Peeling and Dry Penis Skin: Causes

Peeling and Dry Penis Skin: When a man experiences penile dryness for the first time, he may increase the frequency with which he applies a penis health crème or moisturizer. Dry skin is normal, but when it gets worse and becomes a peeling mess or when the dry skin surrounding the penis grows red and irritating, a man may wonder if he has caught something from one of his recent relationships. The good news is that there are usually specific causes and remedies for peeling and dry penis skin.

Reasons Peeling and Dry Penis Skin

Dry skin in the penis can cause various symptoms, including redness, peeling, and cracking.

The dreaded case of jock itch. That’s true; penile dry skin could be caused by good old fashioned jock itch. Jock itch manifests in most guys as a rash that rapidly spreads and produces excruciating itching. However, jock itch can manifest itself subtly in other people, leading to skin that appears a little red but doesn’t have a genuinely discernible rash or to skin that is exceedingly dry and begins to crack or peel.

In addition, it could look scaly, which can tempt men to pick and itch. Fortunately, an antifungal crème can eliminate the issue rapidly. Medical professionals have extensive knowledge of treating jock itch and can prescribe a medication with the optimal balance of strength to combat the condition without causing even more dryness.

Contamination by yeasts. Although women are more likely to contract these illnesses, men are not immune, especially if they have underlying medical issues that weaken their defenses. Skin peeling and dryness in the penis are only two symptoms of a yeast infection; others include a thick discharge, painful urination, redness and inflammation, and persistent itching. Despite the availability of OTC drugs, a guy experiencing this for the first time should see a doctor to confirm the diagnosis before selecting a treatment.

Sensitive skin. Allergic reactions on the skin can range from barely noticeable to quite uncomfortable in days. This could happen if a man swaps out his regular shower cleanser or laundry detergent. An allergy to latex condoms, designed to prevent genital parts from drying out, could lead to severe cracking and peeling of the penis skin.

Disorders of the skin. Psoriasis and eczema, for example, are skin illnesses more commonly associated with other regions of the body, but they can also manifest on the penis. Common symptoms of these illnesses include intense itching, skin redness, and bumps or scales. A dermatologist is the best person to assist you in figuring out what’s wrong with your skin and how to treat it.

Adding hydration to dry penis skin helps no matter the cause. This can be aided by using a potent penile health crème (doctors recommend Man 1 Man Oil because it is clinically shown to be gentle and safe for the skin). Find a cream with a powerful combination of vitamin E and Shea butter. These high-quality moisturizers complement one another to give your penis the softest, smoothest skin a man could ask for.