testing. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular benchmarks around the world so that you can get accurate results in each. To see how well the graphics processing unit can handle computations and data elaboration, users should conduct video card preliminary testing when their systems are in heavy demand.

Specifications in terms of technology:

it is the most significant information because it determines the video card’s overall capacity—the more straightforward the device manufacturing process, the better. The power frequency of the core is responsible for its direct speed correlation, whereas the transistors carry out the elaboration of signals. The greater the number of transistors, the faster the computations are carried out.

Compatibility, size, and requirements:

Because there are so many different PC case form factors available nowadays, it is critical to understand the length of the video card and the many types of connections available. It will aid in the expediting of the upgrade procedure.


The internal main memory is utilized for storing data while computations are being performed on the computer. Contemporary games and professional visual applications have heavy demands on the amount of memory available and its capacity. The greater the value of this option, the more powerful and quick the video card is considered. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Mobile’s memory configuration includes its type of memory, capacity, and bandwidth.

Video outputs and ports:

As a general rule, all modern video cards include various connection options and additional ports. It is critical to be aware of these quirks to avoid complications while connecting the video card to the monitor or other peripheral devices.

Graphics card:

With the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 for notebooks, overclocking is possible, not the GTX 980M, also known as the GeForce GTX 990M. Geforce GTX 980 desktop GPU based on GM204 processors with the same specs as the mobile GPU 1126 MHz base clock, 7 Gbps memory for lower power consumption.


The desktop GTX 980’s performance is likewise comparable. There may be a tiny decrease in long-term performance, although Nvidia promises minor performance decreases due to the varied cooling systems. Even more importantly, all laptop makers promise to provide an easy-to-use tool for overclocking on the fly with the mobile GTX 980.

Most important characteristics:

Expect DirectX 12 (FL 12_1) support, as the essential characteristics are the same. There will be no support in the app for the new H.265 video engine featured on the desktop GTX 950.

Consumption of energy:

Compared to comparable mobile graphics cards like the GeForce GTX 980M, the card’s power consumption is significantly higher (100 Watt TDP). In the reference design, Nvidia states that it has a TDP of 165 Watts, just like the desktop version. 200 Watts of power usage is possible with overclocking. As a result, the GeForce GTX980 for laptops can only be housed in large machines with efficient cooling systems.


On September 22, 2014, NVIDIA began selling the GeForce GTX 980 Mobile at a recommended retail price of $395.82. Powered by a 28nm manufacturing technology, this is the Maxwell-based laptop card designed particularly for gamers. In addition to the four gigabytes of DDR5 memory, there is also a 256-bit memory interface, which provides a bandwidth of 224GB/s. The MXM-B (3.0) interface is used to connect this card. Power consumption ranges from 100-200 Watts and requires two 6-pin power connectors.


What is the amount of VRAM in the 980M?

Your graphics card could have a problem because the desktop GTX 980 in laptops has 8 GB of VRAM.

Is Nvidia GTX 980M a great card?

The 980M performed admirably at 1080p in our tests, although it fell short of matching the desktop counterpart’s 75 percent score.