Everything that you need to know about Patti mcguire.

Patti mcguire, Fashion model, production manager, entrepreneur, and actor Patti McGuire hails from the United States of America. Dexter, Stoddard, Missouri, is the place of Patti McGuire’s birth on the 5th of September 1951. She studied history and political science at Southern Illinois University. After finishing school, she got a job as a Bunny at the St. Louis Playboy Club. She has also appeared in print and television commercials and marketing efforts. In the November 1976 issue of the famous ‘Playboy’ magazine, she was chosen the ‘Playmate of the Month.’ Pompeo Posar, a Playboy photographer, took the pictures of her.


 Louis Playboy Club hired her to serve as a Bunny there. Both television and print commercials have included Patti as well. Her modelling opportunity happened to knock on the club door where she used to work by chance.


Playboy photographer Pompeo Posar managed to capture a picture of her. She was crowned Playmate of the Year in 1977, the following year. She was awarded the ‘Playmate of the Year’ title, which she held till the following year. Patti has become one of the most sought-after models in the fashion sector. She hasn’t been on camera for a long time now.

A Playboy Playmate sensation:

In entertainment magazines, Playboy is one of the most widely recognized publications. Several times, Patti McGuire Connors appeared in the magazine. Second, she was voted “Playmate of the Year” in 1977 for her work as a model and actress. Playboy Clubs employ Playboy Bunnies as waitresses.

Bird Cage and ‘NYPD Blue’:

Alice Cooper presented her with the award. Playboy pinball machines well-known rear glass featured her in 1978. More than 18,000 copies of this pinball have reportedly been sold worldwide. The Bird Cage and ‘NYPD Blue’ were her credits as an associate production coordinator. She also worked on Tigerland, Batman Returns, V.I. Warshawski, and The Forbidden Dance as a producer’s aide. She has also recently started selling food online under her brand name.

Patti McGuire’s husband:

Jimmy Connors and Patti McGuire wed in 1979. When her spouse was a tennis world No. 1 in the 1970s, he married her. Jimmy is a well-known tennis instructor, author, and former professional tennis player from the United States. The couple’s two children, born throughout their long marriage, are the most precious things in their lives. Aubree Connors, their daughter, and Brett Connors, their son, are the couple’s only children.

Jimmy Connors:

Jimmy Connors, the husband of Patti McGuire, maybe 69 years old and not particularly attractive, but he was a handsome athlete in his youth. He brought the same swagger and sharpness to the tennis court as he did to the phone line. For nearly two decades, he was the lifeblood of tennis. When it came to success, Connors had all strokes, charisma, rough-and-ready past, a bitter rivalry with John McEnroe, lusty romance with the queen of the court Chris Evert, and eight Grand Slam titles.


Since 1979, Patti and Jimmy Connors have had two children together; they married in October. Hefner’s publisher and “Playboy” editor Hugh McGuire appear on the pinball machine infamous backglass as McGuire’s brunette counterpart on the left. Overall, 18,250 copies of this pinball machine were sold. Until recently, her brand of sweet pickles had been sold online.

The net worth of Jimmy Connors:

In 1983, Connors won $120,000, a good indicator of how much money poker players made back then. There had never been a six-figure award for winning the US Open before. He earned the most money from Grand Slam tournaments when he won eight singles titles. He won the U.S. Open five times, making it his most successful championship.

Source of Income:

By 2021, Jimmy Connors is expected to have a $15 million fortune. He earned $8,641,040 in prize money between 1972 and 1996. After he retired, he worked as a sports commentator and coach, greatly enhancing his fortune. The firm hired a spokesperson and adviser for LiveWire Ergogenics, Inc. on July 24, 2018. Also, former tennis player Oracene Price has a net worth of almost $900,000 as a coach.

The net worth of Patti McGuire:

The estimated net worth of Patti McGuire is 2 million dollars. In addition to her previous Playboy magazine work, she worked as an assistant on Tigerland, Batman Returns, V.I Warshawski, and The Forbidden Dance.

Presence on Social Media:

She has no social media accounts and lives a quiet life with her family in Missouri. Even though she’s a household figure in tennis, her husband Jimmy isn’t quite as well-known, yet he has a Twitter account. On his 73 thousand Twitter followers, the former world No. 1 tweets a wide range of topics and tennis-related content.


Dexter, Missouri, is the hometown of Patti McGuire. Patti grew up with her younger brother and two older sisters in St. Louis. She was crowned Homecoming Queen of her high school. Southern Illinois University educated McGuire in the fields of history and political science. At the Playboy Club in St. Louis, Bunny also starred in TV and print commercials. ” “Playboy” proclaimed Patti as its Playmate of the Month for November 1976. Alice Cooper presented McGuire with the 1977 Playmate of the Year award.


When is Patti McGuire’s birthday?

The birthday of Patti McGuire is on 5 September. Patti McGuire will be 70 years in 2022.

What are some of Patti McGuire’s interests outside of work?

Many people enjoy reading, photography, learning, travelling, using the internet, etc.

A well-known tennis player is married to Patti. Is Patti McGuire still Jimmy Connors’ wife?

Yes, they have been married for more than 40 years. Brett and Aubree are the names of their two children.

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