Questions to ask about hardwood flooring review.

Questions to ask about hardwood flooring, Once the hardwood has been placed, you can’t wait for the room to fill with that rich, woodsy aroma. You can’t wait to see how the new hardwood floor will improve your living area. You can’t wait to hear people walking on it. Hardwood flooring in your home is a dream come true for you. You are not alone in your feelings. Learn more about questions to ask about hardwood flooring. Although wood flooring is an excellent option for your home, many individuals aren’t sure what to look for when shopping. Following are questions to ask about hardwood flooring:

Engineered vs Solid Wood: Which Is Better?

It all comes down to where you want to put down your new flooring. When it comes to the upper floors of your home, solid wood is ideal. For a basement or slab installation, engineered wood is perfect. For example, it can be used over radiant heat or in humid regions. Solid wood has the advantage of being able to be sanded and refinished multiple times. It’s possible to refinish engineered wood, although not as frequently as solid wood.

Is it In the factory or on the job site?

When it comes to customizing your floor’s appearance, site-finished flooring offers many options. When it comes to the final product, you can choose the finish, stain, and shine that you want to use. Some dust and noise are expected when the floor sanding and finishing are done in your house. Customization options are limited when using factory-finished flooring compared to site-finished flooring. The advantage of these floors is that they can be installed with a minimum of fuss.

What’s the Difference Between a Shiny and a Non-Shiny Finish?

In the end, it is entirely up to you. A gloss finish provides the most sheen and the lightest reflection. On the other hand, a semi-gloss finish adds a subtle glow while reflecting some light. The least amount of light is reflected by surfaces with a matte or satin texture. Less sheen means you’ll be less likely to spot minor signs of wear, such as scuffs. Floor protection is the same for all glosses.

How Do You Preserve the Luster of Hardwood Floors?

Make sure to clean your floors regularly to maintain them looking their best. Washing the feet using a broom, dust mop, or vacuum is an easy way to accomplish this. Because steam and water can damage the finish of your wood floors, avoid using steam mops or wet mops on them. Additionally, a tiny area rug at each door wouldn’t go amiss. However, rubber-backed carpets can stain your floors and should be avoided.

Do You Know What You Can Do to Prevent Your Wooden Floors from Fading Out?

Like excellent wine, wood flooring improves with age. Of course, like with anything in nature, exposure to the light and other environmental conditions can cause minor colour variations in your flooring over time. It is recommended that you regularly rearrange your furniture and rugs to reduce their exposure to direct sunlight.

Which Wood Species Are the Best Choices for Your Project?

People’s tastes ultimately determine the kind of wood flooring they select. Some effects can be achieved by using different types of wood. You can achieve this effect by using light woods such as maple or ash. On the other hand, medium-toned lumber, such as oak or hickory, will give your room a cosier, more inviting feel. You may also make your area more elegant and grand by using rich wood like mahogany or walnut.

Is it necessary to order more flooring than what your space holds?

Yes. Typically, you should acquire 10% more wood flooring than you need for your project. The flooring will have to be trimmed to fit your location, and once it is, you won’t be able to use it anywhere else. It is a wise move! You may need to order more than 10% extra flooring if you need to cover stairs. The firm you buy flooring from may be able to give you an estimate of how much you’ll need.

Can Pets Scratch Wood Floors?

You can prevent your pets from scratching your hardwood floors by taking simple precautions. Trimming your pet’s nails, for example, can be done regularly. You can also limit the number of scratches in the flooring’s finish by placing rugs on the floor. This one is a notable questions to ask about hardwood flooring.

Exactly how long does it take to install the ordered flooring?

The advantage of factory-finished flooring is that it is easier to install than site-finished. As a result, the finish is applied and then dried on the spot using the latter. Even so, factory-finished flooring needs time to acclimate after delivery before it can be installed. Depending on the material, it could take a few days or a week. Achieve equilibrium moisture content of temperature and humidity in your home at this critical step.

Is it possible for You to Install Your Computer?

It is significantly more challenging to install wood flooring than to paint your home’s walls. It is why having a professional do the installation is a good option. Your flooring could be damaged if you attempt to install it yourself if you don’t know-how. In addition, you’ll need specialized equipment, which you’ll have to rent if you don’t already own it. Using a professional will save you money and time in the long run.

Are you trained as a professional?

Before signing the contract, make sure to inquire about the contractor’s relevant education and training in hardwood flooring installation. It will show their technical skillset as it relates to the job. Floor Factors exclusively hires fully certified installers to ensure the best standards. We always meet or surpass the required amount of classroom and on-the-job training hours since we are members of a union apprenticeship program. We also provide ongoing safety training for our installers.

When it comes to flooring, what kind of hardwood should I choose?

A decent concept of the type of hardwood flooring you desire can come to mind if you’ve already decided to install it in your home. If you’re looking for a contractor who can help you choose the right flooring for your home, look no further. For example, you may not have considered hickory or bamboo, two of the more environmentally friendly possibilities.

When Do You Plan to Have the Work Done?

Regardless of how urgently you need new hardwood flooring placed or how flexible your timetable is, a skilled contractor will be able to explain the installation process, the timescale, and the associated expectations. Find out who is in charge of removing furniture and other items from the installation area. Before starting the renovation, find out if the contractor will remove the old flooring and other materials and how much it will cost.


Having hardwood floors installed in your home can make it look more attractive, but you’ll need a little help from a professional. Your life could be at risk without the use of an expert. It can be tough to find a firm that sells high-quality hardwood flooring. Experts and a well-known company would be required to have it done correctly. questions to ask about hardwood flooring, Wood flooring professionals are needed whether you want natural oak flooring or engineered oak flooring. Above, some questions to ask about hardwood flooring are mentioned.


Do they provide a written estimate of their prices upfront?

questions to ask about hardwood flooring, The purchase of a wood floor is a significant financial commitment. A written price quote is the best way to avoid being nickeled and dimed once the project has begun.

During refinishing wood floors, is there any dustless sanding employed?

questions to ask about hardwood flooring, Ask if dustless refinishing is available while having a wood floor refinished. Today, a messy alternative that necessitates packing up your house and moving is the preferred choice.