Where can one find the perfect heresy pit?

Pit of heresy map, For the first time in Destiny 2, the Pit of Heresy features a set of prerequisites that must be met before the dungeon can be finished. Powerful gear that can only be obtained during the campaign and activities on the Moon can be obtained by completing this mission. Unseen weapons and armor were brought back into the game during Season of the Chosen. Destiny 2’s Moon gear had been reprinted with new benefits and stats during Season of the Splicer. These weapons can be found in the Pit of Heresy, which is the only place where they can be found with unique abilities. Let us discuss the pit of heresy map.

Pit of heresy guide:

This guide will cover all the encounters and how to go through them, which will not be class-specific. Here pit of heresy guide is mentioned.

Pit of heresy map necropolis:

To begin, locate the three towers, overcome their guards, and clear the area of the intruders. Necropolis is littered with huge Hive Knight towers. Among other things, it features the three icons you’ll need to find on the map. To defeat the three mini-bosses, you’ll need to beat the Knight and obtain the Hive Relic Sword. Let us discuss the pit of heresy map.

Bottom center of Necropolis:

Afterward, head to the bottom center of Necropolis, where a beam of green soulfire is illuminating the area. Make your way to the next location after defeating the guard. After seeing a wall of doors, jump down to a position where you can get to the next area. At the bridge’s conclusion, it’s down and to the right. From here, descend to the next location by following the trail. Above all has been mentioned about Pit of heresy map.

The Tunnels of Despair:

When these Knights are defeated, avoid ball will appear. The second encounter is a breeze if you know where to go; therefore, here is a map. It’s better to approach the Knight Tunnels from a distance when entering them. You’ll need to put them in three separate bins. Then, slam the ball into the containers near each of the gates. For me, this is the quickest method. Keep moving or sprint through them; if you have a squad.

The Chamber of Suffering:

It is the most difficult encounter. For soloing, you’ll need a variety of builds to withstand constant gunfire, but if you’re in a group. There’s an Annihilator Totem in the middle of the chamber. Once the Totem glows red, you’ll have roughly five seconds to get back on the plate and prevent your team from being wiped out by it. Hive insignia will appear behind the Totem, but they don’t mean anything other than how many void balls you’ll need to drop into the container on your right.

Suffering’s Curse Dunking:

Suffering’s Curse dunking a void ball will remove the “x1” de-buff, which will lower your health regeneration rate. To defeat Hive Knights and place them in the container to get the void balls. Two Hive Boomer Knights will appear on two platforms above you when you dunk a ball. They’re not hard to take down, but you should do so as quickly because they’re dangerous. There is nothing you can do about it. You’re done after you’ve dunked all of the symbols.

Pit of heresy map xenophobe:

After finishing each Pit of Heresy task, destiny two players will earn one of the game’s exotic weapons, a ship, and other cosmetics. The “Altars of Sorrow” and “Moon essence” quests grant access to all weapons and equipment for beginners. The Premonition Pulse Rifle can also be obtained from this dungeon. As part of the “The Journey” mission, the Xenophage exotic machine pistol can also be obtained. However, players must first trigger and complete a secret encounter to get this unique weapon.

Pit of heresy map the harrow:

This dreadful hopping task destroyed the Solo Flawless Blink only test, but that’s just me. Map showing the location of the encounter is shown in the following table. There will be three Hive Symbols at the beginning of the engagement; locate and eliminate the Hive Wizards at each location. Also, stay away from the swaying death lanterns and the whirring death logs. Those Hive Wizards aren’t the special ones who can only be defeated by using a Hive Sword Relic on a special Hive Wizard.

The Cradle of Damnation:

As with the Dungeon, this boss fight is a rehash of everything that came before it in one place. In addition to the main tower, three sub-towers surround it. It’s like having a mini-boss in each. The Hive Knight is to the left of the hive’s entrance.

Pit of heresy unlock:

Speak with Eris Morn after the events of Shadow keep are over to acquire The Deeping Wake quest. Take part in the Altars of Sorrow activity at Sorrow’s Harbor. After killing 20 Nightmare opponents and receiving a Tier III or above award, return to Eris Morn. Once the auction is concluded, the participant will receive a prize of Tier III or above. A person must wait until Tier VII is either failed or accomplished if they want to tackle this challenge.

Pit of heresy location:

Pit of heresy location is obtained by killing one of the three first Hive Knights, which can be done by killing the mini-bosses. Run to the boss’s other side of the enormous crystal and continue until the third ball is dunked. You’re toast in the face of his fire and sword. Damage him from here, but watch out for the exploding thralls that appear. The only way to prevent death if you don’t one-phase the monster is to flee the green soulfire ring. His sword crash against the earth will tell you to leave.


Attempting to complete Pit of Heresy in this manner is described as a “solo perfect run.” With the help of community maps and newer equipment, this intimidating chore has become much more manageable for most people. After clearing the first dungeon of the week, you’ll be rewarded with Masterworked gear on your next visit to the Pit of Heresy. Although it’s a wonderful place to farm Enhancement Prisms, Soloing it can be a challenge. You’ve accomplished something special if you’ve completed this dungeon without dying.


Who knows what is in the abyss of heresy.

Evade by using the little tunnels and murdering any Hive Knights you encounter. Each will drop void orbs of the Knights you kill.

What effect does Dreambane armor have when used in the Pit of Heresy questline?

The Masterworked Dreambane armor piece is no longer found in the last chest of Pit of Heresy. The part that players can see now has seven armor energy and higher overall stats to replace this.

Where can one find the perfect heresy pit?

In addition to the seasonal content of Shadowkeep (up to 1050 power level) and a pinnacle armor reward for ultimate completion, players will receive two strong awards.

How do I approach the abyss of heretics?

Starting with Destiny 2, the only way to unlock the Pit of Heresy is to acquire the expansion Shadowkeep. Because of this, the Exotic Machine Gun Xenophase cannot be opened without it.

In the abyss of heresy, can you solo it?

Pit of Heresy, the second dungeon in Destiny 2, has a special sword and a monster that rewards players with Masterworked equipment if they clear it on the first try.

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