What Are the Do’s and Don’ts of Plastic Surgery?

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Plastic surgery is increasingly becoming a common thing, particularly among women. There are different types of plastic surgeries and each one of them serves different purposes. While most plastic surgeries fall under the cosmetic category, other procedures are meant to correct certain body defects.

Plastic Surgery:

Although most women have started going for surgeries, people still face fears. It is called the fear of the unknown. So there’s always a lot of uncertainty that surrounds the whole process. This is because you will undergo a procedure that you haven’t gone through before. So you are not sure if things will go as planned or if something will go wrong. Here are the Do’s and Don’ts of plastic surgery:

  1. Have realistic expectations

You may want your nose or lips to look like those of a celebrity, but the truth is that you may not have them appear exactly like those you are thinking of. Every person is unique and what may appear perfect on one person may not look good on you.

A qualified plastic surgeon will conduct an assessment and tell you the features of that particular surgical procedure. It would be best to have an open mind and be realistic in your expectations. However, it would help if you took the advice and suggestions from the surgeon to avoid disappointment at the end of the process.

  1. Consider your caretaker

You will require someone beside you both after the surgery and recovery. Therefore, it is crucial to keep the idea of a caretaker in mind before you commence the surgery. Prepare the person early and inform them when the surgery will take place. This is particularly important for delicate plastic surgeries that could make it difficult for you to carry out everyday activities like driving or bathing.

Different types of plastic surgeries take different duration times to heal. For example, some may take a few days, while others may stretch up to three weeks. Therefore, it would be essential to tell your caretaker the number of days or weeks you will need them around.

  1. Plan to take considerable time off

Although it is possible to resume work a few days after recovery, other procedures like a ponytail facelift may take up to one week before you can fully recover. The best thing would be to speak to your doctor before the surgery to find out how long it might take for you to resume regular duties. But the bottom line is to request adequate time off to avoid any mishaps.

  1. Wait for at least six months before judging the results

Most patients would want instant gratification, but it is important to note that recovering from cosmetic surgery is a process and not a race. Therefore, you will need to be a little patient for accurate results.


  1. Don’t make cost the deciding factor

There’s a standard amount that most plastic surgeries are usually limited to. However, price should not be your primary factor when going for any plastic surgery. Cheap is expensive when it comes to cosmetic surgery and you should be careful when you see cheap plastic surgery advertisements.

  1. Don’t seek opinions from everyone

It is not bad to seek advice from friends and family members when you are going for plastic surgery but doing so can also be counterproductive. Some friends and family members can scare you away from doing what you want. It would be good to stick to people who understand plastic surgery alone.

  1. Don’t smoke or take alcohol a few weeks into and after surgery

Alcohol generally dehydrates the body, leading to more swelling, so it would be good to abstain from alcohol and smoking before and after the surgery.

  1. Don’t look in the mirror every day

The recovery process is the most important one after surgery. You need to be patient before you can experience the process results. Getting before a mirror will only make you more anxious and impatient every day.

In a nutshell, plastic surgery comes with both benefits and challenges. Therefore, following your surgeon’s instructions is crucial to realizing the expected results.

Author name– Steffy Alen