Can I look at rdr2 sources for penny terrible?

Pocket Mirror rdr2 may be found in Martha’s Swain, a cottage between Three Sisters and Annesburg to the west and east. A nightstand next to the bed in the house contains a pocket mirror. There is just one way to complete this task, and it’s in Chapter 3! Completing this Companion Request requires that you return the Pocket Mirror to Molly back at your camp. If you want to complete the fetch quest, you’ll need to find a pocket mirror and present it to your camping companion Molly. To achieve the mission, you’ll need to locate a pocket mirror, which can be found in Chapter 3. Here we will discuss pocket mirror rdr2.

Who needs pocket mirror rdr2?

Molly needs a pocket mirror holly needs a pocket mirror. It’s tucked away in a quiet corner, as is customary for request things. Martha’s Swain Cabin is located in the northern part of the map. Southeast of O’Creagh’s run in the East Grizzlies area. Emerald Ranch’s main lake is situated to the north. Please enter through the green door once you’ve located it. You’ll enter the bedroom through a second door on your left. Once you’re inside, make a right. All above has been mentioned about Pocket mirror rdr2.

Pipe rdr2:

Molly will reward you with another thing once you return the item. It’s also likely that her morale will improve, which will make her more willing to contribute to the donation box. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, try to fulfil these demands whenever you can: get a pipe for Dutch, a book for Jack, a compass for Pearson, and a harp for Sadie if you want to improve your camp without spending a lot of money. A better camp buddy can be made by receiving any of these gifts. All above has been mentioned about Pocket mirror rdr2.

Pocket mirror rdr2 location:

The Pocket Mirror Location is needed to accomplish one of Molly’s errands in Red Dead Redemption 2.  A list of camp requests that you may encounter is provided below. An image of the object will be included in the gallery and two maps, one zoomed out and one zoomed in. Following is the list of pocket mirror rdr2 locations:

Osman groove pension:

When Sadie Adler finds that the O’Driscoll Boys are still living on the ranch in 1899, she urges Arthur to accompany her to kill them, as she seeks retribution for the loss of her husband.

Pleasure Penny’s location is cursed:

Pleasance’s burned-out schoolhouse has one more Penny Dreadful. To the west of the Bluewater Marsh, northwest of Saint-Denis is where you’ll locate the town. Pleasance’s schoolhouse can be found in the town’s southernmost outskirts.

Downes Ranch Location:

The Downes Ranch is where the fourth Penny Dreadful is located. (You’ll come back here a few times while on the Herr Strauss loan collecting operation.) Southwest of Valentine, this ranch is located.

Jack — a small place

Jack will also ask for a Thimble to replace one he’s misplaced from time to time. After Arthur asks for it, it’ll appear as random loot on foes. Thus there’s no need to hunt for it.

Location of the pipe in Dutch:

Vetter’s Echo, a little cabin on the western side of the map, is where the Pipe Dutch requests can be found. It may be found in West Elizabeth, a short distance from the W, directly west of Valentine and Wallace Stations. However, you’ll discover a bear living in the cabin when you arrive, so be prepared. The Pipe sits next to the typewriter on the desk.

Penny Dreadful Location:

A Penny Dreadful is more difficult for Jack to get his hands on. We recommend the Osman Grove location because you can also pick up Mary-Fountain Beth’s Pen while you’re there if you’d prefer.


After picking up The Deceitful German near Hosea’s tent, you’ll be asked to find him another book. Make sure you don’t upset anyone at Hagen Orchards when you’re reading this book on the coffee table. North of Saint-Denis, you may find Hagen Orchards between the Y and the N in Lemoyne.

Mary-Beth Location:

Fountain Pen for Mary Beth may be found in Osman Grove, a lodge located just east of Emerald Station and Emerald Ranch. Next to the rocking chair is a drawer with a Fountain Pen.

Penny dreadful book rdr2:

In the second chapter of Red Dead Redemption 2, you go fishing with Jack. The old gang camp, a book that the young man accidentally left behind, comes to light throughout the assignment. You can’t go back and grab it since the area has become hazardous. It is possible, however, to procure for him a substitute. To get the Penny Dreadful comics he wants, you’ll have to go out into the wild and search for them.

Crime novel rdr2:

To begin a side quest in Chapter 2, speak with Hosea at the group camp at the beginning of the chapter. You can peruse the book on the table if you so like. If you investigate it, you will be offered the option to find a book that Hosea has expressed an interest in reading. However, you’ll only be awarded if you can track down the novel’s exact location.

Rdr2 necklace:

The Errand Boy trophy/achievement can be obtained by finding the Red Dead Redemption 2 necklace. You’ll have to find a chain for tilly necklace rdr2, your campmate, much like you did with the Penny Dreadful for Jack and the pocket mirror for Molly.


One of the requested things in Red Dead Redemption 2 is a pocket mirror, which you must provide to a fellow camper if they so want it. She asks you to get the mirror for her in chapter 3. Molly is the one who wants it this time. It isn’t easy to track down due to the item’s rarity. Molly needs your aid, so here is the location of the Red Dead Redemption 2 pocket mirror.


Can I look at rdr2 sources for penny terrible?

Located just west of the swamps in the region is an abandoned settlement called Pleasance. To get there, seek the southernmost school, where a huge log destroys its roof.

Where is Harmonica rdr2?

Flat neck Station’s shack is where you’ll find the harmonica rdr2. Inside the hut, it’s on a shelf. It’s just one rancher in the area, and he will attack everybody who crosses his path.

What does Dutch have to offer?

The pipe can be found on a desk with a typewriter.

What is the procedure for requesting a Dutch pipe?

If you’d like to receive Dutch’s gift, all you have to do is talk to him while holding down the L2 button/Left Trigger during Chapters 2 through 4 of the game. Dutch van der Linde will then ask you to get him a pipe.

Where is the horrible book by Jack Penny?

It may be found at the Downes Ranch, located directly west of Caliban’s Seat and south-west of Valentine, in the Penny Dreadful named “Wild West Heroes 132.”

Where may I find a Jack rdr2 book?

This one was found in Clawson’s Rest, a cabin just outside of Valentine near the Dakota River and the railroad.

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