Quarter Penn Sports Tavern – Menu, Reservations, and More

The Penn Quarter Sports Tavern Bar is a popular hangout for sports fans in downtown Washington. Contact us at (202) 347-6666. See our contact info, current hours, and pictorial menu with customer reviews here. Delicious cuisine and drinks can be found at Penn Quarter Sports Tavern on Indiana Avenue in DC’s Penn Quarter neighborhood. Beer lovers will appreciate their wide selection. You can take advantage of happy hour prices. There are 517 reviews for Penn Quarter Sports Tavern, which have received an average of 3.5 stars.

Quarter Penn Sports Tavern Menu:

Penn Quarter Sports Tavern is DC’s hottest multi-level sports restaurant, known for its innovative architecture and proximity to the city’s best bars and clubs. Starters: Old Man Stilwell’s Chili, Guacamole Sweet Corn Fresca, Crispy Wings, Shark Bites, Wisconsin Cheese Curds, Avocado Toast, Pretzel Bites, and Game Day Chili. Menu for Penn Quarter Sports Tavern located in Washington, DC (639 Indiana Avenue NW); prices for a Philly cheesesteak. Steak, sliced thin, topped with salad greens, tomatoes, and slices of American cheese.

Quarter Penn Sports Tavern Happy Hour:

Watch the game and take advantage of our weekly |happy hour discounts. To-do lists in sports. Join us any time, but especially between 4 and 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, for our happiest hour! We have discounts on alcoholic beverages. From 4 to 7, we have Happy Hour from Sunday through Friday with great drinks and snacks! Flock to us. Those rights are being protected at all costs. Time to load: 31.2035ms.

Quarter Penn Sports Tavern Reservations:

The menu includes steaks, seafood, sandwiches, and more. Visit us in person, call us, or place a takeout order. Capitol Hill’s Charlie Palmer Steakhouse is the place to go for a modern American meal in the nation’s capital. There’s seating in the open air—a mix of upscale and relaxed fare. We Present a Workshop on Cooking. Find Out What People Are Saying About This Place, See Pics, and Read 19 Million Reviews. Make a reservation at one of the top local restaurants.

Quarter Penn Sports Tavern Owner:

The bar Penn Quarter, which has been around since 2004, is owned by Michael Brand. St. Louis, Missouri’s ALTANA X – ELANTAS PDG, Inc. Mr. John Scherr. New Jersey’s Sparta. That would be me, John Scherr. Positive Outcomes for Our Customers. Washington, DC native and avid sports lover who opened Penn Quarter Sports Tavern in 2004. PQST quickly gained popularity and became a staple in the area.

Penn Quarter Sports Tavern Jobs:

Cooks, servers, bartenders, cashiers, and more are needed for America’s number-one dinner show. Opportunities abound in the hospitality and performing arts industries. Spend your days at work having a blast while enjoying many perks. Competition in jousting. Enjoyable for the Young. Excellent horses. Performances with Falcons. Which of the Knights Will Come Out on Top? Find out from the regulars of Penn Quarter Sports Tavern what makes this place tick. Find out what it’s like to work at top companies and where the money is.

Quarter Penn Sports Tavern Reviews:

Look at what Penn Quarter Sports Tavern staff have to say about working there. Penn Quarter Sports reviews and salaries are posted anonymously by Penn Quarter Sports workers. It was a great surprise to find this area. The little soft pretzels were fine, but they tasted frozen. Penn Quarter Sports Tavern is a great place to unwind with a few drinks and an excellent chat with pals after a long day. It’s a popular sports bar with delicious food, numerous screens, and many sporting events.

What Sports Have Quarters?

Quarter Penn Sports Tavern, Two halves, sometimes further divided into quarters, are common in many sports, including basketball and gridiron football. If the score is tied after four overtime periods, a fifth overtime “quarter” may be played. Four 15-minute halves make up a college game. Wooden lacrosse sticks are for wimps, not real guys. Quarters are the smaller, timed breaks that are a standard part of every football game. Every quarter in the NFL. What we now call quarters were established by the Committee in 1910.

Sports Played In Quarters:

Whereas each of the NBA’s four quarters lasts a full 12 minutes, high school leagues often play with varying quarter lengths. They are banned from competition in the NCAA. Hockey: We play a full four quarters. Playing time reduction, increased frequency of time-outs following goals, and penalty corners. Do Coins Only Serve as Playing Pieces? A negative response is expected. The developers of this game carefully considered the players’ perseverance and how much time they would need to complete each level.

Penn Quarter Group:

In Washington, D.C., you can find The Penn Quarter Group, a research and investigation advisory. Daniel J. Jones serves as chairman of the PQG. This Is The Penn Quarter Crew (The PQG.com). This period encompasses six years, from 2016 to the present. Washington, DC A Consultancy for Inquiry and Investigation Infographic created for the organization Advance Democracy (ADI). Penn Quarter Group (The) LLC, located in Washington, DC (company number EXTUID 4168108), is a publicly-available business profile.

What Sports Have 4 Quarters?

There are four quarters in a regular NBA game, plus one or two more periods if the game goes into overtime. Every quarter of a normal game lasts for 12 minutes. There will be a total of 48 minutes in regulation. In basketball, a period is a unit of time that defines the duration of a half. Different leagues and groups have different regulations for halftime and overtime. Each quarter of an NBA game lasts 12 minutes, but quarters in FIBA basketball and women’s NCAA basketball are 10 minutes each.


Quarter Penn Sports Tavern, a Sports pub, has two full bars, plenty of sidewalk seating, and several televisions, located next to the Verizon Center. Penn Quarter Sports Tavern in Washington, DC (formerly Top Shelf) is still the best venue to watch your favorite D.C. Based on traveler reviews collected by Tripadvisor, Penn Quarter Sports Tavern receives the following ratings: There was a 4 for food, 4.5 for service, 4 for value, and 4 for ambiance. Meals can be picked up from Penn Quarter Sports Tavern.


Does basketball have quarters or periods?

The standard length of an NBA game is 48 minutes, broken up into four 12-minute halves. The length of overtime periods is a mere 5 minutes.

What was the first professional sport?

Baseball, also known as the “National Pastime,” was the first U.S. professional team sport.

Does it matter if you fail a quarter?

There is just one correct response. You will only see your quarter grades on your transcript if your institution uses a semester system. Thus, if you submit it in time, the universities won’t know you got an F.

Does ice hockey have halftime?

Three periods of 20 minutes each are played in a typical game, with a 15-minute break between the first and second halves.